Premier League Fantasy Football Tips

GW33 Tips

Dan Grant

With a massive double game week looming, it was only right for me to make use of my free hit. So here it is, my team for GW34:

Man Utd

de Gea
WBA (H), BOU (A)


BUR (A), SOU (H)


SOU (A), BUR (A)


SOU (A), BUR (A)


BUR (A), SOU (H)


BUR (A), SOU (H)

Man Utd

WBA (H), BOU (A)


MCI (H), BHA (A)


CRY (A), TOT (H)


MCI (H), BHA (A)

Man Utd

WBA (H), BOU (A)
In terms of my captaincy this week, I’m actually going to take a fairly big risk and captain David de Gea in the hope that United keep two clean sheets over the double game week period. I’ve also taken a decent risk in that literally none of my bench this week are regular starters for their clubs, so I’m going to need all of my starting 11 to play both games for this to really pay off.

GW32 Winner: 88 for David

David Dooley wins yet another game week and expands his lead at the top with a huge 88 points in a weekend that proved difficult for most. Players that were key to the success of his team include Schmeichel in goal with a massive 15 points, Aubemeyang picking up 26 from captain, Eriksen scoring 9 and Lukaku with 8.

The league table remains the same, however its almost I’m possible to think how anyone can catch David at this point.

GW32 Tips

Dan Grant

After a long break with international football, the premier league returns on Saturday, and with that comes another fantasy football game week. As I had a lot of money in the bank spare from GW31, I decided it would be a good time to take a -4 hit and bring in a couple of expensive players with good fixtures ready for the weekend.

The players that I went for are the Arsenal attacking duo of Pierre Emerick Aubameyang and Henrikh Mkhitaryan. Arsenal face Stoke at home this weekend, and as a slight risk I’ve opted to captain my new man Pierre. Hopefully this will pay off!

GW31 Winner: James’ Giant Weekend

An impressive 114 point weekend sees James Dooley soar above Elliot Preston into 2nd in the Boomtown league, helped predominantly by yet another massive performance by Mo Salah.

James captained Mo, which lead to a huge 58 points from the Liverpool attacker. His team also included Cenk Tosun, Mane, Firmino and Townsend who also had excellent games respectfully.

GW31 Tips

Dan Grant

In a week with only 4 fixtures in the premier league, I’ve decided to save my free hit and instead play a -8 this week in order to make 3 transfers for my team. The players I’m bringing in are Bournemouth’s Junior Stanislas, Huddersfield’s Aaron Mooy and Everton’s in form striker Cenk Tosun.

These transfers mean that I have a total of 9 players playing in GW31, a lot better than my previous 6. For my captain, whilst many will go for Mo Salah I’ve decided to take a gamble and go for Bobby Firmino, who hopefully will be banging them in against Watford on Saturday.

Elliot Preston

With the blank gameweek approaching, my early preparation has paid off with only a small -4 point hit being taken to field a full 11. My transfers this week will be Van Aanholt in for Mustafi, Mounie in for the injured Harry Kane and Butland in for Adrian. My team is looking solid and I have been able to save my free hit which means I still have every chip available to me as we approach the end of the season.

By having every chip, it puts me in a much better position than others in the league who are without triple captain and wildcard. My captain this week will obviously have to be Mo Salah. I was tempted by a differential such as Mounie or Firmino but it is just way too risky for the position I am in right now!

GW 30 Winner:

GW30 Tips

Elliot Preston

GW 29 was a very average week for me which saw James Dooley’s incredible 84 point haul place him only 10 points behind me! A total score of 42 points saw me match the average score for the week.

Otamendi and Mustafi saved my week by combining for a total of 20 points whereas the rest of my team only managed 21 points between 9 of them!

Dan Grant

For this weekend, I plan on just making the one change to take Son out and bring in Riyad Mahrez, as I feel like now that he’s settled back in at Leicester he should be amongst the goals against an under-performing West Brom on Saturday.

In terms of my captain, I think I go with the majority when I say that it’ll be Kane I captain for GW30. One of the only players from the top 4 that have an easy fixture, I think Spurs should do some damage when they face Bournemouth.

GW 29 Winner: James Dooley Narrowly Wins

In a tight GW, it was James Dooley that proved victorious with 63 points in GW 29. Dan Grant, who played his triple captain, finish 2nd only 2 points behind James, whilst the rest of the league were unable to break the 50 point mark.

James’ key players that helped him see success this week included Son, Alli, Lukaku, Vertonghen and Stephens.

GW29 Tips

Dan Grant

This week, my team goes into GW29 finally off of the bottom spot. Happy with my new position, my only tweak this week is to bring in Burnley goalkeeper Pope, who has a good run of fixtures and will replace Man City’s Ederson.

This frees me up some money in the bank to potentially bring in a big player in the coming weeks, but as of right now I have no plans to change anything massively.

Elliot Preston

I had a great gameweek 28 with the Liverpool double of Firmino and Salah combining for 28 points. My team in general did well with Dawson and Shaqiri both getting on the scoresheets.

I wont be looking to make a transfer this week however I will be monitoring the injury situation at City with Raheem Sterling potentially missing next game. If this is the case I will likely take him out the team!

GW 28 Winner: Presty Back to His best

Its Elliot Preston who comes out victorious in game week 28, securing a healthy 65 points to increase him gap from James Dooley in 3rd and close the gap on his brother David in 1st.

Stand out players for Elliot’s team this week consisted of Mo Salah with 20 points from captain, West Brom’s Dawson who finished on 7 at the back, and Bobby Firmino who gained a nice 8 up top. The rest of the league was very close this week, apart from Alan Semple who had a minor slip up with 39.

GW 28 Tips

Dan Grant

Nice and easy for GW28, as I’m bringing in Pascal Gross who has been in excellent form recently and plays Swansea at home. Despite Swansea’s recent good form, I can see Brighton getting a result here and Gross being involved in one or two goals.

Elliot Preston

I will be making two transfers this week which will both be free. Firstly with Liverpool’s unlikely postponement of any fixtures, Van Dijk will be joining the team in replace of Marcos Alonso who has a knock and has been off form as of late. This will further allow me to free up funds for Theo Walcott to replace Jesse Lingard who is back in rotation with the other United midfielders.

With the recent announcement of postponements in upcoming premier league weeks, Everton and Liverpool look like good teams to bring in. I will be captaining Mo Salah again this week after a massive 26 point haul as my captain last week!

GW27 Winner: David Dooley with Another One

105 points sees Mr. Dooley soar even further into the lead, with yet another fantastic GW under his belt. Overall, it was Sergio Aguero that helped him secure this massive tally, with a huge 42 points from captain. Having said that, players like  Firmino, Shaqiri, Firmino, Salah and Cresswell all scored him 10 or more points, so it was a great team performance all round.

Elsewhere in the league no positions changed, other than Dan Grant finally jumping off of the top spot and demoting Alan Semple to bottom of the table.

Gameweek 27 Tips

Dan Grant

Feeling a lot more confident about my team setup after last weekend, this week, I’m making the most of my two free transfers by bringing in two new faces to the side.

The players I’m taking out are the under-performing Choupo-Moting and Alonso, both being replaced with Bournemouth’s Jordan Ibe and Liverpool’s Virgil Van Dijk. For my captain this GW, I’m thinking going for Callum Wilson who face Huddersfield. There’s a chance I might change that last minute to Mo Salah who faces Stoke, but we’ll see..

Elliot Preston

I had a pretty average gameweek this week with a score of 50 points, beating the global average by 7 points. In the end, the decision to captain Kane over Salah proved to bee costly and cost me 11 points!

This week I wont be making any transfers and saving one free transfer after a -4 last week. My team is looking pretty solid and with Salah facing a struggling Southampton side he will be back in the lineup as captain this week!

GW26 Winner: Dan Grant Finally Back in Business

It’s been a very long time since Dan has won a gameweek, which really highlights the struggles of his team over the last few months. Thankfully for him though, his team are back in business.

Winning this gameweek with 56 points has closed his gap on Alan Semple to just one point, whilst applying a bit of pressure to James Dooley in 3rd. In reality, this GW success was largely due to captaining Mohammed Salah who scored Dan 30 points, and if Dan has another good one in GW27 he could well see himself regain that 4th place spot.

Liverpool star manMo Salah
Liverpool attacker Mo Salah

Gameweek 26 Tips

Dan Grant

Nice and simple for me this week, as I’m actually making 0 changes and sticking with my new look team going into GW26. Seeing as a did fairly well last week, I’m hoping sticking to this formula and moving the team around a bit should help things significantly.

In terms of my captain, it was a difficult choice but I’ve decided to go with Mo Salah. I can see Liverpool vs Tottenham being fairly high-scoring, so hopefully he’ll be involved in some of the goals this weekend!

Elliot Preston

GW25 was a pretty subtle gameweek in terms of big point hauls across the midweek games meaning that most players had to settle for an average gameweek. A score of 53 points saw me strike just above the overall average however we haven’t seen any winners or losers in the table this week.

After careful consideration of my recent poor form in the league, I have decided to take a minus 4 point hit on a defender which is usually a big no from me. However, after Masuaku’s recent 6 game ban and his price soon to drop it was a must and the suitable replacement in my eyes was Craig Dawson for West Brom. He is 100% nailed on for The Baggies and has a good run of upcoming fixtures. West Brom defenders are loved by FPL players as they are known for 0-0 draws and clean sheets! The other player I will bring in is Callum Wilson for Calvert Lewin up top to strengthen my offence as he plays a struggling Stoke side.

GW25 Winner: James Bounces Back

After a fairly difficult and close week for everybody, it was James that prevailed as the GW25 winner with a very decent 63 points to solidify his position in the middle of the table. Stand out players for James’ XI include Callum Wilson (12), Sergio Aguero (Captain, 12) and Sterling (10) which really helped add to his tally this week.

Elsewhere, struggling Dan Grant’s newly-formed team scored a respectable 46, three points more than 4th place Alan Semple. Elliot Preston scored the 2nd best in GW25 with 53, whilst top of the table David Dooley had a very minor slip up with 44.

Gameweek 25 Tips

Elliot Preston

I will be making a single change this week to avoid a -4 hit. Xherdan Shaqiri will be coming in for the injured Arnautovic as a straight swap and with his great run of upcoming fixtures and recent poor luck in front of goal, I am confident he will start finishing the chances he is getting. Shaqiri is definitely the star player from a mediocre Stocke side at the minute so I definitely see this as great value for money as he is only valued at 6 million!

Dan Grant

After dropping to bottom in GW24, I decided a big change was drastically needed. As I had a lot of injuries/suspensions across my team, I decided it was time to play my newly-acquired wildcard in an attempt to salvage my poor performances.

So without further adieu, my new an improved team looks like this:

Man City





























Hopefully, GW25 will prove a lot more successful than the last. Salah captain against Huddersfield should be a safe bet, so hopefully i’ll gain some points on Alan this week and push back up the table!

GW24 Winner: 89 Points sees Alan push to 4th

An excellent 89 point gameweek for Alan Semple drops Dan Grant into bottom of the Boomtown league, and pushes him into 4th. Two players were almost solely responsible for this excellent weekend; Hazard and Moses.

Hazard (C) provided Alan with a massive 32 points, whilst Moses’ start performance scored him 17 as a defender.

Gameweek 24 Tips

Elliot Preston

Gameweek 23 was a shocker for my team! A poor 59 points allowed the Dooley brothers to gain 30 points on me leaving a 97 gap between me and David at the top. Thankfully Harry Kane’s captaincy paid off as he returned a 26 point score and Salah with a nice 11 point haul. However, the decision to play 5 at the back really didn’t help as I expected but with little choice of formation I was not expecting a good gameweek.

This week I have made a couple of quick transfers for a -4 point hit to bring in the price-rising Arnautovic and Firmino. They both have a great run of upcoming fixtures so could easily both provide me with a great return!

Dan Grant

After a week that was much more like it from my team, I feel slightly less pressure regarding going bottom of the league as the gap is now at around 25 points. Despite this, James’ 91 point week means that I’m about 45 points off 3rd, so a lot of work is yet to be done.

For GW24, a -4 has been taken to Lukaku and Alli out in place of De Bruyne and Firmino (C). I’m hoping having a bit more firepower up top and keeping my high-performing West Ham midfielders should be enough to score me some decent points, whilst Everton’s Kenny comes in off the bench to face West Brom at home.

GW23 Winner: David is running away with it!

Getting bored of writing just how many good game weeks David Dooley is having. This week, the league leader expanded on his great form by scoring a gigantic 92 points,  his brother James coming oh so close to winning this week with 91. The impressive score sees David almost 100 points clear at the top, with James Dooley solidifying his place in the middle of the table.

Elsewhere in the table, Dan Grant scored a decent 79 to give himself a bit of breathing space from Alan Semple, who managed only 60 points in a high scoring GW. However it was Elliot Preston who managed the worst week in the league this week, scoring a total of 59. Elliot remains comfortably in 2nd place however going into GW24.

Gameweek 23 Tips

Elliot Preston

In gameweek 23, I am going to be looking to be making at least one transfer due to having 2 free transfers available. Alonso, Aguero, Jones and Lingard are all looking plausible options as I decide who is the best fit but with Gabriel Jesus out for a month, I think Aguero will definitely be making an appearance for the team. Jesse Lingard is also a really good option for his amazing 6.3 million price tag and his insane form.

I am looking to close the 60 point gap at the top and realise that won’t be very easy with David Dooley’s expertise. However, anything is possible in the second half of the season and with all of the chips still available and double gameweeks still to come, this is definitely doable. For this reason I am still keeping one eye on 3rd place as James Dooley is 100 points behind. So far I have had a decent season with 1230 points but nowhere near expectation as I aim for top 50,000 overall.

Dan Grant

I’m going to need a good GW23 to avoid going bottom of the Boomtown table and hopefully put some pressure back on those above me. For my tip this week, I’m going to be bringing in Jesse Lingard, a player who seems to be Manchester United’s top performing player as of late and is scoring for fun.

My captain will be Harry Kane vs Everton, as I really don’t fancy giving the role to Lukaku and would prefer to get him out of my team ASAP really. In fact, I may even end up taking a -4 hit and bringing in Aguero in his place, so stay tuned…


After a busy Christmas period of fixtures, we’re all back in the office and there’s a lot to catch up on. In total, 3 game weeks went by whilst we were away. In that time, the table really doesn’t look too much different other than James Dooley fighting his way off bottom to go 3rd after some very good GWs.

Despite James’ new position in the league, it’s not all gone well for him leading into GW23. One noticeable mistake of his from last weekend saw James use his Triple Captain on Harry Kane during Spurs and West Ham’s double fixtures. Unfortunately for James, Kane only played part of his first game and failed to score in either, only securing him a total of 9 points as his TC.

Harry Kane Struggles
Harry Kane Misfires on GW22

In other news, things are very tight at the bottom with only 4 point separating last place Alan Semple from Dan Grant. Things have tightened up slightly at the top too, but there’s still 60 points for Elliot Preston to gain on the high-flying David Dooley. Here are the standings going into GW23:

Boomtown Bingo Fantasy

Rank Team & Manager GW22 Points Total Points
1  same Boomtown bingo
David Dooley
55 1290
2  same Goal Diggers
Elliot Preston
50 1230
3  same PromoSEO
James Dooley
75 1137
4  same Dan’s Baguettes ⚽
Dan Grant
47 1100
5  same Winners are Grinners
Alan Semple
72 1094

Gameweek 19 Tips

Elliot Preston

Another average week for me with a score of 53 points means I continue in second place in the league. I keep matching the exact global average of FPL players which although might seem worrying, in the league, I have cemented my place in second. David Dooley had a scorcher of a gameweek with 76 points which pushes him miles ahead of me but the main time for points scoring comes after Christmas so I’m not worried in the slightest!

This week I have made 3 transfers which involve 2 free transfers. I have brought in Firmino, Masuaku and Sterling to replace the suspended Morata, off-form Naughton and David Silva who has started sitting further back for City recently. The main risk here is Morata as his suspension will only see him out for one game to return to a solid fixture at home to Brighton.

Dan Grant

Two decent weeks running sees me remain in 3rd place, however, Alan Semple’s brilliant 76 points (a whole 25 more than I managed) pushes him just 3 points behind me so I need to try my best to increase that gap this weekend.

Whilst I did have some standout performances in game week 18, my lack of depth hurt me as players scoring only 1 and 2 points came off the bench for me due to injuries. To rectify this, I’ve taken out Christian Atsu for Aaron Mooy who seems to be in good form as of late. In addition, I’m, back to taking -4 point hits and bringing in Arnautovic for Riyad Mahrez who faces United at home. Let’s see if these transfers will do the trick!

Additionally, my captain this week will be Kevin De Bruyne, who picked me up 10 points last week in his first game for my team. City face Bournemouth at home, and with KDB rested he should be ready for a potential goal fest at The Etihad this weekend.

GW18 Winners: 76 Points for Alan & David

Joint winners Alan Semple and David Dooley both scored a very impressive 76 points which sees David run away with the lead at the top and drops James Dooley to the bottom of the Boomtown. table. Dan and Elliot remain both 2nd and 3rd, both scoring 53 and 51 in a decent GW respectively.

Gameweek 18 Tips

Elliot Preston

City Backheel Goal
Silva scored a great backheel.

