How to Take Advantage of Slot Volatility and RTP

If you’ve ever researched an online slot review then you’ll no doubt have heard of volatility, variance and RTP. To a novice gambler, these might seem dull or intimidating, but they’re actually super important. All in all, these terms refer to how a slot game performs. Furthermore, they prescribe how much and how often a player stands to win whilst playing the game.

Learning how RTP and volatility engage in a slot game allows the player the knowledge of what kind of slots to play. RTP and variance illustrate how far the player’s bankroll will stretch whilst forming the gameplay a single player might expect.

In this article, you’ll be guided through an explanation of what exactly volatility and RTP are. It’ll also tell you how players use this information to pick a slot that best reflects their play style.

What Is Volatility in a Slot Game?

In the most simple of terms, volatility and variance ascertain the risk in a slot game. Slot games are categorised as being either low, medium or high variance. The lower variance slot game is much less risky than a high one. A high variance slot game has an increased risk of losing the bet.

Of course, there’s a catch. If there wasn’t, no one ever would play the high volatility slot games. A high variance has equal chances of risk to reward. You’re more likely to lose your money on a high-risk slot, sure, but equally, you’re in with a chance of winning bigger than on any other game too. It’s not so clear to all players which game will best suit them. It all depends on the kind of thrill you’re seeking!

What Are the Best Volatility Slots?

Defining RTP and How It Interacts with Volatility

RTP, known as Return to Player, prescribes the total of wagered money that gets returned to the player as win amounts. The range for slots, on average, is between 94-98%. In real terms, this means if you wager £100, you should see a return of between £94-98 respectively. Generally, the higher RTP, the more chances of keeping your bankroll at a similar level.

Volatility lets a player decide how much they’ll be left with at the end of their session. Variance comes in here. Variance manifests the amount a slot varies from a theoretical RTP in a single session.

For example, let’s consider a slot game with a low variance an average RTP of 95%. The slot payout will be small, frequent wins. So a £10 bankroll would easily reach £15 toward the end of the session, making the RTP 150%.

Furthermore, players opting for high variance games enjoy their gambling experience with significantly higher highs and lower lows. A high variance with 95% RTP slot game could potentially payout zero during the first fifteen spins, but might award a win of over a thousand times the first bet after 100 spins. That works out, on balance, as an RTP of 333%, which is a huge step upward of the initial 95%.

Generally speaking, high variance slot games have lower RTP levels than lower volatility slot games. This is typical because it’s more profitable for the casino operator in the long run. Loyal and frequent players can win huge amounts if they adopt a little patience and have enough bankroll to see them through to the big win.

Choose Slots with the Biggest RTP

Knowing What the Best Slot Type Is for You

Players of casino games vary greatly and one person’s style of playing might not be the same as another. For example, it’s common for people to have a modest bankroll. They, as a result of this, would have a goal of maximising their player for as long as they can whilst minimising loss. This group of people tend to be casual players, simply enjoying the thrill of the games rather than hunting the big win.

These players prefer low variance slots. They’re perfect for each other. These types of game let the player sustain their conservative bankroll in the long run. This is because of the small, recurring wins that top up their coins. Whilst playing this kind of game, it’s not likely that a player will go 5 spins without getting some kind of winning combo. The jackpots on the low variances slot games are usually small.

Other players are more excited to bet larger amounts in the hunt for significant wins. These people are often referred to as high rollers. They’re the ones with the bigger gambling budget and are usually most concerned with an adrenaline rush of a big win.

Slot games with high volatility burn through a player’s bankroll rapidly. But, they can punch out huge wins which balance out the risk of the potential loss for the high rollers.

Last but by no means least, the less common but just as important middleman of medium variance slot games offer an ‘on the fench’ scenario for those who can’t choose either way. In this version, wins are bigger than the low variance slot games and happen more frequently than during the high variance slot games. Players with an average budget and lesser appetite for risk will enjoy these games. Luckily many game operators have developed a lot of slots that fit this category, so the choice is plentiful.

The medium variance slot game is really quite popular. There’s a huge following of medium variance games due to the size of the selection of games. NetEnt are a well-known provider of many medium variance games.

How to Make the Most from Variance and RTP

Now you’ve learned about how RTP and variance are connected and how they both impact gameplay, it’s time to put your new education to use. What’s about to follow are a few solid tips toward developing a strategy to use when deciding on and then playing the slot game to suit your style the best.

Know the Game Limits

If you’ve chosen a low variance slot game in the hope of winning a big payout, you’re going to be very disappointed. Don’t continue playing game after game waiting for the big payout this isn’t ever going to come.

Equally, avoid going on a gambling session on high variance slots alone wishing for a rapid bankroll boost. Slot types are specifically engineered for different player styles and budgets. By outlining the different types and what these slots offer you’ll be equipped with the knowledge to make the right call for yourself.

Optimise Free Play

Free play can be a great learning tool for experimentation and finding your preferred strategy. Some slot games are categorised as low-medium or maybe medium0high and that means picking how you want to play can get complicated.

Trying the slot on a few free spins in a demo mode will help you find out what strategy works best for you.

Create and Stick to Your Budget

Truth be told, this is solid gold advice for any casino game out there. Devising and sticking without fluctuation to a budget ensures you will not go over the amount you intended to play with. It’s easy to be swept up when you’re chasing that big jackpot in your focus.

Players must remember that the RTP of a slot is and will never be 100%. The longer you play for without winning the more you’ll lose. Knowing when it’s time to stop is a hard-earned skill.

Final Thoughts

Volatility and RTP are really important factors that impact how your slot game will pay out. Naturally, they’re not the sole defining traits to remember; think bonuses, visual appeal and production value). Variance and RTP allow great insight into the size and recurrence rate of wins a player can expect, which is hugely beneficial.

Not one single gambler plays with the intention of losing money but it’s an inevitability. A firm grasp of what RTP and variance are should arm readers in the battle to balance the thrill element with the influence on their bankroll.