Jumpman Gaming Bingo Sites for 2016

Jumpman Gaming logoJumpman gaming is a relatively new bingo software provider, first founded in 2011. When it started in 2011, they only had one game- Lights Camera Bingo- and relied on this game as the foundation of the 15 Network system.

As of 2013, six other games had signed up for the Jumpman Gaming System Network, and these sites all primarily functioned with bingo games. As of 2015 they have more than 27 bingo sites using their platform. Most users of the site are incredibly happy with the bright brand, visual identity and exceptionally vivid and immersive graphics.

The network is so popular because of their excellent customer service, great prize structure, and value for the players. As the years progress, we’ve continually seen Jumpman network bingo sites gain in popularity, and we expect to see this trend continue well into the future.

Jumpman Gaming Sites

Fever Bingo Review – Get up to 500 Free Spins

This is a site 75- and 90-ball fans can definitely call home, and the service just runs well whether you’re playing from your PC at home or on the mobile app while travelling. The only thing that keeps is from getting that fifth star is the promotional focus on slots.

Bingo Minions Review – Deposit £10 Play With £30 Here

Visitors will find lots of reasons to frequent Bingo Minion. Getting started is quick with low deposit requirements. There are tons of promotions to spice it up. The loyalty program and affiliated sister sites add even more variety to this solid option for playing bingo.
lucky wheel bingo

Lucky Wheel Bingo Review – Win 500 Free Spins

Lucky wheel bingo offers you a range of different bingo games along with mobile capabilities. There is a range of bonuses and other promotions that are on offer regularly.

Charming bingo review – 200% deposit bonus

you do not want to miss out on this excellent bingo fun that you can play from anywhere! Even your boring family visits can become winning jackpot days. How exciting is that?
Scope Bingo

Scope Bingo Review – 200% Deposit Bonus

Scope Bingo offers many opportunities to make some real cash through play and promises great bonuses as well. It offers bingo in a fun and relaxing atmosphere for those who wishes to play it online or on their phones.
Free Spirit Bingo

Free Spirit Bingo Review – 500 Free Spins

Free Spirit Bingo offers instant games as well as guaranteed jackpot games, and this makes it very attractive to players. It's where everyone wants to spin their wheel.
Scary Bingo Review

Scary Bingo Review – Deposit £10 Play with £40

Halloween comes around only once-a-year, but you can enjoy the gore and galore all year round on the Scary Bingo site. You can try to trick or treat yourself to the game offered and can do it in a fun and quick way using your mobile device or handheld mechanisms if you prefer. Enjoy the thrills and frills while playing the progressive jackpot slots and scratch cards. All types of casino games are also offered for the less fearful!

Tidy Bingo Review – 200% First Deposit Bonus

Tidy Bingo is such fun and it’s so easy to get involved and win some fantastic cash prizes, but also community games, promotions and specials. If you’re less for community bingo, and more for £10,000 jackpots, then you might not find them here, but we’re seriously struggling to find what’s not to love!
bingo diaries

Bingo Diaries Review – Get 500 Free Spins

Bingo Diaries offers players a fun, and simple way, to play their favourite instant win games for a low prize. Plus, with their great customer service, you can be sure that your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Lucky Cow Bingo Review – Get 500 Free Spins

Lucky Cow Bingo offers gamers a chance to win relatively large prizes for a minimum amount of money. The withdrawal process takes a bit long, but overall, the site is worth a try.
wallis bingo

Wallis Bingo Review – Win 500 Free Spins on Fluffy Favorites

With a huge variety of impressive options for new players and an easy to use mobile system, this site offers everything you'd ever need on a reliable server with talented designers that are dedicated to customer service. While it might not be the only site that you play on, you're sure to get plenty of winnings to keep you coming back for more- with promotions guaranteed to catch your attention.
fling bingo

Bingo Fling Review – 500 Free Spins

Although this site has a limited number of bonuses and promotions, it still offers players the chance to win real cash without spending a dime – How can you beat that? If you have any questions, BingoFling.com's friendly support team is available by email and by phone from 9:30 am to 6 pm and will help you with any concerns that you may have.
viking bingo review

Viking Bingo Review – Get 500 Free Spins

Overall, Viking Bingo seems to be a great place for the casual gamer. Their great selection of affordable instant win games as well as their bonuses, jackpots, and promotions are perfect for those who are new to online gaming and want to get their feet wet in a relatively risk-free environment.
lollipop bingo

Lollipop Bingo Review – 200% First Deposit Bonus

Once you sink your teeth into all the juicy options on this site, you'll see why they have a growing fan base and lots of prizes to be won. Why wait, join today- get your hands on the wide variety of benefits that Lollipops has for you. If nothing else, get your hands on all the starter bonuses!
flog it bingo

Flog it Bingo Review – 200% Sign up Bonus

Flog it Bingo is the ideal platform for newbies to sharpen their skills and experienced players to enjoy online Bingo in all its simplicity.
lucky rainbow

Lucky Rainbow Bingo Review 200% Sign Up Bonus

Underneath all the promotions, bonuses and giveaways, the site has only a few games to offer and the games are quite typical in other sites as well, Lucky Rainbow does make up for it to players loyal to the gaming site. Nonetheless, this is a site worth playing in and enjoying your time with.
Bingo Hombre

Bingo Hombre Review – 200% Sign Up Bonus

The game opens with a page that boasts a "South of the Border" theme. The blue sky and cacti-dotted landscape will immediately remind you of a tranquil desert visit. The positive features make this online game worth the time and effort. If you are searching for a fun Bingo game that is easy to play then Bingo Hombre is going to be your answer.
all stars bingo

