Types of Slots

Are you a slots game lover looking for different types of slots you can play online? You have come to the right place – here, you can see each and every slot game available.

There used to be a few fruit machines inside bars in the UK. Casino players are spoilt for choice with various slot machine types.

Classic 3-reel slots are still available, but with technological advancements, online slots have immersive five-reel slot games with thousands of pay lines.

From slick slot bonus features to big win progressive jackpots, let’s dive in to learn everything with the different types of online slots available in 2024.

Online Slot Game Types

Just like land based slot machines, there are also various modern online slots types.

The different types of slot machine games have grown significantly.

We have included the most popular types of online slots below.

Video Slots

Video Slots are undoubtedly the most common of all casino slots games.

Unlike ordinary slots, video slot games are a way of playing slots on a screen rather than mechanical reels with a lever.

Video slot machines are very popular as they often have more paylines. This means that you will be able to bet multiple coins.

Fruit Machines

Fruit Machines are coin-operated machines that contain three or more reels.


The most popular slots are three or five reels.

The reels spin when the lever on the side of the machine is pulled or a button is pushed.

Fruit Machines can also be called Amusement with Prizes (AWP) or one-armed bandits and can be played online.

High Payout Slots

High Payout Slots are exactly as the name suggests. These particular slot games offer the best payout percentage, and biggest jackpot wins.

High Payout Slots are highly sought after by the public as winnings and jackpots are the most popular features that make a slot game fun.


We have a very in-depth list of the highest-paying slot games.

3D Slots

3D slot machines are video slots specifically created to provide attractive graphics that give the illusion of the screen being in 3D.

3D Slots

The game doesn’t require you to wear 3D glasses, but designers intend 3D slots to be able to replicate that experience.

The aim is to make the different slots seem as real as possible.

Many 3-dimensional games are inspired by film, popular culture and online video games. The 3D slots often feature multiple paylines and mini-games for even more fun.

Megaways Slots

Megaways Slots are other games using the dedicated Megaways random reel modifier feature.

This random reel modifier was created by Big Time Gaming and changes the game completely.

It simply modifies the number of symbols shown on the reels during any spin and offers various ways to win.

Check out all of the best megaways slots.

Progressive Slots

Progressive slot machines are a particular category of slots machines popular for their wide range of additional prizes.

These prizes continue rising each time a player spins the reels, and with jackpots that can top millions of pounds, it’s clear to see why ‘progressives’ are so popular.

When a player makes a maximum wager on a progressive slot game, it will contribute to the progressive jackpot, increasing the jackpot.

The jackpot includes bets from all bettors playing online slots at the same time.

Often, markers show the accumulated jackpot amount so players can see what they are playing for.

Progressive jackpot slots can go as high as millions. However, the odds of winning are low (similar to the lottery). If you think you are lucky enough, it is definitely worth a try!

We have a great guide on all of the best progressive slots.

Mobile Slots

Mobile slots are the exact same as online slots.

They are designed for mobile gaming. They work on your mobile or tablet device of choice to give you an immersive, positive user experience on these devices.

This means you can choose exactly where and when to play your favourite slot games.

Check out our latest in-depth guide to mobile slots games.


Multipliers do exactly as their name indicates. They multiply stakes, bets, line wins and overall wins by a specific amount to increase player wins.

The standard multiplier is usually between x2 and x10, but in some certain slot games, this can increase to as high as x1,000, x5,000 and even x10,000.

Find our list of the best multiplier slot games.

Multi-Payline Slots

Multiple payline slots games (also known as combination slots) massively increase your odds of landing a winning combo, with certain slot games featuring a huge 117649 paylines.

These slots combine two or more of the various types of slots.

Unlike traditional slots with a single horizontal payline, multiple payline slots offer multiple combinations of paylines.

Multiple paylines offer maximum bets equal to the number of lines – therefore, this is much higher than a classic slot.

Multi-Payline Slots

Slots paylines can be described as a line on which specific combos of matching icons can pop up to provide players with a payout.

The winning combinations of slot lines can vary from 1 payline, 20 slot lines, 243 slot lines up to 117,649 ways to win.

Check out the guide to slot machine paylines showing all the different winning combination ways to win real money.

Multiple paylines increase the progressive jackpot of big-win payouts to online slot players.

When playing multiple paylines, checking the payout with the maximum bet is important. The payout is usually much larger when playing with the max bet.

Mega Spins Slots

The Mega Spins slot feature is when a slot machine holds multiple sets of reels in one, leading to much more fun for the player.

The best thing about Mega Spins slots is the massive amount of money waiting to be won on them, as they were designed to always be fun and never be boring.


i-slots are the newest development in slots technology and take advantage of modern devices to provide some of the best interactive slots games.

In these games, players can create unique stories by spinning a different combo of reels or adventuring to proceed.

i Slots are often called slot games with free spins and bonuses. The games trigger bonus stages which result in a mini-game being played.

The mini-games are fun and allow players to multiply their winnings.

Arguably one of the most exciting games, these iSlots require a mixture of skill and chance to help players win some cash prizes.

Freefalls / Collapsing Stacks

Like the popular game Candy Crush when the reel stops on a winning combination, the slot reel symbols disappear and are replaced by new ones that drop from above.

One Freefall can lead to a long sequence of wins from just one spin.

Freefalls / Collapsing stacks are another great example of how online casinos adapt their games to appeal to each new generation of Slots players.

Feature Slots

The best online slots offer special bonus features such as extra spins and bonus rounds.

