Paddy Power Shops Near Me

There’s no need to search ‘are there any Paddy Power shops near me?’, because the chances are that there will be. You see, despite only being formed in 1988 Paddy-Power are Ireland’s biggest and most successful bookies, and have over six hundred shops across Ireland and the United Kingdom.

If you want to find out where your closest Paddy-Power is then it couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is go to the Paddy-Power website and click on the ‘shops’ tab on the right hand corner or the ‘shops locator’ link at the bottom of the homepage.

Type in your postcode or address and within a few seconds you’ll have the location, the opening hours and a map of your closest Paddy-Power bookies. All you need to decide now is whether to place a bet, play on the start of the art machines that are in every shop, or play the lottery. Or maybe do all three!

Nearest Paddy Power Bookies

Your nearest Paddy Power bookies shouldn’t be more than a stone’s throw away. Paddy-Power are Ireland’s biggest bookies, with over six hundred shops across Ireland and up and down the United Kingdom.

They are also Europe’s biggest bookmakers in terms of total share value, so when it comes to placing a bet with one of the big players you know that Paddy-Power have the pedigree, the experience and the knowledge to live up to that.

If you are not sure where your nearest Paddy-Power bookies is, finding out couldn’t be simpler. All you have to do is click the link to the Paddy-Power website and find the ‘shops’ tab on the right hand side.

Click it, enter your address details or postcode, and pretty much instantly you’ll have a list of all the nearest Paddy-Powers in your area. To make it even easier, you’ll also get the opening hours of each shop and a photo and a map. Easy-Peasy.

How Many Paddy Power Shops in UK?

How many Paddy Power shops are in the UK? Well, you might be surprised at the answer. Since forming in 1988 in Ireland, Paddy-Power have gone on to open over six hundred shops across the UK and its native Ireland.

Opening Times

Opening times of Paddy Power shops will depend on a few different factors. The main one is location; for example, if a shop is located inside a shopping centre, it may have to follow the guidelines of the centre and therefore will be different to a Paddy-Power shop that was located on a high street.

Some shops open as early as 7am, others don’t open until around 9am, but most of the shops have extended opening hours and tend to be open until around 10pm.

Bank Holidays may be different between shops, as will Sunday trading hours. If you are in any doubt at all, just ask one of the staff in your local Paddy-Power betting shop, or check the ‘shops’ tab on their website, which will give you the opening details of all your local shops.

Paddy Power Betting Shops

Paddy Power betting shops have been a staple of the UK high street for the better part of thirty years now. Compared to other brands that have been established for more than twice as long as they have, Paddy-Power have expanded to the point where they have become the biggest bookies in Ireland and have more than six hundred shops across the UK. That’s impressive by anybody’s standards.

To find the nearest Paddy-Power betting shops in your area, simply follow the link to ‘shops’, type in your postcode and comprehensive list of addresses, opening hours and directions for your nearest shops will become available.

Local Betting Shops

If you take off the rose-tinted glasses and think of what your local betting shops used to be like, you’ll remember that they were tobacco-stained, cold and dark places.

That simply isn’t the case anymore. Bookies like Paddy-Power pride themselves on the relaxed atmosphere of their shops, the banter between punters and their up to date games and slot machines.

Paddy-Power have over six hundred shops around the United Kingdom and Ireland, so the chances are that one of them is your local betting shop.

A quick search will let you know where your closest shops are, as well as opening hours and directions, so you’ve no excuse not to place that bet now!

Where is the Nearest Paddy Power?

‘Where is the nearest Paddy Power to me’ and ‘Paddy Power shops near me’ are two of the most popular searches online when looking for a trustworthy, responsible bookies.

Paddy-power are not only renowned for their cheeky advertising and risque marketing, but for paying out early too, which has sometimes not worked in their favour but earned them a legion of loyal punters.

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In 2011 they were placed 6th on the ‘Britain’s most admired company’ list by Management Today. A quick search will let you know the location of the 600+ Paddy Power’s in the UK.

Betting Shops Near Me

If you want to know if there are any Paddy-Power betting shops near me, then finding out is a very straightforward process. There are over six hundred Paddy Power shops across the UK and Ireland, so the chances are that there is one closer to you than you think.

All you need is either your address details or your postcode and the Paddy-Power website will do the rest of the hard work for you. Once you enter these details you will get a comprehensive list of all the betting shops near you, including the address, a map to help locate them, and the opening and closing hours.

Opening and closing hours will vary from shop to shop so it’s best to check on your local stores opening hours before you set out. Most store are open until late in the evening though, so you’ll still have plenty of time to place that bet around your daily schedule.

Online Betting

New gamblers are able to win a large amount of cash. Numerous large bookies including Paddy-Power provide promo offers. This basically means, profit can be made in the absence of your own money. ‘Stake £10, win £30’ is one of the most popular deals available.

