The Best Paddy Power Advert Collection

Welcome to our carefully rounded up collection of the best Paddy Power Adverts. We find Paddy Power marketing strategy on TV Adverts to be some of the best in its industry, as their ability to make you laugh whilst pushing several boundaries is more than likely what gives these ads such great traction across social media. The marketing stunts they use are innovative, creative and relatable, yet have been subject to offending many people throughout the years. We hope you like our roundup of what we believe are the best Paddy Power TV Adverts.

Paddy Power Adverts We Would Like to See in 2018?

We would love to hear your thoughts on what Paddy Power ads you would like to see in 2018. At Boomtown Bingo we love the controversial videos created and thoroughly looking forward to seeing what they produce. Our thoughts are something surrounding the transfer embargo of Neymar's big money signing, or what this huge 200 million pound signing could of bought in real life.

Paddy Power Adverts 2017

Here is a roundup of the videos in 2017. We will break down each youtube video into sections with our reviews on them.

Paddy Power Coach Driver Advert

This ad is one of their more recent and shows the coach driver taking a group of stereotypical football fans to the game. The clip starts off with an establishing scene of the fans entering the bus, which leads to the driver starting his very monotone and football themes cover of What's Up by the 4 Non Blondes. The beauty of this advert is the accuracy of the stereotypes played throughout, as we have everything from the lads singing in the team bus, to "Fat Phil" being left behind shortly after his pie break.

The entire trailer really sums up away days as a football fan, and it ends perfectly with the driver of the bus placing a cheeky bet with PP as he drops the fans off at the stadium. The simplicity of the ad is definitely what makes it, and the way it portrays a typical UK footy fan is genius.

PP Daily Jackpots Ad

Separate to Paddy Power's sportsbook betting, this ad focuses more on the casino side of their campaign. This clip in particular shows a casino CTTV operator watch on with a sad look in his eyes as people enjoy games of roulette, blackjack plus Paddy Power slots games. Fortunately for him though, he's downloaded his PP app and is quick to jump on the daily jackpots on his mobile when his break comes around.

This is all performed as a cover to the famous "Mama Loves Mambo" track, which a actually works really well with this advert and adds to its humour massively. Another really clever ad by Paddy Power and one of my favourites of 2017.

Paddy Power Adverts 2016

Here is a collection of the advertisements in 2016. We will break down each youtube clip into sections with our reviews of the video.

Paddy Power "Turnaround Steward" Ad

On Paddy Power's famous "Turnaround Steward" ad, the company continues the clever theme of getting their actors to cover classic ballads in a very relatable football environment. In this particular cut, it begins with the soft piano of Bonnie Tyler's "Total Eclipse of the Heart", and hilariously fades into the Steward's less than tuneful vocals.

He proceeds to sing (or attempt to sing) about how he wishes he could watch the game as the crowd in unison reply with "turn around!" This escalated and escalates, until he eventually reveals that he placed a bet against the crowd's team he is singing to, leading to a goal in his favour.

I think what makes this advert great is the assumption that a steward's role is to simply monitor and control the crowd, whereas throughout the advert you see a lot of banter between both, especially the moment his bet comes in. Lots of people enjoy using Paddy Power Sports to have bets on various sporting events, so be sure to check out our review of this site for more detailed.

Paddy Power Scotland's Euro 2016 Ad

In this Paddy Power advert, the event of the Euro's is celebrated by representing the Scottish football fans in a stereotypical, yet hilarious nature. It is no doubt used as a promotion for Paddy Power to show other countires in the UK what the Scottish football fans are like.

Scotland is a great place with massive pride for their country. By picturing hundreds of Scottish people singing about the pride of their country, Paddy Power is able to portray a range of emotions including happiness and chemistry.

Paddy Power Horse Racing Advert

The 2015 Paddy Power Horse Racing Advert is great example of a humuourous advert that will get everyone laughing. Although it is all about horse racing, the humour aspect of the man singing is a great way to target everyone and get them all laughing regardless of age and interests.

​This advert is great for Paddy Power as it promotes the enjoyment that gamblers get from betting on their app. The main purpose of the advert is to promote this app and the benefit of being able to gamble whenever and wherever you want.

Paddy Power Adverts 2015

Here we have all their best ads from all the way back in 2015.

Paddy Power "Footballer Struck by Lightning" ad

2015 proved to be a really important year for Paddy Power and their marketing division, as their introduction of twitter replies (a process where they reply to people's social media comments with an offer) really took off. What made this strategy so popular though was their ability to associate their offer with something ridiculous taking place to affect the bet. Thus, "Footballer struck by lighting" was born.

In the example we see above, Rick Evans tweets PP explaining that he's feeling lucky about today's bets. The scene then changes to a player coming off the bench and randomly being struck by lighting, and as a result they show off their "bet £20 in game and get £10 free in play bet".

What I love about the advert is its randomness, as the likelihood of that happening to a player is extremely slim. Paddy Power's ability to come across as though they can give you a free bet if literally anything happens mid game really makes their company stand out amongst the crowd.

​Also make sure to check out the Paddy Power Casino which also has a variety of offers available if you'd like to try your luck at a different style of gaming. You can play a range of activities including Roulette, Poker and Blackjack among loads of other top games.

"Paddy Power's iPhone app is so quick, so easy!"

Not their funniest advert, but 100% one of the best. What makes this advert so clever and makes their brand so attractive is the message is portrays. In short, doing anything on mobile needs to be simple, whether that be buying something or searching the web or betting. Loads of sports betting sites have mobile apps which players can use on phones or tablet devices. PP do an amazing job at making their app look super easy to use, and this is how they do it:

The scene starts with a man around his friends anxious to place a bet with only 1% left on his phone. Nightmare, right? Not with the Paddy Power app it isn't. You then see a close up shot of the clean looking layout of the app, with him calmly selecting his bet and placing it almost instantaneously. This really speaks volumes for their app, and I'm sure turned a lot of people to using this piece of software a lot more. 

You will also find mobile compatible sites within the brand's other verticals, including the Paddy Power Bingo mobile features which can also be used on smartphones and tablets.​

Paddy Power New Owner, New Kit Advert

Paddy Power are known for their seriously funny and often controversial adverts. This advert is a classic example of when Paddy Power use controversy to create humour for their audience. After the many recent takeovers of English football clubs by foreign investors, Paddy Power came out with a really funny advert portraying these investors and the teams that they have bought.

In this advert, we see a foregin owner of a football team in the stands of the team's stadium supporting his newly bought squad. When the teams come out, the funny shock of the squad's jerseys being Arabic dresses instantly triggers laughs amongst the audience and as we see them falling over their own feet in the dresses it is clear that Paddy Power have created a comedic advert.

By jumping on trend bandwagons of the sports world, Paddy Power are able to gain a lot of attention due to the hype surrounding the event. In this instance, Arabic owners were being questioned by many sports fans during this time and therefore Paddy Power were able to gain thousands of views and laughs for this video.​

Paddy Power New App Ad 'Pocket Jostle'

This Paddy Power Advert is an abolute classic! The dirty natured humour in this one is strong so be warned. It involves several people (including an elderly woman) looking to be buffing the banana but are actually in fact betting in the pockets! 

The dirty nature of this advert connotes the self-humour that Paddy Power has. Although the advert was too dirty for TV, it continues strong online with thousands of views to its name on Youtube and Google.

Paddy Power Adverts Youtube

If you want to see the full list of Paddy Power Adverts on Youtube then subscribe here which will give you every video they have uploaded.



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