Matched Betting Guide

The technique of matched betting allows players to make the most of the free bet offered by the welcome bonus or sign up bonus when becoming a new member of online bookmakers.

Free bets are great just as they come, but they do require an investment through a bet using your own money before you can access March 2020 free bets.

However, with a little more effort, you can eradicate the risk of losing your own money and use free bets to make a guaranteed profit. Continue reading our matched betting guide to learn more about how it works and what is involved.

What is Matched Betting?

Matched betting may seem quite complicated at first, but once you get your head around it, it is actually quite straightforward. In simple terms, the free bet rewarded from the bookmakers is used to buy a bet at the bookmaker and then sell it on the betting exchange.  See the latest sports betting sites here for more details. A betting exchange is a marketplace where people back and lay bets, basically buying and selling bets.

Backing means that a normal bet is placed at bookmakers and laying a bet is simply offsetting the back bet.  By selling the same bet on the exchange, no matter what the outcome is, the value of the free one will be kept; it cancels out the risk involved in normal gambling.  However, so that your profits can be maximised, it is important that you find the closely matched bets at the right odds.

One of the great points about this method is that there is no gambling involved.  It is mainly down to maths as opposed to luck as well.

Match Betting Tips

There are a few tips to take on board, so that matched betting can be taken advantage of to its full potential.

  1. Join Bookmaker VIP Schemes – There are plenty of offers available to players within VIP schemes as opposed to players, not in the VIP schemes. It gets you to access exclusive offers and weekly rewards, and although it can be slightly more time consuming to achieve and maintain, they can be extremely lucrative to matched bettors.  To just be in for an invite, players need to make sure that they are regularly putting in money into their account, at least once a month.  Players also need to bet in high quantity in high stakes, something that may only be suitable for the more experienced matched bettors.
  2. Look for “2Up” Offers – These are the types of offers that work extremely well for matched betting. It can give huge profits for very little effort and little time spent on it and for players in the early stages of matched betting can give a good boost to their bankrolls if luck is on their side.  If a matched bettor already has a large bankroll, there is the potential for huge amounts of profit to be gained with very small financial risk for it.
  3. Set up a New Bank Account – This isn’t a must, but it will surely help keep track of incomings and outgoings more easily and will not be complicated by everyday spending.

How to Place These Bets

There are many ways that match betting can be used but the concept is very simple – you put money on every outcome of an event to ensure a guaranteed profit separate to the outcome, whether you win or lose, you still make a profit. Take a look at some of the top mobile bookmakers to see brands which offer on the go play.

Firstly, open an account with a bookmaker and also open an account with a betting exchange.  Before opening an account, make sure that enough research has been done to see which sites are offering the best sign up or welcome promotions and free bets.  Next, you need to place a qualifying bet with a bookmaker and then lay it at the betting exchange.  Once the bet with the bookmaker has been placed, the free bet will then be credited to your account.  Finally, place that free bet at the bookmaker and lay it at the betting exchange.

By placing one of each bet and covering both outcomes means that you cannot lose and by repeating the process with the free bet means that you can extract that money as profit without any risk.

It can be difficult to understand at first, but after a little bit of research and a few attempts, the technique of matched betting can be profitable.  There is no need to start with hundreds of pounds, build up your balance gradually and the more time you are able to spend on it, the higher the profit will be.

Following a March 2020 matched betting guide you are looking to save around 75% to 80% of the free bet amount – it isn’t a scheme which will make you rich quick, but it is a great earner for very little effort.