Lucky Darts Slot Machine

Aim for the highest prize when you play Luck Darts!

Do not be fooled by the seemingly simple first look of this game, for the game gives layers and layers of fun.

Lucky Darts Slots is a 3-reel video slot game with 1 paylines and a classic theme. Powered by Microgaming, this low variance casino game has an RTP value of 96.5%. The bonus features include the Heads or Tails Mini Game, Clubmeter Button, Zero/One Gamble Feature, and a Club Game.

Are you ready to hit the bullseye?

Win big prizes with every dart throw when you play Lucky Darts. Know more through this Lucky Darts Slot Review for September 2021!

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About Lucky Darts Slot Game

Lucky Darts Slots is a three-reel video slot game with a single payline. As the name of the game implies, the game is based on playing darts.

Lucky Darts Slots looks like an average fruit-slot machine, but it offers so much more. It has one primary game and a couple of bonus games to multiply winnings.

The background of Lucky Darts Slots is shaped to look like a dartboard. The concentric circles look like neon lights shifting colours from blue to red.

The borders of the reels are also neon red. The reels are positioned in the centre of the screen.

The paytable is placed on one side of the reels. Control buttons are scattered throughout the rest of the space.

The club meter can be found in the upper right corner of the screen, while the game’s gambling feature is on the left side.

The symbols in the Lucky Darts Slots are basic fruit symbols and slot-machine icons.

The fruit symbols in the game are grapes, lemons, and oranges.

The traditional slot-machine symbols include the Single Bar, the Double Bar, the Tripple Bar, and a Golden Bell.

The Lucky Darts logo is also a symbol in the game.

Whenever the reels turn, the classic accompanying sound for fruit-slot machines plays.

Slot Info

Lucky Darts SlotsAttributes

Casino Game:

Lucky Darts Slot Game


1 line slot 


3 reels slots 


Microgaming slots manufacturer

Minimum Bet:


Max Bet:



Low Variance Slots



Slot Theme: 

Darts, Classic

Bonus Features:

Heads or Tails Mini Game, Clubmeter Button, Zero/One Gamble Feature, Club Game

Max Win:


Free Spins:


How to Play Lucky Darts Slots Online

A gamer has to land a combination of symbols along the paylines to earn their value to win at Lucky Darts Slot.

  1. Before turning the reels, the first thing to do is to set the coin value. The smallest value a coin can have is 0.1, while the biggest coin value available in the game is 10.
  2. This single payline in Lucky Darts holds only one coin.
  3. Click on the green Start button to turn the reels.

Interactive Features

Lucky Darts Slot does not have a wild or a scatter.

In place of these, the game has three other games instead that can be accessed by playing the main game.

The two other games are Heads or Tails, Zero/One Gamble and the Club Game.

  • Heads or Tails

The Heads or Tails mini-game is activated whenever a gamer lands a winning combination along the payline.

In the Heads or Tails mini-game, a gamer has to guess if the light ends on either heads or tails by clicking on the corresponding button.

If the gamer guesses correctly, they will double their winnings. Otherwise, the Heads or Tails game ends.

A gamer can opt-out of the Heads or Tails game by clicking on the To Clubmeter button.

  • Zero/One Gamble

Zero/One is randomly activated in the game.

Click on the Change Game button to start the game. In this mini-game, the 0 and 1 symbols begin to flash at random.

A gamer wins by selecting the number highlighted at the end of the round. All the wins in this mini-game are kept in the Clubmeter.

  • Club Game

Hitting the Change Game button transfers some of the credits to the Clubmeter. This also activates the Club Game.

In the Club Game, the gamer is transferred to another screen. The game has three reels and five reels instead of one.

The paytable is also changed with the symbols having significantly higher pay rates.

Club Game has a new symbol which is the green dart. Landing three green darts in the reels activates another bonus game.

In this bonus game, a gamer has to throw darts at the dartboard. Hitting the centre of the dartboard three times rewards 3000x.

What Symbol Triggers Lucky Darts Slot Bonus Free Spins?

Lucky Darts Slot does not offer a Free Spins feature.

Paylines and Stakes

Lucky Darts Slot is a single payline game that can only hold one coin. The way to change the betting stakes is by adjusting the coin size.

The different symbols in the game have varied payouts that are affected by the coin size.

Here are pay rates of the symbols dictated by how the combination of symbols that land on the reel along the payline:

  • 2 Grapes = 2x
  • 2 Golden Bells = 2x
  • 2 Single Bars = 2x
  • 2 Double Bars = 5x
  • 2 Tripple Bars = 5x
  • 2 Blue 7s = 5x
  • 2 Red 7s = 10x
  • 2 Lucky Darts logos = 10x
  • 3 Lemons = 5x
  • 3 Oranges = 5x
  • 3 Grapes = 5 x
  • 3 Golden Bells = 10x
  • 3 Single Bars = 10x
  • 3 Blue 7s = 20x
  • 3 Red 7s= 40x
  • 3 Double Bars = 40x
  • 3 Tripple Bars = 100x
  • 3 Lucky Darts logos = 200x

Landing a winning combination along the payline activates the Heads or Tails mini-game, where a gamer can gamble to double their winnings.

A gamer can also opt to collect their winnings by clicking on the To Clubmeter buttons.

The winnings in the Clubmeter can be used for the Club game or deposited to the balance with the Take Clubmeter button.

Lucky Darts Slot Game Software

Lucky Darts slot is powered by Microgaming.

It has a unique, fun structure consisted of several layers of gameplay piled on top of each other.

The developers kept the game rules close to basic, but a good refresher is recommended.

What is Lucky Darts Slots RTP?

The RTP for Lucky Darts slots is 96.5%.

This Return-to-Player rate means an average return of £96.5 for every £100 wager online slots players make.

Slot Volatility

The Lucky Darts slot has a low variance.

This level of slot volatility means that the Lucky Darts slot pays often.

However, these payouts are smaller compared to those of slot games with a higher variance.


Lucky Darts Slots is a video-based, classic slot-type game developed by Microgaming.

Lucky Darts is a game with as many layers as the circles on a dartboard.

The essential primary game awards decent wins but the big prizes are in the bonus games.

There is no dull moment with all the extra games in Lucky Darts.

Visit the slot sites listed in this Lucky Darts Slots Review for September 2021 to throw the darts and take the chance to win prizes with Lucky Darts Slots.

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