Gambling Software Companies

What is casino software? There are two things we’re referring to- the network developer of the entire website and the software that the particular game runs on.

Each slot, live game and site utilise a software provider. If you’re a regular punter, you may have noticed that many games are on various online casinos and bookmakers. That’s because there’s a limited amount of casino software companies. Each site uses a handful for their games.

You can enjoy rapid, seamless and enjoyable experiences when choosing a site that has the best software.

How to Choose the Right Gambling Software

There are many things you should take into consideration when making your decision. Picking a good software company increases your chances of selecting a trustworthy casino, bingo or slot site.

We have already listed many of the providers we believe to be reliable. But there are different facets to consider. You can read on to see the key features that we look out for, including HTML5, instant access and other technologies.

In addition to those features you can take a look at the game catalogue they provide. If you enjoy their games then a site that uses this particular software will have a list of thrilling slots, bingo and casino that you love.

Trust and Reputation

Find a trusty software, read up, research and you’re likely to find reputable online casino in the process. If a company uses the likes of Microgaming, then it means there’s lots of financial backing and more chance that they will be a legit site.

We extend on these points in the key features we expect. Be sure to look for mobile-friendly, fast and engaging software, likely to bring you the most exciting games on the market.

The World’s Best Casino Software Providers

Casinos showcase both virtual and live platforms. That’s why they incorporate a combination of different types of software.

Our favourite casino software providers are:


It’s one of the most recognised names in the industry. That’s for good reason, in 2014 they were part of 21 billion transactions. It’s fair to say that they are a well-established and trusted software that’s used across the biggest casino websites. Over 100 casinos use this provider.


A master of all trades, this favourite is a software that’s versatile. It has broken into all aspects of gaming, including sports, casino and slots. They make games in various categories and you can often find them at the big names.


If you’re aware of 888, then you’ll know of Dragonfish. They are owned and operated by 888, yet you will see them on some of the other big casinos and bookmakers online. Enjoy bingo, slots and casinos that all utilise this powerful engine.

Evolution Gaming

They’re renowned for offering live facilities. They strictly provide live games such as Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat. You will also find some innovative games with a twist, such as Dream Catcher. Lots of big casinos use this software for their live function.


One of our favourites due to the exciting nature of their slot games. Enjoy games such as Jurassic World and Game of Thrones. They also run and manage casino networks. There are plenty of online casino sites that use this network.

Other software worth noting includes IGT, Novamatic, WMS and Quickspin. Look out for all of the discussed software.

Best Bingo Software Providers

There are different factors that affect which software you should opt for. In bingo, you often have the opportunity to win big prizes. If you play a standalone game then it will give you more chance of winning, but the winnings will be smaller.

If you choose a software that has a network, then the same bingo game could be simultaneously running on other sites. The prize will be significantly bigger, but many other players will be trying to win the very same reward.

Our favourite bingo software providers are compatible with both desktop and mobile. It’s fast and ensures quality gaming on whatever device you use.

Plus, they all provide HTML5, meaning that you can access the bingo game from your web browser. This makes it mobile-compatible and easy to use.

Key Features to Look Out For

This article has already outlined some of the key features that you should be looking for. Check out software providers offering mobile sites, quality games, reliable software and more.

What should you look for?

  • Graphics– When playing a bingo, casino or slot game, the first thing we notice is the graphics. Check out software that ensures a crisp graphic to keep you engaged throughout.
  • Quality– Quality encompasses numerous facets. This should be a slot or game that’s easy to navigate and understand, plus it’s fast and offers a fun theme.
  • Gameplay– Again, this is about the theme and features. There should be some interesting bonus features available. You will also want reputable software that always offer fast-running games.
  • Promotions– The promotions aren’t always down to the network. In fact, hardly ever- but you can find a site with good software and generous promotions. Some big software combine their jackpots throughout the networked sites.
  • Security– Always opt for a trusty software provider and well-known casino or bookmaker website. We have reviews on many sites, check them before registering.
  • Mobile-Friendly– We expect the software to be mobile-friendly. Use iOS or Android apps. It’s also possible to enjoy them through your web browser, thanks to the use of HTML5. It automatically converts the desktop version.

Types of Games to Play

There are particular technology companies that offer one type of game such as live or slots, whereas others dip their toes into all types. We have taken a look at the different categories that are available to you.

Types of games you can play, include:

  • Live- Live games such as Blackjack, Roulette and Poker are all casino games. Technology such as Evolution Gaming specialise in these types of games.
  • Virtual- Virtual games include sports. There’s virtual horse racing, virtual football and more. They take lots of innovation to create the complex games.
  • Instant- Instant games are similar to scratch cards. Enjoy online scratch cards.
  • Slots- We have listed the best online slot software providers. There are many brands that create slot games. Enjoy all the most popular and classic games.
  • Bingo- Bingo is growing and is now available on numerous online platforms. Find the best bingo games to play from your computer, tablet or phone.
  • Casino- As well as live games, you can also enjoy other casino games. Virtual blackjack, roulette and fruit machines are available on many of the casino categories.

How Does Online Casino Software Work?

It’s now possible to embrace online casinos without the need to download the games. This is due to software that connects the provider and user. You can easily enjoy the casino games and slots without worrying about interruption.

It’s important to pick the right software because they’re in charge of the security. Stay safe as you punt, using the best software for casinos.

Live Dealer Gambling Software

Evolution Gaming are one of few that provide bespoke live games. This includes dealer games such as Blackjack and more. They concentrate solely on live games but other already mentioned software such as NetEnt and Playtech.

What Makes a Good Casino Software?

Look out for the key features such as graphics, seamless gameplay and security. We like to find software providers that not only offer high-quality games that are easy to use, but also ensure utmost security.

It’s hard for a customer to be able to gauge what software is secure. But if you look towards the reviews and best gambling sites, they all use many of the mentioned software brands on this page.

  • Speed– A fast game that doesn’t take long to load. It’s no good having a slot or casino game that takes time in-between each spin or round. Find a fast-acting software.
  • Reliability– We want zero downtime. Once we’re playing it’s important that the software’s reliable. If for any reason the game is switched off, then you will be happy to know that none of your progress is lost. It will load up and you can continue as you were.
  • Trustworthy– Secure and well-known brands are the best. If you’re willing to give a newcomer a chance, then be sure to first do your research. We’ve highlighted our favourite software on this page.
  • Easy to Use– What’s the point in playing if you can’t work the game? Games should be simple to use, for both experienced and new players. If you’ve never played Blackjack, Slots, Roulette or Virtual games, then do not panic, you can easily make the most of all the games that are available.

All Gambling Software Developers

Here is the list of gambling software companies:


What makes a good casino software? Secure, fast and easy to use. You can find the best casino software brands right here. If you’re fishing for some captivating promotions, then search the many websites that use these software companies.