All Stars Bingo Review – 200% Deposit Bonus

If you're looking for a quality bingo experience, look no further than All Stars Bingo. This power-packed bingo experience offers an automatic 200 percent welcome bonus and a free "spin the wheel feature" that guarantees that you'll be having a good time and winning money (up to 2,000 credits) immediately! It's easy to get started and even easier to win.
empire bingo review

Empire Bingo Review

With Empire Bingo, you can play a huge range of different bingo games online, with everything from 90 and 75 ball bingo, to bingo jackpots, slot games, and weekly prize events to keep you entertained. Why choose to play in silence, when you could be laughing up a storm and winning big too?
film bingo

Film Bingo Review

Film Bingo has a few great bonuses for players- starting with a 200 percent bonus for players spending anywhere from 10 to 100 credits at one time, and users can play their cards for free- or opt to spend an additional quarter credit for a higher stakes ante.
Showreel Bingo Review

Showreel Bingo Review – Get £20 on £10 Deposit

Showreel Bingo is the brand to go for if you are looking for a new online bingo gaming experience. New players will love the special offers available to them after their first £10 deposit such as the 2 free cinema tickets and the 30 days Love Film trial.
bingo club house review

ClubHouse Bingo Review – 200% Sign Up Bonus

Bingo Club House is a new an exciting website filled with fun games and entertainment. Explore what this site has to offer by browsing through web pages and different links to many different types of bingo games and other exciting games as well. Nowadays, people want to enjoy fun games, but with a chance to win big with cash prices.

Rocket Bingo Review – Play £20 Free Here

All in all, Rocket Bingo is a solid place to get your bingo fix. While there's nothing particularly special about the games being offered, the fact that you can play them without the hassles of downloading a software package means that this is a convenient, easy-to-use Internet bingo hall. Keep on top of the promotions page for all the latest ways of getting something for nothing.

Clover Bingo Review – Deposit £10 Get £20 Free Play +...

Overall, Clover Bingo is great if it is your first bingo site. The friendly welcome offers and plentiful promotions keep you coming back and looking for new chances to earn big. However, if you are used to online bingo with Jumpman Gaming platform, there is nothing new or appealing from this site.

Jumpman Gaming: A New Name in “Gaming Networks”

It’s tough finding really good gambling websites. The toughest part is integrating important aspects of your favourite gaming systems while still having an enjoyable experience and making money in a great atmosphere for gamers.

There really are a wide variety of bingo sites out there moving to the idea of having “gaming networks” or sites where a wide variety of games are available for players for no extra fee or cos.

It’s a good idea because gamers can get more of what they want all in the same place, and these sites give users slightly different promotions that they might not get on other sites. This means gamers have more options than ever.

Jumpman Gaming is more than just the 15 Network

there are several other names associated with the brand that show you who you’re spending your money with, to ensure that you’re getting the most for your money. One other such brand associated with Jumpman is QSB gaming (who have their own respected name in gambling due to Jumpman branding). 15 Marketing also operates off of 15 Network, and these games operate networks like Dragonfish- and all are great for new and experienced gamblers alike.

Huge Variety of Games, Albeit Most are Bingo Games

Most Jumpman Bingo Games are popular for a few very basic reasons: winners tend to win a lot after they’ve found their favourite games, the games are well designed, very colourful, and easy to use, and they offer a wide variety of micro-gaming capabilities!

Games They Offer

All Jumpman Games meet the UK Gambling Commission and Alderney Gambling Control Condition guidelines, and operate to the needs of the players and clients on an HTML5 based software that’s flexible, highly operable, and fast enough to play both instant games, mobile games, and more in-depth games that require random number generation (RNG) gaming or eCOGRA software that operates win ratios to guarantee that players are winning their fair share.

Some users of the software complain about the lack of gaming options for users to enjoy, as most of the games they offer are 75 ball variety games, as well as 90 ball games that offer several ways to win. Luckily, there are several casino style games on site if players get tired of spending all their time and energy playing bingo- including scratch style games and other typical spin variety games. The Wheel of Slots gives users a special opportunity to capitalize on big money through simply joining the site and putting down a little money.

Promotions and Bonuses

One thing that really sets this gaming network apart from the others is the approach that they take to providing bonuses and offers that are pretty much invisible from other places. In practically every site on 15 Network, you’ll get an opportunity for several sign-up promotions through the Wheel of Fortune which gives you at least £20 for free, and all you have to do is deposit £10 to play on any game of your choice. At this point, you’ll get to spin for more free money, and some users have reported winning as much as £2,500 on this virtual spin bonus.

If you refer a friend or family member to the network, you’ll get an additional five pound bonus, and other promotions within the site also offer similar loyalty schemes for regular/renewed player memberships. Everyone loves free money!


Jumpman Gaming is a pretty new site, and in reality, most sites of its age haven’t recorded massive, groundbreaking sales. What you’ll notice, however, is that Jumpman Gaming has had several big winners in its’ operation, many reporting totals over five hundred pounds or more in a wide variety of different games. Many of the networks games report the biggest winnings (despite the focus on bingo games) as there have been huge five figure winnings reported on these sites for sums well over £10,000; and the reported largest winnings total thus far is £14,107.75. Many winners have been listed on these sites on different games and different networks, and due to the commission regulations, you know you have a good chance of winning anywhere else on the Gaming Network!

Pick your favorite site based on the bonuses and promotions you like best and you’re sure to always have a blast, due to the eye-catching graphics and sums of money you’re sure to win!

Is it Worth Your Money?

Jumpman offers a wide variety of games on easy to use software. We appreciate all of the options that it gives users, and it’s solidly built, functionally operational, and pays out users pretty handsomely. As far as gaming networks go, Jumpman is reliable, new-aged, and great on many different devices- which is definitely important.

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