Vegas Party Slot Machine

Mix some drinks, spin the reels, and take what you can win. Party with Cleopatra and James Bond until the sun comes up. Have fun and forget about your worries.

After all, whatever happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas. So, in this Vegas Party Slot Review, find out how you can party it up and make your wins escalate.

Vegas Party Slot Sites

From our research, we have created a list of Vegas Party Sites in June 2021:

About Vegas Party Slot Game

Buckle in, for you are in for a wild, colourful, and dizzying night. Spin those reels and hang out with some of Las Vegas’ biggest celebrities. You won’t have to travel far in order to experience the glitz and glamour of the world’s casino capital. In this Vegas Party Slot, you’ll be able to get the full Vegas experience without even stepping out of your own homes.

So, ready your casino chips because the best parties are Vegas parties – where everyone is invited, and everything is all about having fun. Risk it all to have it all that is the Vagas way.

In the City of Lights, you can gamble the night away or party until you can not party anymore. Try to win big or just go home. Though in Sin City, no one can really lose if you are out having fun, especially with wilds, linked reels, and jackpots to help you let loose.

The Vegas Party is about to add some spice into your life with its five-reel, 243 pay line scheme by NetEnt Software. This high-quality slot game brings players back to the land of games, gambling, and fun. In the City of Lights, anything is possible.

Party with Cleopatra and Joker? Or try your luck with the Irish Lady. Players will get to feel the full Vagas experience and live to tell the tale.

Although the game lacks scatters and bonus games/features, the game compensates with the 243 pay line. The bright, dazzling features mimic the overall feel of what it is like to be in Vagas – to party to your heart’s content.

In this tropical setting, with palm trees swaying in the background, players will feel welcome at the slots, despite the fast-paced gameplay, which becomes a perfect contrast to the background and calming music playing.

With such big celebrities cheering you on as you play, the game truly becomes a party worthy of being known in Vagas. So sit back, sip on that cocktail and get the party started!

How to Play Vegas Party Slot Online

Came to party hard? Here are a few tips to note for some fun, safe partying:

  • Click the Coin Level (+/-) section to set the level of coins per line.
  • Click the Coin Value (+/-) section to set the value of coins per line.
  • Press the Autoplay button for uninterrupted gameplay or the Spin button to begin a single spin.

Experience the crazy world of Vagas from your own home. The Vegas Slot Party is now available to play online on any desktop, tablet, and mobile device.

Interactive Features

Wilds. The wild icon here in this slot is the female Joker. This icon replaces all other symbols on the reels except the scatters and bonus symbols. This feature can be stacked on the reels.

Jackpots. The jackpot is a whopping win of 270, 000 coins.

Linked Reels. For this feature, the game will start with each spin containing reels that are linked together. The reels that are linked will be identical and can expand as the reels spin.

What Symbol Triggers Vegas Party Slot Bonus Free Spins?

Vegas may have every fun thing imaginable, but alas, there are no scatters or other symbols that can help trigger the free spins. So, you will have to depend on the wilds and linked reels to gain some winning combinations.

Paylines and Stakes

Getting the 270,000 coin jackpot would be a dream. Thankfully, it only takes players 0.01 to 0.5 coins per spin to be able to reach that dream.

Though, before getting anywhere near that prize, players can try to land some good combinations with the low and high-value symbols. The famous symbols in Vegas such as the Leo Vegas lion, Cleopatra, James Bond, Irish ladies, and pilots litter the reels and make up the higher-paying symbols.

Landing 3 to 5 of a kind can garner players a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 1,000. Tempting, isn’t it? But, if these prove difficult to come by, players can rely on card symbols such as A, K, Q, J, 10, and 9. These are the lower-paying symbols which can fetch players as little as 3 for landing 3 of a kind, and a maximum of 40 for landing 5 of a kind.

Vegas Party Slot Game Software

NetEnt Software brings back the fun in slots with the Vegas Party video slot game.

NetEnt Software is leading the way with unique and premium online games that provide digital entertainment on all platforms. They provide games for mobile play.

What is Vegas Party Slots RTP?

The Vegas Party slots is a non-progressive slot game with an RTP of 96.6%.

Slot Volatility

This is a medium variance game. That means the game provides players with good payouts, but the win pays the only land semi-frequently.


Party from dusk till dawn and watch your wins soar in this medium variance video slot. If you’re a frequent partygoer or merely a lover of Sin City, then we suggest you take this reel out for a spin. It provides good payouts and a good challenge. Suitable for most players, this game is addictive and brings players an exciting gaming experience.

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