Betting cash using this promotion can result in free bets that you can make from the bookie. Profits are simple to gain when using these offers. Individuals beginning to bet might be given special odds which aren’t offered to experienced gamblers that have already created a user profile and frequently login.

Gambling on soccer games is a great method of doubling or perhaps tripling the money you have used to place the bet. Predicted losers of a match will have big odds.

Paddy Power Website

The Paddy Power website is one of the best betting sites across the UK with a large number of punters using the site every day. It is important to make sure you are using the site correctly and following the terms and conditions carefully.

When using bookies’ sites, an accumulator is a specific method of placing your bet. In other words, this involves gambling on a variety of outcomes from various matches or races. Lots of money can be won by this since the odds increase in your favour through doing this.

This then makes it possible to bet on the expected winners and win a large amount of money. In most cases, gambling on the better opponent has smaller odds, on the other hand creating an accumulator can cause larger odds.

What do People Bet On?

One of the biggest events that people bet on is the Grand National. The Grand National is a popular tournament to bet on.

Tournaments including the FA Cup certainly are a well-liked competition to put bets on. There are lots of people who share tips on the net that can give real tricks to gain money.

Gaining cash rapidly allows you to stake a lot more bets and even gamble on numerous sports in both single or even accumulated bets. Upon becoming a winner, you are able to withdraw your winning prize money, in combination with the cash amount which was staked.

Look at different companies’ register promotions to enhance your likelihood of winning money as well as getting free bets.

Cashing Out

Cashing out is a one of a kind feature which bookmakers offer. Paddy-Power proposes this to gamblers, in addition to many other betting companies. This means, customers are in the position to pull out their cash as well as a small winning before the original wager has lost or won.

As an example, if a team is currently drawing and you have bet on them to win, you are able to cash out your money. Cashing out is a brilliant way to receive money before a result is determined, and you may sometimes be offered a large amount of cash.

In-Play Bets

In-play bets are not difficult. They are available on many bookies’ websites including Paddy-Power. The selection is available from several bookmakers and some people also think of it as live betting. The wagers are placed during the event instead of before.

The odds can alter during the entire match. Bookmakers will do this depending on how likely it is a particular result could happen. An example of this is gambling on a tie in the final ten minutes of a football match.

Capitalising on in play odds can change a chain of terrible pregame bets into a host of lucrative winnings. You might have put money on a football player to score the first goal, but they get injured after 5 minutes and then must leave the game.

Betting in-running on a different football player to score a goal might help negate the initial loss. You could then also get extra payouts dependent upon the odds.

Internet Gambling Sites

There are loads of internet gambling sites which offer live betting. This lets punters to interact with an event while it unfolds, not only before it has commenced. The first thing to do is assess if you’re going to play it safe or apply certain methods.

Being careful means distributing your money through markets and activities or just betting big on what appears to be certain outcomes.

If you want to be clever, you’ll need to consider the odds set out by bookmakers and bet on something which is more of a long shot. In-play bets needs all the evaluation and insight you would employ to place a standard bet, but quicker.

What is In-Play Betting?

The odds can change rapidly in the game. This means there is hardly any point on backing foregone results unless you’re happy to bet big. Placing a small wager on an unlikely event can bring about huge payouts.

There are 2 approaches to do live bets on different sports activities. One option would be to spread bets across results with smaller odds. This can be done to record incremental gains that may, theoretically, start to accumulate nicely.

Other individuals will attempt to get a line on a set of long odds that they believe the bookies have over-valued. The outcomes could be not as likely, even so the one-off rewards are a lot greater.

What are Lay Bets?

Lay bets are another choice for several betting companies. This kind of bet offers you a choice of wagering against a particular outcome if you don’t think it’d happen. With this there are more ways for things that gamblers can bet on.

Lay bets also provide an additional way of approaching what could be a normally boring sports event. What is more, you’re pitting your wits in opposition to fellow gamblers on the exchanges instead of established bookmakers.

This implies there’s every possibility that you may be able to make the most of some wishful thinking or over-enthusiastic punts.

Mobile Betting

Many individuals prefer to place in-play bets, but mobile betting is a lot more popular with sports lovers. There are other individuals who place bets via mobile than through a pc.

In play wagers on the move are extremely common amongst web based bettors. Lots of the best internet bookies now have dedicated mobile phone applications with unique live functions. This makes it easy for individuals to put on a quick bet on an ongoing game no matter where they are.

If you are into mobile betting, you will be pleased to know that Paddy Power has its very own mobile app. You can download this and make use of the app to make bets and wagers whenever you want.

You should always try to get some facts about the different statistics prior to putting a bet on sporting events.

If you are well informed with regards to the various participants and their abilities, you will find it easier to put on a profitable bet. Since outcomes are tough to predict, it may be difficult to get an in play bet.

Local Paddy Power


When looking for your local Paddy Power, it is a good idea to check out the website first, so you know what kind of bets are available.