Jumpman Gaming Software

Jumpman Gaming is a relatively new bingo software provider, first founded in 2011. When it started in 2011, they only had one game – Lights Camera Bingo – and relied on this game as the foundation of the 15 Network system.

As of 2013, six other Jumpman Gaming sites had been launched, and these sites all primarily functioned with similar games. As of 2015 they had more than 27 bingo websites using their platform. Most users of the site are incredibly happy with the bright brand, visual identity and exceptionally vivid and immersive graphics.

Check out some of the sites run on this network below:

The network is so popular because of their excellent customer service, great prize structure, and value for the players. As the years progress, we’ve continually seen Jumpman network bingo sites gain in popularity, and we expect to see this trend continue well into the future.

Jumpman Gaming: A New Name in Gaming Networks

A Black background with a white circle with 50% opacity covering half of the background. A blue oval can be seen in the top left with "boomtownbingo.com" inside of it. Two lines of text in white writing are displayed in the middle, with an orange box with one line of white text within it. A roulette table can be seen in the bottom left, with casino chips coming out of it. In the opposite corner, 5 cards can be seen spread out, going from 10, J, Q, K, Ace, all in the heart suit (top right). In the middle right, 3 casino dice can be seen being rolled onto the orange box, being red and white in colour. Also, in the bottom right, the Jumpman Gaming logo can be seen.
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It’s tough finding really good gambling websites. The toughest part is integrating important aspects of your favourite gaming systems while still having an enjoyable experience and making money in a great atmosphere for gamers.

There really are a wide variety of bingo sites out there moving to the idea of having “gaming networks” or sites where a wide variety of games are available for players for no extra fee or cost.

It’s a good idea because gamers can get more of what they want all in the same place, and these sites give users slightly different promotions that they might not get on other sites. This means gamers have more options than ever.

Jumpman Gaming is more than just the 15 Network

There are several other names associated with the brand that show you who you’re spending your money with, to ensure that you’re getting the most for your money.

One other such brand associated with Jumpman is QSB gaming (who have their own respected name in gambling due to Jumpman branding). 15 Marketing also operates off of 15 Network, and these games operate networks like Dragonfish game software – and all are great for new and experienced gamblers alike.

You may see some of these names on various Jumpman Gaming bingo sites across the internet. It completely depends on how the website is run and who controls it. But you can be sure to find lots of choice and great features available from each one, whatever kind of experience you’re looking for.

Jumpman Gaming Bonus Codes

One thing that really sets this gaming network apart from the others is the approach that they take to providing bonuses and offers that are pretty much invisible from other places. There are plenty of Jumpman Gaming bonus codes which you can take advantage of when you start playing bingo.

In practically every site on 15 Network, you’ll get an opportunity for several sign-up promotions through the Wheel of Fortune which gives you at least £20 for free, and all you have to do is deposit £10 to play on any game of your choice. At this point, you’ll get to spin for more free money, and some users have reported winning as much as £2,500 on this virtual spin bonus.

If you refer a friend or family member to the network, you’ll get an additional five-pound bonus, and other promotions within the site also offer similar loyalty schemes for regular/renewed player memberships. Everyone loves to play for free with great bonuses! It’s definitely a good idea to look around for the latest Jumpman Gaming bonus codes and promotions if you want to save yourself a bit of money.

Is it Worth the Money?

Jumpman Gaming October 2020 bingo sites offer a wide variety of games on easy to use software.

We appreciate all of the options that it gives users, and it’s solidly built, functionally operational, and pays out users pretty handsomely. As far as gaming networks go, Jumpman is reliable, new-aged, and great on many different devices which is definitely important.