Slot Machine Lines

Slot machine pay lines are one of the most important aspects of the slots and determine the number of winning combinations, jackpot and chances of winning.

A slot payline is also known as a winning line or betting line and they are winning combinations. Original slots started with one payline but the modern slot machines can boast up to 117,649 ways to win. Wins are more likely on multiline slots.

In this article, we break down slot lines and why they are integral to all online slots. Read on for everything you need to know about pay lines and how many you should play.

You can find a range of slot games with a variety of paylines. We have found the best slot for you. This includes 1 line slots, 20 paylines, 243 ways and even an astonishing 117,649 lines.

What Are Slot Machine Lines?

Slot machine lines are also known as win lines, paylines and winning combinations. When you land matching symbols and win, it means you won on a payline. It is a way to win, and it started with fruit machines that offered one horizontal pay line and have since developed into diagonal and zig-zag lines.

What began as one horizontal line triggered any time you matched three symbols horizontally on one reel has developed somewhat. You can now get up to an incredible 117,649 line slots and land a range of different win patterns and lines.

Choosing paylines is an imperative aspect of playing online slots, and picking the number of paylines should be understood by all slots players. The slot lines directly affect the number of win combos and the chances of winning.

How Do Paylines Work?

Slot paylines are the most important aspects of casino slots – as they determine the payout, winning combination and the potential jackpot of a slot game. Matching symbols on paylines will result in a win. Therefore, it is integral to understand the win lines before you bet.

The conventional fruit machine with a single payline has one win combo that requires three matching slot symbols across the 3 reels on one line.

Video slots have modernised and now provide more lines and different combinations. Lines can be horizontal, vertical, diagonal and zig-zag. They’re straightforward, and players can pick the number of paylines before a spin using the + and – buttons.

You can’t change the amount lines in play if the slot game has a fixed payline concept. Fixed paylines cannot be changed, and slot players have to play all lines.

Slot Mechanics Explained

Slot games come with different components, including lines. The casino game has several mechanics, many of which can be altered before each spin. Mechanics of slots includes paylines, bet per line, max bet, reels, paylines and more.

Here are mechanics and displays on slot machines:

  • Balance – The screen will display the balance that is in your account
  • Paytable – The pay table is in the settings and reveals how much each symbol is worth
  • Reels – You’ll see the number of reels. Although they may not be listed, it will be clear.
  • Bet Per Line – This is the amount you wager per line
  • Max Bet – Usually, the max bet is a quick button for being able to stake the maximum
  • Play Spin Button – The spin button can be pressed to play and spin the reels
  • Paylines – Choose the number of paylines you wish to play using the + and –

Slot Machine Combinations

Check out all the slot machine and the number of win combinations that you can play.

1 Line Slot Machines

One line slot machines are classic fruit machines that offer a single slot payline. They’re traditional and how all slots began, but they are still largely popular at casinos today due to their simplicity. Play matching symbols across the three reels on 1 payline.

These games are straightforward and are usually 3-reel slots. The classic slots provide just a single payline.

For more info, check out our guide on 1 line slots, where we break down how to play the 1-line games, and we also list the best slots of this kind.

3 Line Slot Machines

Three line slot machines are slot games with 3 paylines. These slots are traditional with a classic design and usually come with fruit symbols. These slot machines pay with horizontal and two diagonal winning combinations.

Find out which slots with 3 paylines are best and how to play these 3 line slots.

5 Line Slot Machines

Five line slot machines are classic slots with 5 paylines. These lines allow more chances to land payouts. The 5-line games generally offer 3 reels and are 5×3 slot grids. Players can choose how many lines to play on these multi-line slots.

Our team have taken a closer look at the 5 line slots and how they work, read on for more details and unravel the best 5 pay line slots.

9 Line Slot Machines

Nine line slot machines are casino slots with 9 paylines. These games are simple to play and come with bonus games. The slots with 9 lines can be either 3 or 5-reel games and often showcase fruit symbols and classic icons.

