Skrill Online Gaming Payment

What is Skrill?

Skrill (previously Moneybrookers) is a secure e-wallet which allows you to transfer funds quickly and safely when gambling online and also to send and receive money from friends and family as well. Skrill used to be called Moneybookers but changed the name in September 2011.

Skrill can be used to deposit and withdraw money on the following platforms:

How to Use Skrill

You have to sign up for an account with the company, then you’ll be required to verify that account using one of three methods: physical account verification, verification by credit card, and verification by bank account.

By simply logging in with your name and email, Skrill allows you to deposit money into your digital wallet. This means you do not have to constantly give out your bank details and therefore is not only faster but also much more secure

By verifying your account, you increase your transfer amount limit so that you are able to transact higher amounts. You achieve the highest amount limit if you verify all the three—credit card, physical address and bank account.

Skrill Payment Method

Skrill is a payment provider which you can use to pay via credit card, debit card, bank transfer or by using your Skrill eWallet account.

Main Features of Skrill

  1. Instant access
  2. Deposit, withdraw and transfer money safely
  3. Email and password protected
  4. High encryption to ensure safer payments
  5. Safe money storage
  6. Exclusive offers with certain online platforms
  7. Easy Access to winnings

Drawbacks to Consider

There are several methods you can use to transfer funds to your account but most of them will incur some kind of fee. This is something to be aware of when using payment methods such as Skrill Bingo, Casino, Slots and betting.

Sometimes you will be flagged by security and have to send various documents to prove your identity and banking information. This can be a pain but it’s something they have to do by law on Skrill casino sites to keep all users safe.

Skrill Moneybookers Websites

The style of every website is another fundamental ingredient that we search for because this helps to develop a more positive gaming experience to the user. We’ll evaluate a number of features on Skrill Moneybookers websites to help bring you our favourite ones.

Imaginative, bright, colourful slot sites get the most connection from visitors and players. Community activities and discussion is vital and so an energetic group and dedicated staff certainly are a must with the best Skrill bingo sites simply because this creates a happy atmosphere. An extensive gameplay selection with enough diversity to help keep gamers interested is important for better user engagement.

Some of the most popular games which offer diversity include things like 90 ball bingo, Eighty ball webpages or Seventy five balls online games will all be suitable for trying to keep online players interested. You can simply use your Skrill login to add funds to your account and start playing.

Each and every web-based hall that considers it is a contender for the title of “best bingo site from the UK” should not just offer many free video games and numerous reward possibilities to the gamers, but a game choice that surpasses the most popular versions such as 75 and 90-ball. Numerous discount features like Fluffy Favourites are available with some websites and software.

Skrill the Best for Currency Conversion

Other companies that can be used for site transactions are NETeller and PayPal, but when it comes to currency conversion, Skrill comes out the best. PayPal and NETeller are charged more for currency conversion, with the cost of conversion and border fees ranging from 2.9 to as high as 8.9%. Skrill users pay just 1.99%.

When it comes to transaction fees, Skrill charges 1.80 Euro for withdrawing cash, but PayPal comes out the best by offering free withdrawals. NETeller charges 7.5 Euro for withdrawing cash.

Skrill Review

Although Skrill does charge certain fees, online gamblers and gamers will benefit from the speed, safety and dedicated customer support that it offers. Skrill will take on more risk than other online payment methods such as Paypal and is known for its high level of security. A more detailed review of the Skrill payment processor can be found online and will provide information on the costs or transactions.

There is plenty of information in relation to Skrill including the different gambling platforms where it can be used to make online payments and to transfer money.