3 Card Poker Winning Hands

Before you really get stuck into table games at online casinos, it is always worth brushing up on how to play and, more importantly, how to win.

There are many 3 card poker winning hands you’ll likely need to make yourself aware of, meaning that before you start casting any money onto the table, it will be a good idea to bear in mind a few of the more lucrative winning hands.

Straight Poker Winning HandsPlenty of online casinos and gaming tables will alert you when you receive a winning hand which you may wish to play to your advantage – but it’s always good practice to have a good handle on the game before you really get into things.

In this particular game, the rules of poker are turned on their head slightly.  This, obviously, is because you are only given three cards at a time to play with, meaning that the game is altogether quicker and perhaps even more intense.

In the event of you playing three card brag live, you will be able to play opposite a genuine dealer, meaning that you are playing against the house in a whole new way.  Live games help to make things feel that little more authentic.

In any case, it’s time to take a look at some of the more common hands and winning deals you may wish to stick with when it comes to three card brag.

Straight Flush 3 Card Poker

Straight flush 3 card poker hands are amongst the most interesting.  This winning hand occurs when you are able to draw up to three cards of the exact same suit in sequence.  Therefore, claiming a 3, 4 and 5 of clubs will grant you a straight flush.

As getting this sequence from a random deal can be extremely rare, the rewards may be lucrative.  If you ever manage to get a straight flush – not just a common one – the ball is well and truly in your court, and it may be time to ramp up that play bet.

Other types of winning hand that come into play alongside the straight flush include:

  • A pair – where you can claim a winning hand simply by having two cards of the same ranking present. Therefore, if you have a 7 of hearts and a 7 of spades present, you’ve won on a pair.
  • A flush – perhaps not worth as much in three card as it is in the standard game, you simply need to have three cards of the same suit to hand in your draw to get this win condition. Therefore, a King, a Jack and a nine of diamonds, for example, would easily suffice.
  • A straight – once again, straights are considered more valuable than flushes in this twist on poker. You need to have three cards in sequence – any suit – to win under this condition.  Got a 2, a 3 and a 4?  The win is yours.  However, as discussed, a straight flush is particularly lucrative.

Three of a Kind Poker

Three of a kind poker hands follow on from pairs in that you add an extra card into the mix.  Lucky enough to get three Kings or Queens?  Even 2s or 3s – if you have three cards of the same rank in your hand, it’s classed as a three of a kind win.

It is one of many 3 card poker winning hands which are, on paper, fairly rare – but plenty of people have claimed back big wins as a result.  It isn’t even the most valuable win on the block – but if it comes up, you may want to play that hand all the way to the bank.  But can you outsmart the dealer?

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Straight Poker Winning HandsThree Card Winning Hands

Straight poker winning hands are amongst the most valuable in this version of the game as you only have a limited number of cards to work with.

Getting three cards in sequence is a fantastic way to claim back a win, and while it may seem fairly easy to claim a 2, a 3 and a 4, you are always going to be on the receiving end of a random draw.

All of the sites and casinos we list here are verified as being fair and are authorised by relevant gambling authorities.  Therefore, you can rest easy that each and every draw is going to be random.

At the same time, however, it does make sense to really monopolise on a straight if it arises.

Flush Poker

Flush poker is always a little different as it can mean that you win on the back of three cards coming under the same suit.  With only four different suits available, you are already guaranteed to get two cards in the same suit by way of simple mathematics.

With this in mind, you won’t expect to get much more back for a flush in this game than you will for a straight.  An even simpler way to win, arguably, is by having a High Card – a Jack, a Queen or a King – though many players may not wish to play out on this.

Two Pair Poker

Two pair poker extends to games beyond the three card game, but it’s worth bearing in mind how important pairs are in the game in general.

Pairs are just as worthy of playing as flushes in the three card standard, and are amongst some of the best 3 card brag winning hands available.  Never pass up a pair if it approaches!

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Ace High or Less

3 Card Brag Winning HandsWhether you play ace high or less in the game of three card brag, always familiarise yourself with the various terms and win conditions that come attached with the game.

While good online casinos will highlight when you have a winning hand, you should always be ready to spot a winning deal – as you can then start to put a plan in action to stump the dealer and the house at their own game.  Try out three card brag today!



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