UKash Bingo Sites – Sites That Accept UKash Deposits

Last Modified: Mar 16, 2017 @ 8:15 am

For players who use bingo sites, Ukash platform tends to be the most convenient payment method. It’s a prepaid voucher depositing method that lets them make deposits on gaming sites fast and efficiently. It also lets them pay for other items ordered online, as long as the retailer supports it.

Currently, Ukash vouchers can be purchased in over 420,000 authorized outlets around the world. Again, the vouchers can be purchased in any denomination as long as it doesn’t exceed 2500GBP. By using Ukash, you will be able to control your spending unlike if you used credit cards or direct bank withdrawals to make payments.

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Wise spending should be a priority when depositing funds in a Bingo gaming site or when buying items online. With Ukash, you can conveniently pay for products and services online. In fact, it’s one of the most popular payment platforms that gaming enthusiasts use all over the world to place bets.

The benefits of using Ukash to deposit funds on bingo sites over other methods

From the hint given above, it appears that Ukash tends to offer more convenience than any other method of payment, especially when it comes to depositing funds in bingo sites.

But vouchers are not the only payment method that the network uses to serve its fast-growing customer base. Instead, they also have their own MasterCard which can be used everywhere as long as the location or retailer supports this option. What’s more, this MasterCard can be used at any modern ATMs around the globe to withdraw funds cost-effectively.

The main advantage that people see with Ukash is that they usually don’t require users to register their personal information when purchasing vouchers. Unlike other payment methods, Ukash lets you purchase vouchers quick and efficiently since they usually don’t require any information concerning you.

Again, because there’s no information associated with the user when purchasing vouchers, it can be convenient for bingo users who want to keep their transactions discreet. In the modern world, online fraud is very rampant these days, and therefore using credit cards to make deposits is no longer considered safe. That’s the reason many bingo site users now prefer the use of Ukash as opposed to other payment methods.

They also have a product called Ukash Air. This product lets users purchase airtime for prepaid phones across the world. This feature is so convenient for people who travel a lot. They don’t have to face restrictions when it comes to making calls as they can purchase Ukash air in their destination country.

How to use it

The moment you buy Ukash voucher, you will receive a secret pin which you will use on any Bingo site that supports the payment method. There are many Bingo sites that support Ukash anyway, so you shouldn’t have a problem with this.

When you enter the pin correctly, your Bingo account will instantly be deposited with funds worth the value of the voucher card.

When loading up your Bingo site, there’s no requirement that states you should use the full amount of that voucher card on that site. So when making deposits under the value of the voucher card, you will be issued with a new pin number to activate the amount left on the original voucher.

The amount retrieved can then be used at a later date, and this allows you to have greater control over your spending.

The fees needed to withdraw and deposit funds

It should be noted that when you buy Ukash voucher from any outlet, you should only pay for the value of the voucher and nothing else. Also, most bingo sites supporting Ukash will not charge you any commission when you fund your account using the vouchers.

However, if you want to use their MasterCard instead, you will be charged for some activities that are related to the card use. For instance, if you perform a transaction in a currency different from your card’s, you will be charged 2.75%.