Pandamonium Slot Machine

Do heavy metals and pandas go together?

Pandamonium is a classic video slot game that attempts to smush these two together in a single slot machine.

In this Pandamonium Slot Review for December 2021, we look at this slot game with three reels and a single payline.

Read on and discover how pandas and heavy metal look together in this Pandamonium slot game with its heavy metal-playing panda and its many chances of scooping cash prizes!

Best Pandamonium Slot Sites

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About Pandamonium Slot Game

Pandamonium is an attention-grabbing casino slot game with a cartoon theme revolving around rock music.

This is normal enough until players realize that the game is featuring pandas playing instruments for heavy metal.

Weirdly amusing theme aside, Pandamonium also offers players three reels that can be played with a single payline.

A cast of cute pandas with red war paint around their eyes are all over the game screen.

They are also holding musical instruments, and they seem to be in a rock metal band.

The game screen’s graphics design visually mimics almost everything that can be seen in a would-be underground goth panda club.

The game banner consists of black and white letterings against a red outline.

The screen contains splashes of metal colours, including teal, dark red, neons, golds, greys, and greens.

Apart from these, licks of flames can even be seen on the lower part of the screen.

The game’s symbols consist of classic casino symbols such as cherries and oranges.

How to Play Pandamonium Slots Online

To play Pandamonium online,

  1. Players must first modify their bets by click on the “” and “+” buttons on the lower-left corner of the screen to increase or decrease their bets.
  2. The next step is to click on Spin and see where it goes.

Players can find the three hold buttons and the spin button underneath the total bet and winnings.

Pandamonium is unavailable on mobile devices.

Interactive Features

Pandamonium offers special features usually seen in a fruit machine, including the following:


This feature helps players win by holding the reels in place.

For instance, if players manage to land two sevens and one guitar, they can hit the two “Hold” buttons to hold the reels containing the sevens in place while the other reel containing the guitar is being spun.


This feature moves a reel one symbol down to help players have a higher chance of forming a winning combination.

Bonus Game

This is a bonus feature activated by landing a set symbol combination that is number-related.

Some of the symbols have numbers. Adding all of these up past seven activates the bonus game.

Players are then taken to a separate reel where players will see a gamble reel that spins and stops.

Depending on where the wheel stops, players will be awarded various prizes like nudges or more cash.

What Symbol Triggers Pandamonium Slot Bonus Free Spins?

Pandamonium does not offer free spins.

Paylines and Stakes

Pandamonium is played on only one pay line.

The Pandamonium slot’s minimum coin size is 0.1, while the maximum is 10. The coin number per line is fixed at one.

Meanwhile, the highest real money award a player can get is a whopping 2000 coins.

Pandamonium also has a multi-currency feature.

Pandamonium Slot Software

Pandamonium slot is powered by Microgaming.

Microgaming is an established online gaming software provider which produces games accessible on almost all platforms.

What is Pandamonium Slots RTP?

The RTP for Pandamonium slots is 96.50%.

This means that Pandamonium can pay out a return worth £96.50 for an investment worth £100.00.

This payout percentage is high, given that the standard RTP rate is 95%.

Slot Volatility

The slot variance for Pandamonium is yet to be known.


Meet the most intense heavy metal panda band through Pandamonium slots!

Visit the Pandamonium slot sites listed in this Pandamonium Slots Review for December 2021 to start your spinning adventure with Holds, Nudges, and bonus games.

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