Five Poker Vloggers to Take Notes From

The majority of newbie poker players feel overwhelmed because they believe poker is too complicated for them to pick up, let alone become good at.

Thanks to our social media generation, there are poker vloggers out there who offer advice with your game. All you need to do is watch their content and it can drastically improve your poker game.

There are a lot of vloggers posting videos out there and that can make it tricky for new poker players to pick which one of them they want to subscribe to and learn from.

5 Prevalent Vloggers Who Are Worth Following

Here’s a look at 5 popular vloggers that are worth watching. You can find them by Googling them or going directly to YouTube and searching there to watch their vlogs.

Joey Ingram

Also known as ‘Chicago Joey‘, Joey Ingram is an amusing person to watch. He’s been creating vlogs for nearly a decade and his content is very consistent.

Joey produces a live-recorded podcast entitled Poker Life Podcase and he repurposes a lof that content in his vlog. So you’ll hear a lot of his interviews with big poker names online and offline.

Some of his content covers daily hot topics and will recap awesome poker moments. There are some strategy videos covering no-limit hold’em and pot-limit for Omaha players.

Tim Watts

Known as ‘TheTrooper97’ Tim Watts is a pioneer of poker vloggers.

He began broadcasting in 2012 and since then has developed onto releasing 4 videos per week, every week.

His content details his daily life as well as his Vegas poker journey.

Kristy Arnett

Arnett brings something entirely fresh to the table. She’s a former presenter for a well-known poker company but now plays professionally, vlogging her experience as she goes.

She started playing poker at the age of 19 and went pro in 2014. She’s got over 10k subscribers and her content is, without fail, unique and interesting.

Andrew Neeme

Andrew Neeme just joined the 100k subscriber club and is now one of the most well-known vloggers the industry has to offer.

He spends most of his time playing live poker in Las Vegas and vlogs his experiences. His poker journey is interesting to say the least and it’s won him fans all over. If you’re keen to see someone playing poker in a live environment then give Andrew a go.

He only vlogs once per a week so you’re not going to get swamped with content.

Johnnie Moreno

Aka ‘JohnnieVibes‘, Johnnie Moreno has been playing poker professionally for over ten years. He’s typically in Vegas or San Diego and creates content for his brand, DeepVibes.

His latest achievement was a 30 day challenge to play 150hrs of no-limit hold’em whilst vlogging about the whole thing.