Best William Hill Advert Collection

Upcoming 2018 William Hill Adverts

The William Hill brand has blessed us with some great adverts over the years and we are more than happy to talk about and analyse a lot of these adverts! We hope for a really entertaining 2018 from the betting company and hope for a number of adverts.

Do you have any theories or ideas about the adverts that William Hill plan on releasing in 2018? We always love to hear your opinions so let us know in the comments below and we will be sure to feature our favourite in the comments below.

William Hill Adverts 2017

2017 was another successful year for William Hill. However, they primarily focused on using advertisement to promote their new offers and applications. The adverts were still very professional and successfully promoted William Hill as a reliable brand with reliable offers.

We love the editing on these 2017 adverts due to the unique colours and transitions that are used. We love that William Hill are promoting their offers as they offer some of the best offers in the market.

William Hill Bet Boost TV Ad

In this promotional TV ad, William Hill are using their promotions to try and show to potential customers that they are the best gambling providers in the industry. This advert is for their new offer, called ‘Bet Boost’ in which you can enhance any odds of your choice.

Bet Boost Offer Advert
The Bet Boost offer is one of William Hill’s best offers yet!

By being able to enhance your odds, you can choose the bets that ‘matter the most’ and can decide which odds you would like to boost. William Hill gives a free bet boost every day and allows their players to win more from the bet they desire. The main idea of this offer is to boost the user’s control and experience whilst playing the app.

Build Your Own Bet Advert

#YourOdds is all about the ability to create and bet on your own markets. William Hill uses this advert to promote a number of different offers including the ability to tweet them for a response with the odds that you are looking for. This shows great customer loyalty and emphasizes William Hill as a great user-friendly brand.

One click, its in your betslip, and you are on!

By showing that they have over 100,000 players on Your Odds including familiar faces such as Robbie Savage and A.P. Mccoy, William Hill provide a great sense of reliability to potential players watching the advert and use a number of great editing techniques to show professionalism and high quality.

Horse Racing Offer Advert

The final promotional advert from William Hill in 2017 was the creation of this ‘2 Clear’ offer. This offer is all about horse racing and involves the player getting a free 15% bonus on any winnings when a horse wins by 2 lengths or more. It is a really good introduction to the new offer and is shot very professionally by experts.

Again, it is a simple advert that doesn’t involve any real-life shots but is still very great for getting their new offer out into the faces of potential players. We love this advert because it is in typical William Hill colours and style and uses a range of great editing methods to amaze the audience. It is also a very suitable advert for any breaks of sports events including horse racing and will likely make viewers want to bet with them.

William Hill Adverts 2016

Pete Rose and Oscar Goodman Commercial

William Hill 2016 Advert
Amazingly funny irony of Pete Rose starring in a gambling advert!

We love this advert because of how funny and unique it is. By starring two great stars in real life in Oscar Goodman and Pete Rose, William Hill do a great job of creating a sense of legitimate humour and realism. The advert starts like a scene from a movie and shows the location which is ‘Oscar’s Steak House’. There is a meeting between two parties with the visitors looking to strike a deal with Oscar.

The former Mayor of Las Vegas reaches for his pocket to which the bodyguards jump in thinking he could pull out a weapon but in fact pulls out a phone and explains to the visitors that ‘with the mobile sports app you can bet anywhere’. Then we see Pete Rose appear from next to the visiting man and say ‘you sure this won’t get me in trouble’. The reason this is so funny is because of his gambling addiction and many gambling problems over the years.

William Hill Adverts 2015

Take Control Advert

William Hill Football Advert
The Take Control advert is really unique!

The first of the 2015 ‘Take Control’ series involves a really cool advert that heavily utilises a range of great editing and animation techniques. It is great for providing a range of promotion for the offer due to the many different unique aspects used. The mixture of both visual effects and real-life scenes is one of the many secrets for a successful advert and William Hill does it perfectly in this advert.

Take Control Of Every Sport Advert

The second advert in the ‘Take Control’ series is also very key to providing a range of great information on the offer. It involves a very similar structure involving real-life scenes and visual effects. This advert differs in the fact that all sports are shown at some point throughout the video so it is probably not as heavily focused on breaks during games.

The advert starts with rugby players in a scrum with cartoon crashes coming out of the scrum and then moves to a transition of rugby in the rain to cricket in the sun. As the ball is bowled we see another transition into darts betting, then into golf, then boxing bets, then snooker and finally tennis. It is a great method using all of these sports and allows William Hill to target a range of different sports players.

William Hill Adverts 2014

Money Back Acca Insurance Advert

This advert is a really good promotion of the 6+ accumulator offer. This offer involves a completely free money-back bet when their 6 or more team accumulator misses by one. William Hill are promoting themselves as a friendly company by doing this and it is a great move to gain hopeful customers and more players.

The advert itself is really interesting and unique. It starts with a man walking towards the camera talking about winning, he talks about winning the first, second, third, fourth and fifth bets and when he gets to 6, we see the striker taking the penalty miss and hit the bar. This is really fascinating as it relates to the 6 team accumulator offer they have on.

Betting Is Easy Advert

At the start of the advert, we here no voice which is very different for a gambling advert. By creating the advert to be unique, William Hill immediately challenges boundaries which we love. All of a sudden we hear a very loud noise as the horses being the race and we see the power that they obtain.

The main message that they promote in the advert is ‘whichever way you look at it, winning races isn’t easy, but betting on William Hill on your phone is’. The sole purpose for this advert it to promote their brand new betting app which at the time was very advanced and gave William Hill a competitive edge over other gambling providers.

Money Back Advert

In this William Hill advert, the first thing we hear is a deep Scottish accent which immediately tells us it is not going to be a funny advert but more of a serious advert due to his deep tone. The actor starts talking about how a football match relates to betting by saying ‘the game is about to turn against us’.

You know when the game is about to turn against you… There’s as much skill in getting out as there was getting on in the first place.

It is a really cool advert that is based on a very dark and misty football pitch with very low visibility. It creates a really eerie scene in which we see a number of different football players all in the battle playing the sport. It references being able to control the sport through the betting app which we think is a really great message to convey!

Make Every Moment Matter Advert

‘Some think we are all the same but we’re not’. Is the first message we hear in the ad. So immediately we know it’s a serious advert. This ad is based completely on facts, figures and statistics which is really beneficial for a betting company as the adverts are usually shown at half-time or during breaks of a sports event

We love hearing your opinions! Which was your favourite advert from 2014?

  • Money Back Acca Insurance Advert
  • Betting Is Easy Advert
  • Money Back Advert
  • Make Every Moment Matter Advert

The quote ‘some see the game as one result but we see hundreds of opportunities to win’ is a great message and is really smart as gamblers who watch the advert are very likely to love the advert because it relates to them. It is obviously based on football and mentions that betting is all about everything to do with football including ‘wins, corners, goals scored, shots, blocks and save’.