As I work on closing the gap at the top between me and David Dooley, a misjudged but reasonable decision to bench Ben Foster against Liverpool resulted in him missing out on a crucial 10 points in an overall low-scoring gameweek, allowing me to gain a few points on him! I know it won’t be easy taking the top spot from him but you never know what will happen in the second half of the season.

My week wasn’t great to be perfectly honest, An average 46 points saw me drop in overall rankings but in the Boomtown league, it actually wasn’t a bad gameweek at all. After the Dooley brothers both bottled it my week saw me move into a much safer position in the league with Dan trying to catch me up. David Silva was the main starlet of my week after an unbelievable 16 points from midfield. To be honest, before the past couple of weeks I was thinking about transferring him due to his constant blanks and dropping price but I’m so glad I kept faith in him.

Dan Grant

FINALLY. A good game week after a dark, dark month of fantasy football. After scoring the 2nd highest score in the league, I leapfrog James Dooley and go back into 3rd. Hopefully, this will set a nice platform to build on ahead of a busy set of Christmas time fixtures.

Now that i’m back in business, i’ll stick to my “no -4 hit” rule and make just the one transfer for this upcoming gameweek. The transfer is definitely just as risky as it is big, and involves taking out high flying Salah (who looks set for squad rotation) and bringing in the expensive but deadly Kevin De Bruyne.

We’ll see if this pricey move pays off, but as KDB didn’t play a full 90 in the week i’m thinking he’ll be slightly more rested and ready to go against Spurs over the weekend. My last big tip for the week: Bring in Riyad Mahrez. He’s done nothing but score or assist since iv’e brought him in, and he seems to really be finding his form in the league recently.

GW17 Winner: Semp-ly Brilliant

It was bottom of the table Alan Semple that took the league by storm this GW, picking up a nice 51 points to close the gap on falling James Dooley. Largely, it was his defence that really scored well for him. With bonus points shared out to 3 of his back 4, he scored 27 points for his defensive line alone!

In other news, Elliot Preston closes the gap on David Dooley at the top, whilst Dan Grant’s well-needed good score sees him overtakes James to go back to third with the 2nd highest score of the gameweek.

Gameweek 17 Tips

Elliot Preston

For gameweek 17, I have decided to take a 4 point hit on a defender. I would usually never do this but with Otamendi’s goalscoring form and Bournemouth’s awful upcoming fixtures, I had no choice but to get rid of Daniels for the City defender. Especially since Mustafi has recently been injured and may be rested on Wednesday! Calvert-Lewin also comes in to replace Callum Wilson who has failed to start ahead of on-form Jermain Defoe. My captain will once again be Harry Kane after his brace at the weekend. He is at home to a struggling Brighton side and this fixture stand out as the obvious captaincy choice so expect to see most people captaining Kane in your league!

Dan Grant

If I’m brutally honest, I probably wouldn’t take any gameweek tips from me until I prove I can actually have a decent GW again..

Another poor weekend in which I scored 38 points sees me drop to 4th in the table, very poor considering I was contesting for 2nd place just a few weeks ago. A bad decision to captain Morata saw me score only 4 points, whilst Salah (a player I was also debating captaining) picked up 11. Fairly sure that other than Mahrez, everyone got me about 1-2 points per player. Genuinely appalling.

The L has been taken
My team has been an endless envelope of Ls for weeks now..

This week, no more -4 hit as its really not helping things. Instead, I’m taking Callum Wilson out and bringing in Chris Wood as a straight swap who faces Stoke at home. I really, really, REALLY need a good game week for GW17, and I’m actually thankful that the fixtures are midweek. It saves me from the embarrassment of viewing my woeful team for another week.

Fair play to Elliot and the rest of the league that actually performed really well, it was only a matter of time in my current form that I’d slip down the table. If this was real life, there’d be an increasing pressure on me from the fans to sack me as manager. Thankfully, I have no fans, so business resumes as usual. Really could do with that confidence boost this week as we lead into a busy Christmas period of football.

It can only get better from here! (surely).

GW16 Winner: Preston’s Prestigious Boys

It was Elliot Preston’s excellent score that sees him top GW16 with an extremely impressive 67 points, a total that pushes him slightly closer to David Dooley at the top and really cements his position in 2nd. His main points scorer was Harry Kane getting 24 points as captain but with David Silva, Mo Salah, Long and Naughton all getting a haul this week, Elliot has managed to edge the total for points earned over this weekend!