Read our full guide on 9 line slots and how to find the best of these casino games.

10 Line Slot Machines

Ten payline slot machines are well-known slot games that offer 10 paylines. The 10-line slots are usually 5-reel games and have a number have 10 win combinations. There’s plenty of different slot machines that offer this number of paylines.

They are simple to play, and you can also change the number of lines you play per spin. For more info, check out our guide on 10 line slots.

100 Line Slot Machines

The 100 payline slot machines are impressive slot games that come with 100 slot paylines. These casino slots are rare and offer lots of winning combinations. Usually, these games are either 5 or 6-reel slots.

Find our list on 100 line slots and how the 100 pay line slots work as we use our in-depth analysis.

243 Line Slot Machines

The popular 243 line slots are generous, offering 243 ways to win, meaning that you can land any win combination of three or more matching symbols. These games offer an incredible number of paylines and make it easier to land wins per spin.

If you want many ways to win spins and enjoy bonus rounds, check out our list of 243 line slots.

1,296 Line Slot Machines

The 1,296 payline slots are online slot games with 1,296 ways to win and many potential winning compounds. This allows combos of symbols to convert to payouts easily. The 1,296 line games come with lots of bonus rounds and 5-reels or more.

Find all of our favourite 1296 line slots as we break down the best slots and the maths behind the win lines.

4,096 Line Slot Machines

The 4,096 payline slots are rare and are considered generous with the vast winning combinations they provide. These 4,096 line casino slot machines offer 4,096 win lines and provide plenty of different methods to land a win.

Find the best and most exciting games with our full guide on 4,096 line slot machines.

15,625 Line Slot Machines

The 15,625 ways slots have 15,625 paylines and lots of chances for a winning combination. Many of these types of casino games offer regular wins, bonus games and a range of symbols. These multiline slots allow you to change the number of paylines that you wish to play.

This slot game has lots of winning combinations, and lots of entertainment value, many of these casino slots, offer bonus-rich gameplay.

Here’s our list of 15,625 line slots and why we believe all keen slots fans should try them out.

117,649 Line Slot Machines

The 117,649 payline slots offer the most winning combinations out of any modern slot machine. These 117,649 ways to win provide lots of win lines and generally come with bonus slot features. The lines can be adjusted and they change on each spin, with the max lines being 117,649.

You can find all of the best 117,649 line slots using our guide and list of games.

How Do Multi Payline Slot Machines Work?

Multiline slots are any slot games that have more than a single payline. There are classic fruit machines that have 3 or 5 slots paylines and then there are modern video slots that now provide anything from 10-117,649 win lines. This makes a huge impact and offers more winning combinations.

What started as one payline slots has now become an incredible number of lines. Back in the 1990’s the classic fruit machines showcases a single line. Times have changed and modern slot machines now have a range of lines. There are lots of payline options with various multiline slots.


Should you play all lines on a slot machine?

Playing all slots paylines means more chances of winning per spin but it will also spend your bankroll much faster. Using the max lines will allow for a better chance to land a winning combination but this costs more when you up the bet per line.

Decide on your preference, you aren’t obliged to stick to one method of wagering and can alter at any time between spins. You can change it before each spin, if you’d like to stack probability in your favour then it is best to play all lines.

If you prefer to stay conservative and not spend your bankroll too quickly then it is best to find a happy medium and bet as many lines that give you lots of wins but doesn’t spend your balance in a flash.

How many lines should I play on a slot machine?

Play all slots if you want the best chance of a return and play less if you want to conserve your balance throughout the spins. There is no right or wrong answer, it comes down to preference and what your aim is.

Bet 1, 5, 10, 20 or 100 lines, there’s a range of symbol combination opportunities and you have a list of slot machines.

There’s a big difference between one slot payline and other multiline slots with lots of winnings.

What are the multiline slots?

Multiline slot games are exciting slots that have more than one payline. This can be 3 paylines or 243 lines, players can choose the number of paylines before each spin. The more paylines that are played, the more winning combos.