Mission Cash Slot Machine

Target acquired. It’s once again, your mission to save the world and get rewarded by doing so. This is your chance to steal some winning artefacts to earn the grand prize of 500,000 worth of jackpot coins! So, in this Mission Cash Slot Review, find out how you can become your very own James Bond to earn countless prizes while spying and sleuthing your way through the reels.

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About Mission Cash Slot Game

What exactly does it take to be a successful agent like James Bond?

At some point in anyone’s life, we’ve all dreamt of being a double agent. We have all dreamt about the swanky gadgets, the secret aliases, and above all, the excitement the mission brings.

In this five-reel, 20 pay-line video slot game, Play’n GO manages to bring players into the thick of the spy action. The game begins by bringing players into some kind of lab or lair with some classic spy music playing as the game goes along.

The mission is to collect as many wilds, scatters, and free spins as possible before the game ends. What makes this more like a spy film is the fact that the game has a moving crosshair or target that will land on certain agents and these agents will then act as the wild.

So, not only o the secret agents act as paying symbols, but they can also use their spy skills to steal some winning combinations for players!

The game’s illustrations and graphics are very much like that of the TV show “Archer” in the sense that the characters and the other symbols, as well as the background images, are all made to look like comic book cartoon characters.

So, if you want to experience being agent 007 for a day, then take an adventure through the reels with agents blue, red, purple, and green and you may learn their tips and tricks to scoring the 500,000 jackpot prize!

How to Play Mission Cash Slot Online

To be a successful field agent, you must remember these steps when going on missions:

Click the (+/-) section to adjust the number of coins to bet and the value of the coins per spin. After all that is settled, you can click the Spin button to start the game.

Channel your inner spy and see just where this mission leads you when you play the game from any mobile (Apple or Android), tablet, or PC/ Desktop device.

Interactive Features

Wilds and Respins. During each spin, players will see a moving crosshair on the screen. This kind of icon will land on either agent blue or agent red, and when it does, it will expand the agents and turn them wild. Players can earn some respins when the wild is triggered. This bonus will continue until no more wilds land.

Scatters and Free Spins. The gun represents the scatter symbol. When the crosshair chooses this symbol, players can win some free spins and additional re-spins.

What Symbol Triggers Mission Cash Slot Bonus Free Spins?

Just like in any spy movie, players can expect to see a moving target or a moving crosshairs symbol. When this lands on a target, it can either turn the icon wild or into a scatter. So, if this symbol lands on the image of the gun, players win as many as eight free spins. Now, that may not seem like a lot, but this can be re-triggered, and it can give another eight free spins whenever it’s re-triggered. This feature will continue to happen until there are no more scatters to be found.

Paylines and Stakes

For 0.20 to 100 coins per spin, players can gain some wild wins from the agents. Amounts varying from 3 to 100 coins can be won by landing 3 to 5 of the agents on the reels. These all account for the wild wins.

On the other hand, by landing the agents in their normal state, players can win a minimum of 2 coins for landing 3 of a kind, and a maximum of 100 coins for landing 5 of a kind. These agents act as both the wild and the higher-paying symbols.

The lower-paying symbols consist of card symbols – spades, hearts, clubs, and diamonds. Players who can land 3 to 5 of a kind of these on the reels can get amounts ranging from 0.05 to 5 coins.

Mission Cash Slot Game Software

Mission Cash is a slot game that was made possible by Play’n GO.

Made for players by players, the Play’n GO team tailor their games to delight and entertain their players. After two decades in the industry, the Play’n GO team no signs of stopping. On the contrary, they are implementing more modern technology into their games to make better gaming solutions for the future.

What is Mission Cash Slot’s RTP?

Mission Cash is a non-progressive slot game that has an RTP of 96.65%.

This game has an excellent Return to Player rate, and that means that players can get a return average of £96 per £100 bet.

Slot Volatility

This online slot is a high variance game. That means that even if the payouts land rarely, the game provides players with pretty generous payouts so anyone can end up with good amounts by the end of the game.


This game is for all those players who want nothing more than to fulfil the spy fantasy. Whether it’s like any version of James Bond, or Charlize Theron in Atomic Blond, or even anyone from the Get Smart cast, this more doable crime-fighting scenario is something that incites thrill and excitement in anyone. So, it’s incredible how this game can mix that theme with slots since it captures a player’s attention for hours at a time. Now, as fun as this game may be, it may be best suited for those players who are a bit more advanced or experienced when it comes to slot gaming. This is because it may require more skill and patience to land more winning combinations or larger amounts.

Though despite this challenge, the game remains a joy to play, and surely anyone who dared play this spy game will feel every bit like a double agent by the end of the game.

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