Gameweek 16 Tips

David Dooley

Looking at 3 subs for GW16. Taking a 4 point hit but confident of extending my advantage and having this mini league wrapped up by Christmas. Making a lot of changes this GW and taking a lot of hits as a result. My subs include:

Out: Jesus, Welbeck and Bakayoko.

In: Wood, Firmino and Son.

Game on!

Elliot Preston

Alvaro Morata Celebrating
Morata scores yet again against a struggling Newcastle side.

This week I’ve managed to hit the overall average of 44 points. However, in the Boomtown league, this 44 points was seemingly great as Dan yet again managed to slip up with 32 points. David Dooley, on the other hand, had an insane gameweek with over 70 points!I need to get my act together if I want to take 1st place as we all know David doesn’t mess around with his top 300 finish last year. Hazard was the only mistake I made as I hesitated to make him captain with Harry Kane playing a Watford side who were fresh off a poor defensive performance against Manchester United last week.

For this week I have tripled up on my Chelsea players and brought in on-form Alvaro Morata. The Chelsea striker has a great run of fixtures and with him and Hazard in my team, I am guaranteed quite a few points from the Chelsea starlets!

Dan Grant

Back to back poor game weeks sees me remain in 3rd place, but the gap is steadily increasing from Elliot in 2nd and I need to look to rectify this soon. My choice to bring in Davinson Sanchez last week could not have backfired more if I tried, as his straight red cars really did not help me much last GW. Despite this, bringing Mahrez in was a decent decision with his early assist.

Cheers mate..

This week I’ve brought in Leicester’s Maguire for the suspended Sanchez, whilst Everton’s Kenny comes in to give me defensive depth. Captain wise, I’ve got a feeling Salah will perform well at Anfield in the derby so I’m taking the risk and going for him. Hoping and praying things improve from here!

Alan Semple

After my woeful start, I now have James Dooley in sight who I should be passing the wooden spoon ? to soon. Probably no subs for me this week as I want 2 for the next. Captain Hazard is on ? and will be captain again.

Hopefully, my good form can continue into the GW and I can carry on putting pressure on James and work my way off the bottom spot.

GW15 WINNER: The David Dooley Show

David has had quite the season so far, and it currently looks like his tips are the best to be taking as he stormed GW15 with a huge 72 points, 23 more than anyone in the Boomtown Bingo Fantasy Football league.

His decision to captain Eden Hazard paid off tremendously securing him a whopping 30 points from captain, whilst Otamendi’s goal saw the Argentine secure 11 points from CB. The standings for the table remain the same, however a good week from Alan Semple and poor ones from Dan Grant and James Dooley sees Alan closing the gap on James to only 8 points. Could we soon see both Dooley brothers on either side of the table?!

Gameweek 15 Tips

Dan Grant

I’m actually taking yet another -4 hit this weekend, and i’m hoping this is the last time for a while that I need to do this. For the games this weekend, the injured Phil Jones comes out for Davinson Sanchez of Spurs, whilst I also bring in Riyad Mahrez in place of the under-performing Dele Alli. One Spurs player out, one Spurs player in.

Hoping to continue my decent form of last GW and put the pressure back on Elliot for 2nd place!

GW 14 WINNERS: Victorious Duo Win Gameweek 14

It was Alan Semple and Elliot Preston who scored the most in a tight GW14, both scoring a very nice 52 points in a largely difficult and frustrating week of football for many. These frustrations stemmed mainly from a large number of high named players being rested ready for their weekend games, something we probably should have predicted really.

Regardless of certain players not playing, generally everyone had a solid GW14 other than a certain James Dooley who managed a small 30 points going into the 15th gameweek.

Gameweek 14 Tips

Elliot Preston

Gameweek 13 went exaclty how I said it would… perfect! Kane captaincy finally paid off as he secured 16 points against a struggling West Brom side and my team, in general, managed a solid score of 62 which obviously put me above Dan’s team (sorry friend). 2 out of my 4 defenders managed clean sheets this week which is something I am particuarly happy with considering they are the weak part of my team and usually fail to keep clean sheets!

Kyle Naughton Swansea
9 Points from Naughton this weekend

I am sticking with the plan of bring Eden Hazard in as my captain this week and also will be taking one of my first 4 point hits to bring in Arsenal defender Mustafi who has a great run of upcoming fixtures and should hopefully get a few clean sheets and maybe even a cheeky header.

Dan Grant

It would appear 13 is