Mega Moolah Tips

As a slot game with some of the biggest cash prizes available for you to sample online, it’s hardly surprising that so many people are on the lookout for some great Mega Moolah tips to help bring in the dosh.

As a slot game, however, much of the game is really down to luck – especially when it comes to potentially triggering that fantastic Mega Jackpot bonus!  Is there a way for you to claim millions of pounds in prize money by employing a few simple strategies?

Funnily enough, there are a few ways through which you can really work the game to your advantage.  Can you make it as the next big winner on the game thousands are calling the Millionaire Maker?  Someone has to win the big prizes – why can’t it be you?

Mega Moolah Strategy

Let’s not beat around the bush.  Slot games are based on luck and random events.  Therefore, there are only so many different tips and tricks you can apply to the game if you want to win big.  With Mega Moolah, it’s more about making the most of the options available to you, and to know your limits.

  • The first limits we speak of, of course, should be your money and your bankroll. Set yourself healthy limits with regard to how much money you wish to invest in this game.
  • Mega-Moolah players will likely spend a fair amount here, and with a decent Mega-Moolah RTP available once you take into account the progressive jackpot feature, there’s plenty of chance for you to claim regular wins back off the basic lines.
  • Once you’ve set your bankroll and have your limits insight, it’s time to start thinking about lines and bets. Always make sure you play on the maximum number of lines available.  This will not only give you the best chance of claiming a prize, but it will also play well should you activate free spins.
  • This is because the free spins feature at Mega-Moolah automatically triples any line wins. Therefore, you should really maximise your chances of success by simply not holding back when it comes to your playing field.
  • You should also consider your bet amount. Based on your bankroll and the amount you are willing to invest in the game, it is worth betting maximum.  This maximises your chance of getting the biggest payouts in the game.
  • It also may be worth considering autoplay. Autoplay will allow you to spin the reels automatically up to a certain number of times.  You can set this in line with your bankroll so that you don’t exceed the totals you’ve set.

More on Mega Moolah Strategy

These are, of course, only simple Mega Moolah tips.  However, if you do have plenty of money available to play into the game, they can make all the difference in terms of money returned to you.  As stated, there are no strategies of any kind which will help you to ‘cheat’ your way to millions of pounds.  The game’s developers and most online casinos are far too clever for that!

Mega Moolah Trick

The best Mega Moolah trick you can employ, on the whole, is to make the most of those bonus codes.  Mega-Moolah promo codes are common and come thick and fast.  This means it’s always worth claiming a stack of free spins or a Mega-Moolah no deposit bonus should they ever arise.

We would also suggest looking at a cash matching deal, too.  These deals will allow you to double or triple your money or more.  A great way to extend your playtime.

Bonus codes will allow you to go for the max bet and max lines approach before you even take into account your bankroll.  Therefore, the more codes you apply, the more chances you have at winning big prizes.

You should also consider signing up with different sites which support the game.  As Mega-Moolah is a progressive jackpot title, it’s available to play at various different sites.  This means you have more than a few chances at going for the big jackpot at any one time.

How to Play Mega Moolah

Learning how to play Mega Moolah is a piece of cake.  As with any major slots game, simply set your stake, your number of lines, and choose either manual or autoplay.  The reels will spin, and you’ll be given the chance to match up a series of animal symbols as well as K, Q, J and 10.  There are eleven symbols in total, with one being wild (the lion) and another being a scatter and free spins activator (monkey).

What’s worth looking out for, of course, is the hallowed jackpot wheel.  This is the central focus of the game, and it actually pops up more often than you might believe.  There are four tiers of Mega-Moolah jackpot available for you to play for.

A mini jackpot, which is fairly common and may be anything around £20-£30, a minor jackpot, which extends into the hundreds and even thousands, a major jackpot – which gives you the chance to win tens or hundreds of thousands – and the mega jackpot, which has been known to dispense over £15 million at any one time.  That’s a colossal prize!

Of course, your chances of getting the biggest jackpot will be low, but your road to getting there is completely random.  Therefore, you’ve got to be in it to win it!

Mega Moolah Jackpot Tricks

There are sadly no ironclad Mega Moolah jackpot tricks which will guarantee you a huge payday.  However, take into account our tips and tricks above and see how much money you could see returned.

Unfortunately, we can’t ever guarantee any Mega-Moolah players coming away as millionaires, though plenty has done so in the past!  All you need to do is set your bankroll, max those lines and bets and see how lucky the game thinks you are today.  These are the best Mega-Moolah tips around – maximise your opportunities and let the cash roll in!