The Top Poker Pro Training Sites

There is no doubt about it, playing poker takes a lot of practice and time to perfect. Many people think that it takes years to build up the skill required to play professionally, though we are here to change that way of thinking by showing you the best sites available for training.

Poker has been around since 1829, making it one of the oldest gambling games around today.

In the older years, many people relied on books or magazines to teach them new tips and tricks on how to play. In recent years, however, the majority of people come to the internet to look for the newest tricks and strategies. There are now a huge number of websites dedicated to providing people with the latest poker guides and training. The introduction of the Internet has also opened up a new world for gamblers, it brought gambling websites, meaning people can now play poker virtually using real money bets from the comfort of their home.

We are here to list the best-rated poker guide and tip websites. Below there will be a list of what each website has to offer and how they could help you improve. These websites are for people that want to play poker on a professional level and go into great detail of all the strategies required to be successful.

Advanced Poker Training

Now if you are looking for a professional site that can improve your skill then APT is definitely one you’ll have to check out. It has been around since 2007 after being started by 2 brothers, Steve and Allen Blay. After over 12 years of experience, this site has everything you need to increase your knowledge.

The main aspect of APT is their Poker Training Game. This game allows the player to go head to head against experienced online bots using real cash bets. You can play many different modes against the bot, such as Heads-up, Full ring and six-max. If you are up for a challenge, the Poker Training Game also offers a range of tournaments that you can take place in. You also have the option to take part in “live” tournaments against other members of APT.

APT gives users the chance to play something called “Beat the Pro”. This is a game which gets the user to pick a hand after watching a video of a set topic, the hand will be played against an online bot and played back to you. While being played back, you will be given advice from pro poker players such as Lauren Kling, Scotty Nguyen, Scott Clements, Mike Caro and Jonathan Little, telling you how they personally would have played it.
There are many tutorial videos on offer also, even ones which involve champion players. As well as Poker forums, Blogs and tools you can download to your mobile devices that will help you increase your skills.

If this sounds like the site you would like to join, then you can do so for free. A free membership gives you access to the basic games and training, though you have the option of paying $39.97 per month for full access or $19.97 per month if you would want to pay for a years subscription upfront.

Upswing Poker

Opened in 2015, Upswing poker is a more recently opened training site. However, don’t let that turn you away as they have a lot to offer.

Like many sites mentioned, they have a number of tools available such as a Master Tournament Class, Advanced Poker Training and an Advanced Heads-Up Mastery course.

A unique part of Upswing Poker is that they give you 8 free “preflop raise charts”, this helps to increase your strategic plays and starter hand picks. You are also given 20 rules to use when playing flush draws and 20 rules for three-bet pots, a must have for anybody looking to play poker professionally.

It is worth noting that there is the option of paying a small $7 fee in order to access something called the “Postflop Game Plan”, this shows you how to correctly categorize your card hand through the use of informational videos, as this will help you incredibly.
Upswing Poker is quite a pricey site to use, though for those looking to get the most out of a site this is definitely worth it in the long run!

For the price of $49 per month along with a one-time fee of $99, you have access to the sites exclusive “Upswing Poker Lab”. The Poker Lab is a library full of informational videos and learning tools, as well this, subscribing gives you access to their private Facebook group where any questions can be answered by other members.

If you want to get the most out of the site however, you will have to dig deep as they offer courses that range in price from $299 to $999 each as a one-off fee. These courses include things such as a “Tournament Master Class” and an “Advanced Heads-up Mastery” course, led by Andres Artinano.

Run It Once

Run It Once was opened in 2012 by Phil Galfond. Access to the site is free for users that create an account, doing so lets you into the site’s forum which focuses on all aspects of poker, from guides to theories and general information from other users. You also have the choice of watching 3 free Elite Videos on sign-up.

The site has a large number of Pro players that have created informational videos available to members, these include the likes of Stephen Chidwick, Jennifer Shahade, Christopher Kruk, Ben Sulsky and Ola Amundsgard.
Run It Once offers the chance for users to subscribe for access to more information and tools. For the price of $24.99 per month, you are given 5 new Essential Videos per week and gain access to the Video Library that contains over 1,500 videos. You also have the more pricey option of $99.99 per month which provides you with 9 new Elite Videos per week and access to the Video Library but with up to 2400 videos.

Red Chip Poker

Christian Soto, James Sweeney, Ed Miller and Doug Hull are all poker coaches and pros that decided to launch Red Chip Poker in 2013. RCP gives players access to many useful tools such as informational videos and tips.
RCP offers limited tools and articles to people at no charge on sign up, this gives players a chance of checking out content before deciding if the site is for them.

To get the most out of RCP you will need to sign up to their Pro Membership plan, this will set you back $50 a month along with the option of a 7-day free trial. When on the Pro plan, you will be able to access brand new content weekly.

If you want to pay a little less but still get great content, then you have the option of purchasing access to the sites Crash Courses or Core poker course for the price of $39.95 each. Alongside this purchase, you will gain access to articles, videos and podcasts all of which will help to improve your poker knowledge.

The CORE course is aimed at people that want to access all the information they need at a minimum price point. The CORE course is said to have over 75 hours of content. Each lesson involves interactive ways of learning such as getting the players to complete a quiz and watching video exercises, completing these often rewards players with achievement badges. Once purchased, you have access to multiple lessons (100+) which include the most basic knowledge such as placing a bet and the odds, to things more complex such as multi-street planning.

RCP Crash courses involve 2 types of games, Tournaments and low-stake games. This is a great option if you only need information on these variations of poker and do not want to spend much money.

Tournament Poker Edge

Now if you want to solely focus on multi-table tournament games then this is the site for you. TPE opened in 2012 and is a site dedicated to just that, making it a gold mine for people looking for training and information on multi-table tournaments.

The site offers a free trial for new sign-ups, however, you are able to subscribe for the price of $299.95 per year, $99.95 quarterly or $39.95 a month.

On becoming a member you are granted access to the exclusive forums, blogs by pros and strategic articles. There are also over 1000 videos on offer, with around 4 new videos being produced every week.

The site also has its own virtual “Tournament Poker Edge University”, where players can listen to podcasts, watch training videos and take part in quizzes to help improve their gameplay.

There is a list of pro poker players involved in the site, at least 30! These include the likes of Jamie Kerrstetter, Collin Moshman, Mike Leah and Casey Jarzabek.