Feature Slots

Most slots have extra features available for players. Here are the special features that unlock bonus slots, bonus spins and slot game mechanics:

  • Scatters
  • Expanding Wilds
  • Sticky Wilds
  • Colossal Symbols
  • Cascading Reels
  • Nudge
  • Bonus symbols and other slots winning symbols
  • Bonus Round

The random slot reel symbols act as wildcards giving slot players chances to win on each and every spin.

Virtual Reality Slots

There are multiple games available that offer virtual experiences to players. VR slots are becoming more popular in recent years.

When virtual reality is applied to casino games, bettors can experience a more realistic game. It can even feel like you are in real brick and mortar casinos!

Virtual reality is one of the newest features regarding online slots, but it is predicted to grow in the coming years.

VR slots are the latest slot types from iGaming. They usually appeal to younger betters, but a lot of older gamers play too.

Slot Machines Reels

From classic 3-reelers to huge 16-reel slot games, here are some of the most popular slot machine reel formats you’ll find in online slots.

3 Reel Slots

Classic slots, also known as three reel slots games and original slot machines, usually contain only one payline.

These are the simplest slot games available. The machines typically have a lever which is pulled to make a spin.

Classic slots and traditional slots are great for new players, as they offer straightforward gameplay and are also very fun.

However, recently classic slots don’t have only three reels and a few paylines – they can have up to 10 paylines. These are located horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

Before playing classic slots, we suggest researching the payout table to determine how wins are formed in any slot game.

Winnings on 3-Reel Slot Games

Check out our latest in-depth guide to 3 reel slot games.

4 Reel Slots

4 reel slots games offer four reels on the wheels.

Whether you play on mobile, tablet or desktop, there are plenty of choices for 4 reel slots games.

Lots of these slots are completely optimised for mobile gaming and will provide you with a great experience on their games.

Find our list of the best four reel slot games.

5 Reel Slots

5-reel slots, as the name indicates, add an additional two reels to the traditional five reels slot games.

With the extra two reels, more rows are also included, which gives the player an even higher chance of winning by allowing the player to hit more available paylines.

The five reel slots often have higher jackpots, which is great for those looking for a big win.


Five reel slots are a kind of video slot. They are an extremely popular slot type, and they are enjoyed with fun graphics, sounds and videos to keep players interested.

Get more information from our complete guide to the best five-reel slots.

6 Reel Slots

As the six in the name suggests, 6-reel slots games play with much more unorthodox six reels than the usual three or five.

They can carry a conventional 3×6 payout or 4×6 payout. In some cases, such as WMS’s Reel Boost games, the 6-reel slots game can also feature staggered reels.


For more information, check out some amazing 6 reel slots games.

7 Reel Slots

7-reel slots are video slots games containing seven vertical reels packed with 20-50 symbols.

Depending on which payline they land on, winning combos pay out a great amount.

Wilds and Scatters can also add to the regular base slots game wins if they play a part in forming winners.


We have a great guide on all of the best 7 reel slots.

8 Reel Slots

Our 8-reel slots list includes all of the most popular 8-reel slots games.

Each of the slot games comes with its own unique benefits and great features, including wild and scatter symbols, themes and big jackpots.

Many 8-reel slots are optimised for both mobile and tablet gaming.


Check out our page on the latest 8 reel slots games.

9 Reel Slots

Our list of the best 9-reel slots games includes demos that the player can start playing whenever they want.

These games don’t require any payments, and using the in-game currency to gamble is possible.

The main law is to spin the reel and wait to hit the winning payline for winning combos.


We have a great guide for 9 reel slot games.

10 Reel Slots

If you find the regular 5-reel slots games aren’t enough for you, why not double up the fun?

When playing 10-reel slots, you are given two reels and a higher chance of winning big.

These slots offer an amazing gaming experience with an enhanced winning possibility.


Take a look at our best 10 reel slots games.

12 Reel Slots

We have a range of 12-reel slots games on offer. 12-reel slot games are known to be very difficult, but they also have a reputation for providing big wins and jackpots to risk-taking players.

They come in various themes and could be the slots game that gives you a big win.


Check out our list of 12 reel slot games.

15 Reel Slots

15 reel slots games offer 15 lines. The selection of features differs from each slot game, but you can get slots with different features, including themes, symbols and more.

Most modern slot games are compatible with mobile devices and are considered mobile-friendly.


Find out more through our list of the latest 15 reel slots.

16 Reel Slots

Although 16 reels aren’t a popular choice for slots games, we have a list of quite a few slot games that offer this.

They all have their own benefits and can provide a different amount of paylines and jackpots to get you big wins.

16 reels can be quite complex to understand for new players.


For more information, check out our best 16 reel slots games.

Most Popular Type of Online Slot Machine?

The most popular types of slot machines are video slots.

There are over 5000 online video slots to play and win real money with progressive jackpot slots and that’s not the only type of online casinos available.

These online video games can vary from three reels to thousands of multi line slots designs. The multiple LED displays on the video screen offer a more interactive experience that all players enjoy.

With 3D animations, sound effects, and amazing graphics, video slots have become more engaging when playing online casinos.


For any players looking at the many different types of slots they can play, we have collected all the slot options available in 2024.

With online betting becoming more popular, you will find even more reels to play.

There are various kinds of slots, which all offer progressive jackpot payouts and free spins and respin bonuses.

From slot machine bonus features to bonus games, casino players love the variety of slot game options.

Land-based casinos cannot compete with online casinos regarding free spins offers and bonus features as technology advancements in 2024 are growing rapidly.

Wild symbols of fresh video slot games are improving the progressive slot winnings, and the forms of slot games online are growing each day.

If you are interested in the different casinos available online, please make sure to check out the rest of our website.

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