Mermaids Millions RTP

Plenty of seasoned slots players will want to look up certain statistics about various games before they play them.  How much is a slot game likely to pay?  What are the bonus rounds like?  Is it worth investing some serious money in trying to win big?

One of the main things people search for before they start playing certain games is the RTP score.  This is otherwise known as Return to Player, and in this guide, we will be looking at what this means.  We will also specifically be looking at the Mermaids Millions RTP and what you can expect to win from this popular Microgaming title.Mermaid Millions

Microgaming are normally very up front when it comes to the various details about their games, and their classic title Mermaid Millions is no different.  It’s a five-reel, three-row game with scatter bonuses, free spins and multipliers, as well as a treasure chest bonus which falls in line with its aquatic theme.

It’s a very popular title, perhaps both because of its simplicity in design and in the fact that it is well-known for being fairly generous.

But how do you measure generosity in a slot game?  It can be hard to quantify.  However, the RTP score offered by games developers can often be used to get an idea of how likely it is to get money back from regular playing of certain games.

So what is Mermaid Millions’ RTP like?  Can regular players expect to get a fair amount of money back for what they pay in?  let’s dive a little deeper – pardoning the pun – and find out.

Mermaids Millions Return to Player

The Mermaid Millions return to payer score may actually be one of the most generous you’ll find online.  The percentage is used to determine how likely a slot game is to pay out from wagering taken.

The Mermaids Millions RTP is 96.56%.  This means that, of all the money the game will take from players in its lifetime, it will keep 3.44%.  The rest – the 96.56% – will be given out in cash prizes.

Mermaids MillionsThis isn’t to say, of course, that the game won’t make a tidy profit.  It wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t here to make money!  However, 96% and above is considered very generous when it comes to online slots games.

You can generally expect to see an RTP of 90% and above in most cases, and this is considered a fairly healthy balance.  However, you will never see a game offering 100%, and it’s extremely unlikely an RTP of 99% will exist online.  This is because the games developers and casinos still need to make a profit for it all to be worthwhile!

A game’s Return-To-Player is a good indicator of what you can expect from play to play.  A game with a high RTP – I.e. above 90% – will likely pay out regularly, though it will of course still be completely random as to what prizes you’ll get.

However, it can be the assurance that many players need if they are serious about investing considerable money into a game.  For many people, playing slots and casino games can be akin to making a living.  You need to be willing to risk a certain amount of money, of course, and only the bravest can really keep this up for considerable time.

RTP Mermaids Millions

Now that we’ve taken a look at the RTP Mermaids Millions has to offer, it’s time to consider how an RTP score works in practice.

  • A Return-To-Player of 96.56% will mean that you could stand to get £96.56 back from £100 in £1 bets. There’s an emphasis here on ‘could’ – as you may stand to win less or more.  Nothing is ever guaranteed as far as slots games are concerned.
  • For example, you can bet from 15p to £375 per spin – apply this to the RTP and you could stand to get some serious cash back.
  • All in all, however, the RTP score is used by serious slots players to help them understand whether or not a game is worth investing in. The Mermaids Millions RTP score will likely appeal to many more people than, say, Da Vinci Diamonds, which has a Return-To-Player of just less than 95%.
  • This may not seem like much of a difference, but to the right people, even a slight numerical difference makes all the odds.

If you’re interested in playing slots games to make money, you have to understand that the process is always going to be completely random.  An RTP score exists to give what little confidence may be available to players.

Otherwise, you are looking at a completely random experience – you never know what you’re going to win from one spin to the next.  For plenty of people, that thrill of the mystery is what makes these games worth playing!

The RTP will be the same on the mobile Mermaid Million site, so make sure to have a look at that too.

Player Percentage Mermaids Millions

Mermaid Millions Slots

If you’re looking up the player percentage Mermaid Millions has to offer, do always make sure to take a look at some of the other vital statistics along the way.  Remember that slots games are random by nature – and that you may only have a certain amount of control to leverage over what you could possibly win.

It’s more worthwhile sometimes to take a look at player reviews, or even to try and play the game itself in Mermaid Millions free play mode to get a feel for it.  This way, you are at least not risking any major money being thrown into the abyss!

The Mermaid Millions RTP score is just one plus point the game has to offer.  It’s very appealing to casual players thanks to its simple, appealing nature, and the fact that none of the features and bonuses are particularly complex.

Its RTP, however, will also appeal to more serious players who are in it to make some big money.  In our opinion, it’s therefore a great title which will appeal to a broad audience.  Why not take a look at some of the game’s stats?


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