Lingfield Park Racecourse

Lingfield Park Racecourse is located in Longfield, Surrey, England and is best-known as a winter all-weather flat-racing course. It is one of only five tracks to have a Polytrack rather than turf.

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Lingfield Park Racecourse Fixtures

The Lingfield Races fixtures list is a busy affair and schedules can be subject to change depending on a number of things, most frequently the weather. The full list can be found using the link below to take you to the Official Website for Lingfield Racecourse. This will not only give you the calendar for the full year’s racing, but information on the number of races, how many runners there are, and when the first and last races are:

Lingfield Races Today

If you want to find out what is happening at Lingfield Races today then just click on the link below for a full rundown and useful information about the course itself:

How to Place a Bet Lingfield Races

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Lingfield Horse Racing Tips

The best Lingfield horse racing tips come from the experts. I know that might sound like an obvious statement, but it’s amazing how many people choose to ignore the advice of a professional and go with their friend from the pub’s wisdom instead. We understand that for you to part with your hard-earned cash you’ll want a more than reasonable chance at getting it back with a little profit.

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Lingfield Park Racecourse Events

Lingfield Park Racecourse offer many other attractions other than horse racing such as golf, a hotel, and conference rooms. If you like golf, make sure to look at the best golf bet sites. A comprehensive list of Lingfield Racecourse events can be found on their website;

Lingfield Race Card

Your Lingfield race card will be your best friend for a day. It will let you know which horses are running, which jockeys are riding them, the prize money involved, some background information on the horse’s histories and the latest odds. Your race card will be a neutral guide so you can decide which horses to back and which races you could potentially win big on. Use the link below to be taken to the most Lingfield popular race card:

Lingfield Races Tickets

There’s a reason that a day at the races is called a ‘Grand Day Out’. It’s full of glamour, fun and excitement. It’s best enjoyed with a group of friends or family, maybe even a stag or hen do, but you must buy tickets first in order to avoid disappointment. Lingfield Races tickets are available from the racecourse itself or you can follow the link below to purchase from their website. Just click on the meet that you would like to go to and follow the instructions from there:

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Lingfield Races Dress Code

Most racecourse have some form of dress code and Lingfield are no different. It has to be said that their policy is refreshingly relaxed, but they do have a few rules that are enforced. Just use this link to find out more information or contact the venue if you are in any doubt:

Lingfield Races Results

The Lingfield Races results are going to be important if you’re placing a bet or two on the races that day. Fortunately, we have found a way to have all the results in one place as just the click of a button. So if you missed the result of a race because you were stuck in a queue at the bar, don’t worry! Just click here and you’ll be back up to speed almost instantly.

Lingfield Park History

Lingfield Park Racecourse is more commonly known as Lingfield and is host to many important events on the horse racing calendar. It was opened in 1890 by the Prince of Wales and has seen many alterations since then. A golf course was added in 1987, the track was replaced in 2001, and a four star hotel has also been added. For a more informed Lingfield Park history, visit it’s Wikipedia entry here: