Top Poker Myths

Poker is a game played by millions of people all over the world on a daily basis. It requires a lot of skill and tactics to play poker successfully.

There are many different myths that people like to spread when it comes to talking about poker. We are here to talk you through these and de-bunk this fake information.

  1. Online Poker is not legit and is rigged
    Many gambling games such as slots and poker have been called-out as rigged by people for years. This is not the case however, as gambling sites have very strict terms that they need to follow and if they were caught out to be not following these, they would lose a lot of money. No site would ever risk this. The people that create such games have to make sure that there is a fair chance of winning and losing, they are made for the majority of wins to benefit the sites they are on though, making it seem like they could be rigged, but this is not the case, making this a complete myth.
  2. Poker is based purely on luck
    If you are a long-time or professional poker player then you will know that this is not true. The only luck-based aspect of poker is the cards you are dealt, though a player with enough game knowledge is able to work well with most hands that they are given. So in conclusion, poker is skill-based and luck plays a very tiny part in the game.
  3. Poker is a type of gambling
    As the previous myth mentions, Poker is mainly based on skill. It is not random like other things such as scratchcards or slot games. In certain variations of online poker, you are playing against real people and not some AI bot. There is a small aspect of luck involved in the cards you are dealt but it will not greatly increase your chance of winning. The majority of poker players will end up winning their money if they are the better player as it is more skill-based than anything. Making this a complete myth.
  4. You need to be on a professional level to win
    There certainly is a great deal of skill required to win games of poker, though, you do not need these skills to win. Many people play for a pass-time and have learnt their knowledge through the use of online websites and articles, the majority of players are nowhere near as good as professional level but still manage to win regularly. If you take some time to learn the essentials and some extra little tips and tricks then you have a high chance of winning too.
  5. You have to be incredible at maths
    Now, this is a myth that a lot of people have heard. Poker requires some math skills as do many other games. Poker does not require you to be amazing at maths though, all you need to know is some basic calculations and you will be fine. The aspects of poker that require any math skills is to do with the bet amounts, the odds and for folding/calling. Once you have learnt how to deal with these and played a few games then you will pick it up naturally.
  6. You can play high stakes while learning
    You should never use a high stake when starting out with poker. Many tournaments require buy-in’s and if you have very little of these, you are probably going to lose it all. The whole point in winning is to increase your pot and without the required skills then you are likely to lose the money at first. Stick to small stakes until you know what you are doing and feel confident enough that you will not lose money every game.
  7. Bluffing happens often
    If you watch poker on tv or know somebody that does, then you are likely to have heard this. People that play Poker on tv are doing it for entertainment purposes also, and this means they try to increase viewers engagement by doing things such as increasing the bet to a huge amount instead of playing smart and simple and this in return will make you think that they are bluffing.
  8. You should use play money while practising
    One of the best tips when starting out playing Poker is to have a good money management system. If you are playing with “fake” money then you will start playing any old way, pressing random buttons that you wouldn’t do in a real game, as you do not risk losing your own bankroll. If you use your own money then you will be more cautious as to how you play, in return making you notice what you are doing more and improve your overall learning.
  9. You should only play high stakes
    While playing with a larger stake returns a higher profit, it is not the best thing to do. This is glorified on live poker games as it makes the game more interesting for viewers, however, people tend not to do this in real life. Most Poker players will stick to a smaller bet and follow a pattern in order to keep track of their loses and profit easier.
  10. You lose more online than in real life
    It may seem like you are losing way more often while playing online, this is because you are able to play much faster. Playing poker online requires very little movement in real life, all you have to do is click a few buttons and a game is over, meaning you can play up to 10x more hands online than you can in a casino. Therefore, it seems like you are getting bad hands more often because you are given them 10x faster than you are in person. You also end up spending more online due to how easy it is, this can make it seem like your bankroll is taking a bigger hit than it does in person but its due to the volume of games played in the space of time.

And there we have it, now you know that these are myths and you will have no reason let them hold you back in the future.