The Fates Slot Machine

Will you be brave enough to tempt the Fates?

The Fates Slots is a 5-reel video slot game with 27 paylines and a Greek myth theme. Powered by IGT, this high variance casino game has an RTP value of 92%. The bonus features include Fates Wild, Bonus Scatters, Free Spins, Lucky Spot Bonus, Lucky Spot Wild Reels, and some Multipliers.

Learn how to create a positive destiny and possibly more in this Fates Slot Review.

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About The Fates Slot Game

The Fates Slot is an online slot game that was developed and released by IGT. It has five reels with each reel being able to hold up to three symbol lines. The slot game has 27 ways to win for its players

Work with the fates to make your future with the reels more favourable. The Fates Slot game is inspired by the three goddesses from Greek mythology. From the myths, the Fates are the ones who assign destinies to all mortals at birth.

The Fates Slot has a mystic blue background that looks like a clump of blue nebula clouds floating across the galaxy. The reels have an elegant purple border with soft arches and angular corners. The game logo sits on the lower-left corner of the screen.

The control panel of the Fates Slot game is at the bottom of the screen. All the important controls and necessary information to play the game are on the panel. The control buttons for the Total Bet are on the left side of the panel while the monitor for the players current balance is on the right side of the panel.

The round spin button for the game is at the lower-right corner of the screen. The autoplay button sits beside it.

Slot Info

The Fates SlotsAttributes

Casino Game:

The Fates Slot Game


27 line slot games


5 reels games 


IGT slot manufacturer

Minimum Bet:


Max Bet:



High Volatility Slots



Slot Theme: 

Mythology, Greek Myth

Bonus Features:

Fates Wild, Bonus Scatters, Free Spins, Lucky Spot Bonus, Lucky Spot Wild Reels, Multipliers

Max Win:


Free Spins:


How to Play The Fates Slot Online

Before a patron can start playing a game, there are several aspects of the game that they can customize. This is the Total Bet. Follow the steps in this review to play the game more efficiently.

  • The first step in the game is the adjust the Total Bet. Using the associated control buttons on the panel to personalize the Total Bet based on your preference and your budget. The arrow buttons on the panel increase or decrease the amount placed as a bet for one round.
  • After adjusting the Total Bet, start turning the reels by clicking on the round Spin button.

The Fates Slot was designed to be playable on any screen size. It can be played on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets with either Android or Apple operating services. The slot game can also be played on bigger screens like desktop computers and laptops.

Interactive Features

There are many interactive features that the Fates Slot game offers. Use the information in this review to play the game and gain the favour of the Fates.

The Fates Slot Symbols

The different symbols in the Fates Slot game are designed to be visually cohesive with the other elements of the game. The low paying Fates Slot symbols are the high icons from a traditional playing card.

The high paying symbols in the Fates Slot are orbs with different colours. This includes the green orb, the blu orb, the purple orb, and the red orb. These orbs have different pays based on the combination that lands on the reels.

  • Green Orb – landing three green orbs pays 20, landing four green orbs pays 80, landing five green orbs pays 200
  • Blue Orb – landing three blue orbs pays 30, landing four blue orbs pays 100, landing five blue orbs pays 400
  • Purple Orb – landing three purple orbs pays 40, landing four purple orbs pays 150, landing five purple orbs pays 600
  • Red Orb – landing red orbs pays 50, landing four red orbs pays 200, landing five red orbs pays 1000

The Fates Slot Wild

The wild symbol in the game is the tile with the word Wild. The Fates Slot Wild can take the place of other symbols in the reels to complete more winning combinations. The wild symbol also pays on its own.

  • Fates Wild – landing Fates Wild pays 60, landing four Fates Wild pays 300, landing five Fates Wild pays 2000

The fiery orb with the golden border is also a wild symbol. This wild symbol only appears on the third reel.

The Lucky Spot

In the Lucky Spot feature, when the fiery orb lands on the third reel, the player can touch and drag the Lucky Spot border to any symbol on the third reel. If a fiery orb symbol appears where the Lucky Spot is, that orb is captured. Capturing an orb transforms all the symbols on the third reel into a Wild and awards 1 more additional feature.

Lucky Spot Wild Reel

In the Wild Reel feature, the first, second, third, and fourth reels becoming extra expanding wilds. All the 15 tiles on the reels are filled with wilds. The player can win a blackout pay with up to 15,000x multiplier jackpot.

Lucky Spot Multiplier

In the Lucky Spot Multiplier feature, the player receives a multiplier that ranges from 2x up to 10x. The awarded multiplier is applied to all wins during the spin.

The Fates Slot Autoplay

The Fates Slot players can spin the reels automatically for several rounds using the Autoplay option. This allows the players to win from the game conveniently without any interruption.

What Symbol Triggers The Fates Slot Bonus Free Spins?

The Fates Slot has a free spins round that helps the players win more from the game. It helps the players bring home jackpots without spending extra.

The Fates Slot Scatter Symbol

The scatter symbol in the game is the symbol with the word Bonus. Landing three bonus scatter symbols anywhere on the reels in a single spin triggers the Fates free games.

The Fates Slot Free Spins

Before the free spins round starts, the player places the Lucky Spot on the reels. The Free spin feature cannot be retriggered.

Paylines and Stakes

The blackout pay with a 15,000x multiplier is the greatest prize for those blessed by these gods. However, landing any wild wins in addition to the emblem payouts would be a grand reward for those who are already working their way up the ranks and earning their confidence. About the fact that the fates have nothing to do with coins, they do reward win multipliers.

During a single spin, the wild will appear anywhere from three to five times on the reels. When this occurs, players will get multipliers ranging from 30x to 1,000x.

The high-value markers, on the other hand, are made up of various coloured gems. There are diamonds in the colours red, purple, blue, and grey. These can provide players with multipliers ranging from 10x to 500x.

The Fates Slot Game Software

The Fates Slot is a video slot game that was made possible by IGT Software. 

IGT software is a technology company that is well-known for offering a variety of gaming options to gamers across all platforms and demographics. Anything from game consoles to mobile gaming is included in this category. Their premium content is designed to provide players with cutting-edge technologies and in-depth customer intelligence.

What is The Fates Slot’s RTP?

The Fates slot is a non-progressive slot game that has an RTP of 92%. 

This rate is a great estimate of the returns offered by the Fates Slot game. It informs players that for every pound placed as a bet, the players can expect to win back at least 92 cents.

What is the Fates Slot Volatility

The Fates Slot is a medium to high variance game.

A medium to high variance range game means that average wins are more often awarded in the game. Playing the Fates Slot longer means having more chances to win bigger jackpots.


IGT Software is a technology firm noted for providing a wide range of gaming experiences to players of all ages and demographics. This range includes everything from game machines to smartphone games. Their premium content is planned to give players access to cutting-edge technology as well as in-depth customer intelligence. All in all, the Fates Slot is a great game to play.

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