Thousand Island Slots

Visit the beautiful islands of this classic slot machine. It is reminiscent of an online fruit machine and comes with some striking graphics.

Thousand Island Slots is a 3-reel video slot game with 1 payline and a classic theme. Powered by Microgaming, this medium variance casino game has an RTP value of 95.58% and boasts a maximum win of £1,600. Get this using the 1,000 Wilds bonus feature or use the classic cherries, BAR, and 7s symbols. 

We take a look at the game in detail, read our Thousand Island Slot Review and discover the features of this game in September 2021.

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About Thousand Islands Slot

The Thousand Islands Slot is like going down memory lane to the old Vegas Casino. With its mellow design, a traditional three-reel feature that has simple rules. It offers an easy and convenient game.

Its simplicity and fresh appearance have one pay line and three reels with the largest win 1,600 coins.

With its brown themed relaxing background, this classic slot machine is designed for you to be at ease with the game. This is for players who don’t want to play with flashy graphics but want to enjoy a classic game on a slot machine.

Slot Info

Thousand Island SlotsAttributes

Casino Game:

Thousand Island Slot Game


1 payline slot 


3 reel slot 


Microgaming slot software 

Minimum Bet:


Max Bet:



Medium Volatility Slots



Slot Theme: 


Bonus Features:

1,000 Wilds

Max Win:


Free Spins:


Release Date:

November 1999

How to Play Thousand Islands Slot

With its basic set of rules and a defined command bar on the bottom of the screen, anyone can play this game. Even beginners won’t have trouble playing the Thousand Islands slot game.

Thousand Islands slot has one fixed pay lines and three reels. For the player to win prizes or cash, the player must have a winning symbol combination in the specific pay line. It can also have a quadruple multiplier. You can start the game by betting 0.25 to 5.

Below the reel, you can find the command bar, by clicking on it you can adjust your wager. You can also decide on how much you will bet on your next spin.

A part of the screen will light up to let you see what rewards you might win during the game. For the player to set the reels in motion, the player must click the spin button. The bet max can help you go all-in by adding to your potential rewards on your next round.

There is an auto-play mode that can be switched on. This will keep the reels spinning on its own until you make it stop. The same bet will be placed. This gives the player a mix of thrill, fun, and relaxation while achieving that winning bet.

Paylines and Stakes

The coin size ranges from 0.25 – 5 coins, whereas the least coins per line are one while the greatest is 2.

A single bar, double bar, and triple bar are available on this slot machine but have different prizes. You can earn up to 100x the wager of your two coin bet.

The cherries can mix with other icons on the pay line and you can still win a prize. This means you can combine the cherry with two of the same or two different symbols.

To land the grand prize, you need to bet two coins (which is the most you can bet) with the most coin value. But your potential cash reward may decrease if you fail.

If you bet two coins when three symbols of the same type appear on the pay line, it will increase the payout.

What Symbol Triggers the Thousand Island Bonus Free Spins?

The Thousand Islands Slots neither has a scatter nor free spins.

But don’t get dismayed, because the game is still exciting with its Wild symbol. This symbol will help you get that 8000 jackpot prize.

Sail away to explore the treasures of the Thousand Islands Slot. May you find the illicit treasures and win big in your journey towards the three bars!

Interactive Features

The easy to recognise payable, that is familiar to many of the players, is one of the best features of the game. Thousand Islands Slot also has a classic reel icon to complete this classic look. This allows any player who has little experience in slot games, a better understanding of how the game is played.

The symbols of this game are Cherries, Seven, 1000, and a BAR. A wild symbol is being represented by “1000.” The wild icon will replace other symbols. There is a chance to double or triple the payouts during the substituting.

The cherry symbol is the lowest. It pays 2-40 coins while the seven and bars give a higher payout with 3 to 200 coins.

Bars can form mixed combinations but the player has to take note that “1000” gives the slot’s jackpot if you land three icons on the same pay line.

Thousand Islands Slot Graphics Design

With its brown laid back design, the graphics give a vibe of peaceful exploration. One of the eye-catching features of the design is the beautiful ship that sails towards the land. While the reels and pay table cover some part of the landscape.

Thousand Islands Slot gives a relaxing scenery of nature while setting us up on an adventure. As thrilling as the game may be, the soundtrack provides the player with a sense of “I am excited to get that treasure.”

It has an attractive visual, and the calligraphy adds another nice touch as the players set it to bet. The player can play at ease as they aim to win the jackpot prize, as there are no pirates insight to steal your loot.

Thousand Islands Slot Software

Thousand Island Slot is powered by Microgaming.

The developer, Microgaming has always enhanced its unique casino games since 1994. One of which is the Thousand Islands. It is a classic online slot machine following the theme of maritime exploration.

Developed on November 15, 1999, but still, up to now, it continues to give excitement and fun to its players.

Thousand Islands Slot RTP Review

Thousand Islands Slot has a 95.58% Return To Player.

This rate indicates an excellent online slot machine, the average RTP is 95%. Any slot machine that exceeds it gets our vote.

The 95.58% means that if you play 100 spins, you will win on over 95 of them. This is in theory and depends on the day as the game is randomised but this gives you an idea of how likely it is to payout per spin.

Slot Volatility

Thousand Island video slot is of medium level volatility. 

This means that the slot machine is medium variance, allowing frequent wins. Not only that, there are tasty wins available too with some big jackpots and high paying symbols.

Thousand Islands Slot on Mobile Phone

Thousand Islands Slot has the classic vibe of a slot machine. With the bonus of enjoying the game on the go any place you like. There is an application available for free for your mobile phone or tablet.

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