Jurassic Jackpot Slot Machine

Enter the park and visit the gigantic dinosaurs such as T-Rexs as you look for the biggest prize.

Jurassic Jackpot is a 3-reel, 1 payline, online video slot game, developed by Microgaming. The high variance casino game has an RTP of 95.54% and a Dinosaur Movie theme. Look out for bonus features, alike to Jurassic Jackpot Wilds and The Jurassic Jackpot, which can help you win up to 1600 coins!

This dinosaur-themed slot machine comes with huge real money wins, if you love jackpots then you’re going to enjoy this video slot.

Check out the wild symbols, jackpot wins and all-round excitement. In this Jurassic Jackpot Slot Review of December 2021 we break down the symbols, gameplay, software and the return to player.

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Play Jurassic Jackpot Slots Online

This classic game offers seamless and straightforward gameplay without any complication.

The game is set in the prehistoric era where dinosaurs freely roam the earth. It is your job to track down the dinosaurs and earn huge rewards for it.

Slot Info

Jurassic Jackpot SlotsAttributes

Casino Game:

Jurassic Jackpot Slot Game


1 pay line


3 reels casino game


Microgaming Slots Provider

Minimum Bet:


Max Bet:



High Variance Games



Slot Theme: 

Dinosaur Movie

Bonus Features:

Jurassic Jackpot Wild, The Jurassic Jackpot, Autoplay Feature

Max Win:

1600 coins

Free Spins:


Release Date:

1st January 2012

About Jurassic Jackpot Slots

The Jurassic Jackpot was released in 2012 as a vintage slot game.

With 3 reels and 1 payline, the game offers a limited set of combinations for the players to bet. Yet it also allows earning more with the generous jackpot.

The Jurassic Jackpot runs on the rule of more reward for more risk. The players can hit the jackpot of 1,600 coins only if they make the largest risky bet.

A classic slot game that presents the players with a jungle ambience.

The reel is set amidst the palm trees, mountains, sunset, and the silhouette of the dinosaur symbol.

The game offers pretty basic graphics and offers minimal details to look at. But the theme of the Jurassic culture is dominant in this game. Leaving the players with a nostalgic feeling.

How to Play Jurassic Jackpot Slots

The game is easy to configure and play as it only has 3 reels.

  1. First, place your bet by pressing the +/- button to change your coin denomination.
  2. Then, set the number of coins you want to bet. The game allows you to bet a maximum of 2 coins.
  3. Finally, make the spin and start earning your rewards.

What Symbol Triggers the Jurassic Jackpot Slot Bonus Free Spins?

Jurassic Jackpot doesn’t have free spins but you will find a simplicity in the gameplay. Play for the wild symbols and big, real money wins instead.

Interactive Features

The game is a classic vintage with simple rules. It doesn’t offer any extra features to entice the players apart from being fun to play.

That being said, you can reap your rewards faster with the dinosaur silhouette symbol. It is the most valuable symbol in the game that can get you 1,600 times your initial wager if the symbol is lined correctly. It is the jackpot in the game.

The dinosaur silhouette also acts as a wild symbol. Wild Symbols can replaced any other symbol making it easier to get a winning combination. The winning combination that has the dinosaur silhouette symbol will be doubled in its value.

You can create combinations with other symbols too, and make your bet on it to earn your rewards.

As I said, the game doesn’t have any exciting features. But it is simple, fun to play, and gives you more opportunity to earn rewards from your bet.

Payline and Stakes

The game has only one payline present in the middle of the 3×3 layout. But you can create many combinations in it to earn back rewards.

The flower symbol can be mixed to create a combination. The players will reap 10 times the initial wager if the combination lands.

It is the same for other symbols except for the dinosaur silhouette symbol. The dinosaur symbol will get you 1,600 times the initial wager. If that symbol combination lands on the winning line.

The players can stake either one or two coins for a spin and can vary the coin size from £0.05 to £5. By staking the bet, the players have the potential to win a maximum of 1,600 coins.


Jurassic Jackpot is on the Microgaming slot software.

Microgaming is a celebrated software developer, responsible for over 800 different slot games. They are an award-winning outfit that certainly know how to create a captivating video slot.

Despite that, we decided to check out this game on its own merit. Thankfully, we were thrilled that this technology company have done it again. The game is seamless, easy to play and comes with lots of excitement.

What is Jurassic Jackpot Slots RTP Value?

Jurassic Jackpot has a return to player value of 95.54%.

Being a classic slot game with an excellent return to the users, the Jurassic Jackpot has an excellent RTP rating. Return to Player gives us an idea of how likely a game is to payout per spin. This payout percentage is generous and surpasses the 95% that our team expect.

Slot Volatility

Jurassic Jackpot is a highly volatile game with lots of huge rewards.

Being of high variance means that this game comes with lots of opportunity, hence the huge jackpot. You’ll also find many other single spin wins that will please you.

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