Oink Country Slots

Two little piggies went looking for the golden ticket to a bucket full of cash.

This romanticised tale is one that stars Chanco and Willy, two pigs that are in search for a golden ticket, that very ticket represents the scatter symbol.

They’ve invited you to join the wildlife and in-turn you could get your hands on this ticket- attempt to land the scatter symbols and unlock the bonus feature for real money.

The Microgaming slot boasts a wild symbol, scatter symbols, free spin features and other intriguing bonuses.

Immerse yourself into this video slot that comes full with 5reels and up to 45 paylines.

Although sceptical when we began writing this Oink Country Slots Review, we discovered some incredible features including the 45 paylines. What shocked us more was how many free spins are up for grabs, get over a 100- read on for more about this slot in September 2021.

Best Oink Country Slot Sites

From our research, we have created a list of the Best Oink Country Slot Sites:

Play Oink Country Love Slots Online

This adorable story pulls on the heartstrings and as you begin to play you soon become part of the golden ticket search. You can play this exciting tale slot game from the comfort of your home and land some huge wins.

You can easily play online after our team of experts have unravelled all of the best possible slot site options. We’ve sifted through the best slot sites and offered them here in September 2021.

Pick out your preferred choice and you could be playing for the spins and bonus features of this game today.

How to Play Oink Country Love Slots

Playing slot games is super-easy and if you’re new, it will only take you minutes to get the jist. Essentially, all you need to do is set the stake and spin the reels.

From there, you are then able to attempt to match the symbols on winning lines or reach a bonus round.

You won’t need prior understanding of the game, if you win during a spin then you will be notified, if you reach a bonus it will automatically take you to that feature.

It is easy to understand and if you are unsure of symbols then visit the paytable and read up on how much each one is worth.

Oink Country Love Slot Free Spins

This is the moment you’ve all been waiting for, you were wondering why this golden ticket is so special?

It is because you could potentially unlock up to an incredible 180 free spins.

You can activate up to 80 free spins at any one time but you’re also able to re-trigger the free spins features once you are on the bonus round.

These free spins are for real money and here’s how you trigger the free spins bonus round. Land at least three scatter symbols, this is a golden ticket.

If you land 3,4 or 5 scatters on reel 1 then you could win up to 20 free spins, if you were to then hit scatters on reels 2 and 3 you could get up to an astonishing 80 free spins. The way to reach 180 free spins is to then re-trigger.

Interactive Features

In addition to the bonus free spins, you are also able to unlock other features of this innovative slot game.

There are some cracking features available at Oink Country Slots, the video slot comes with up to 180 free spins but it also provides two lots of wild symbols and scatters.

The scatters are golden ticket symbols and they will unlock up to 80 free spins, as previously highlighted you can then enjoy another 100 free spins if you manage to re-trigger the feature.

The wild symbols come in the form of a blue and red pig musician and they can substitute any other symbol aside from the scatter.

It’s not a typical jackpot or a progressive jackpot slot but you can win up to 500 times your bet on the top-earning combination.

Paylines and Stakes

Generally slot games come with around 10-20 paylines but this exciting slot title delivers 45 paylines in total.

When you begin to play Oink Country Slot you will be able to set your stake, this easily adjustable and can be altered prior to any spin. Check it per spin and remember the more you stake, the more that you could win.

This video slot game allows you to enjoy a range of stakes from 50 pence to £125 per spin.

Oink Country Love Slots on Mobile Phone

Play Oink Country Slot game from your mobile phone or tablet, it can be accessed from either Android or iOS.

Nowadays you can access the slot machines on your mobile device or tablet. This is an advantage that online casinos offer you to play from wherever you are.

You can play slots even while travelling; many casinos have created their own application that is compatible with iOS and Android. With this mobile version, you no longer have to be in front of a computer to be able to play the slots.

Also, you can now make deposits and withdrawals playing from your smartphone. You can play Oink Country Love slots on your mobile phone whenever you want.

Oink Country Love Slots Graphics Design

The new versions of the slot machines feature innovative designs and graphics to capture more players. The developers are creative and specialize in creating slots with bright colours and excellent quality.

In the case of Microgaming, this is one of the best-known slot machines.

This can be seen in the Oink Country Love game that features cartoons and a theme that is inspired by the pigs of a farm. It has a high-resolution design and is very colourful.

About Oink Country Love Slots

This country theme slot game displays a colourful and vibrant design throughout and it’s really easy to get stuck into the narrative of this game.

Buy into the two main characters Willy and Chanco, the Western Pigs on the search for a golden ticket. You could unlock an astonishing number of free spins, match up wild symbols or enjoy some huge jackpot combinations.

Oink Country Love Slots Software

Oink Country Slots is a video slot game powered by Microgaming. 

This Microgaming slot showcases all the features that we expected with a fast performance and an uninterrupted experience.

Microgaming is a well-renowned software provider that is in charge of thousands of different online games. You can enjoy all of their line-up. They have won plenty of awards over the years and continue to grow as a company, being one of the most recognised in the industry.

Oink Country Love Slots RTP

Oink Country Slots has an RTP of 96%.

Above is an incredible RTP and gives us all the more reason to play.

RTP stands for Return to Player, and it can be defined as the percentage paid to the player, which is set by the slot developer. RTP handles, showing a ratio between casino revenue and player earnings.

If the characteristics say that the RTP is 95%, this means that it is how much the player will receive for the total bet. In this case, the case is allowed to get 5%.

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Oink Country slots is one of our favourite Microgaming slot games in September 2021.