William Hill – The Home of Betting

Not only is William Hill the home of betting but the site now offers casino, bingo and much more. This means William Hill has expanded its target audience and is now bigger than ever.

The company was founded in 1934, however at this time gambling was illegal in Britain.

A number of shops were set up and it is now one of the most well-known betting sites in the UK.

The company has now started to progress further when it comes to William Hill Vegas and other aspects of the web. William Hill casino is something many people are interested in and has really broadened the reach of the company.

The brand has also expanded for older customers, particularly ones that are interested in William Hill bingo. There are plenty of games and features on the site and you are sure to enjoy various promotions too.

History of William Hill

When you hear the name William Hill, it’s instantly recognised as one of the most traditional and original betting shops on the high streets, founded over 80 years before the internet was even launched. The other most famous betting shops in the UK is Ladbrokes and Coral bookmakers.

The company was created by the man himself (would it surprise any to find out his name was William Hill?) somewhat illegally, disguising the business as a telephone and postal service back in 1934, very clever Mr Hill.

From a young age, Mr William Hill always showed love for the gambling industry, as he rode around on his motorcycle during WW1, collecting bets from the locals after his long shifts at his apprenticeship. Based on little experience and knowledge, Hill often got himself into professional and financial difficulties, losing more money than he was taking.

This motivated him to work harder and become educated on all there was to learn about opening and running a betting business. In 1944, he opened offices in London, traded legally after a loophole in the system was found (allowing him to post betting without cash being involved) and introduced his very own offers that included first fixed odds football coupons.

Gambling businesses picked up rapidly in 1961 as betting shops were officially and fully legalised, however, loyal punters of Mr Hill (back from those teenage years) had to wait half a decade to step into the very first William Hill store in 1966. Once one shop was opened, many more followed in the late 60’s – and there are currently thousands all across the U and worldwide.

The big boss was in the industry for over 50 years, finally retiring in 1970, before passing away just three years following. The company has had a multiple of different founders and plenty of new methods of being run, developing and evolving to suit how the customer’s needs and wants changed over time.

William Hill Bookies Online

So back to the start, William Hill, the most instantly recognisable, traditional and original betting shops on the high street, right? This bookmaker was so advanced and aware of the world that they were actually among the first bookies to create an online website and market themselves to fast-moving customers that could place bets in their own time throughout busy schedules.

Next came the mobile app, and there really is an app for everything these days, making bets easy, fuss-free and managed on the go. The iphone app allows bets on esports betting and also another latest craze is virtual betting on horses, greyhounds and football. You can place bets at 4AM, 4PM, 4 times a day or 4 days in a row – it’s entirely down to the customer. Of course, for those old schooler’s, nothing can be a trip to a physical William Hill bookies, filled with nostalgic memories.

Bonuses and Promotions for William Hill

Currently on offer at William Hill is a bundle of incredible promotions and welcome offers including £30 bonus when you buy in with £10 for new Games customers, a mega deal on Irish Riches that requires a stake of £10 with a £5 bonus coming back to you. The mind-blowing opportunity of £20,000 up for grabs in a prize draw and lastly, a daily stake of £10 on the new and exciting Jumanji game and get 10 bonus spins to enjoy. All those offers… and that’s just the games.

Football fans can bet £10 and get £30 worth of free bets when they sign up to the William Hill online website and enter ‘C30’. Inside the Live Casino, you can stake £10 and get £5 in bonuses as well as tonnes of random bonuses thrown into the mix every weekday between 6pm-10pm, what are you waiting for?