12 Payline Slots

Step out of the real world and into the unusual when you play 12 payline slot machines. If you were getting tired of the regular online gaming setup, worry not because some of the best online casinos game providers have come up with an exciting new way to land some wins. Curious to see how much you can gain? Then make these reels spin and watch your wins grow!

The 12 pay-line slot is a slot machine with more paylines than the original slots. These slot machines boast 12 ways to win, and they usually come as 5-reel slots and other bonus features such as free spins, wilds and more. Land wins vertically, horizontally and diagonally.

Continue reading to learn more about some of the top 2024 12-payline slots, including any bonus code, bonus symbols, payouts, bonus rounds, and more!

Best 12 Payline Slot Games

These online casino slots are undeniably a unique and intriguing method to play slot machines. They may differ in terms of the bonus features they offer, but they all provide thrilling gameplay. Some of the best online casinos slot machines with 12-paylines include:

Hypernova Slot

The Hypernova Radial Reels slot machine is made up of three concentric rings with a central position. You must land three or more matching symbols straight from the outside ring to the centre to make a winning combination.

The matched symbols can flow through the centre and out the other side, allowing you to build winning combinations with as few as three symbols and as many as six. There are a total of 12 paylines in this game. Lines 1 to 6 make up the right half, while lines 7 through 12 make up the left half.

This slot machine comes with a 96.26% RTP and wild multipliers that reach 300x your stake.

Kung Fu Rooster Slot

Kung Fu Rooster Slot is an RTG powered slot machine with 12 paylines and 5 reels.

These free Kung Fu Rooster slots are guaranteed to pique the interest of any slot machine fan who enjoys the oriental theme, albeit they aren’t entirely original, as there have been other very similar online casino games in recent years.

However, when there are free spins with bonus multipliers of up to x25, there is always a strong incentive to play a gambling game. Get on the good side of the Kung Fu Rooster because the flaming fowl might serve up some red-hot riches with a 50,000x line bet multiplier jackpot if you spin the reels of this slot machine the proper way.

What is a 12 Payline Slot?

12 Payline Slots

The 12-line slot games are slots with 12 paylines, offering multiple ways to win. The paylines affect the number of ways you can land winning combinations. Generally, 12-way slots come with 3-reels or 5-reels and display several bonus features such as wilds, free spins and multipliers. 

Classic slot machines usually offer the standard way of playing this online slot game. Players usually expect most classic slots to have a single payline along with three reels and pays in a horizontal line as most slots do. However, this can get tiring to play. Thankfully, some of the world’s favourite casinos have presented many new popular games for players to spin, including the 12 payline slot machine!

These online casinos can pay in diagonal lines and horizontally as well. You’ll also see that the layout usually comes with three reels to five reels and a handful of other features that can help you land some big wins in the base game and bonus games. Some of the best slots with this setup offer a demo mode, too, so you can try playing for free before playing for real cash prizes.


How Does a 12 Payline Slot Work?

Whether you opt to play a classic slot or a video slot, one thing you must note is that slots with 12 paylines play with 12 fixed paylines. This means that your total bet must consist of 12x the line bet before you go spinning the reels. At times, the minimum bet and max bet isn’t too high but, games with a high min and maximum bet often give out a huge number of pays. This is definitely a popular feature that reels players to the game.

The winning combination usually starts on the left and links to a symbol on the central reel or middle reel, and so on. A reward is normally obtained by connecting at least two symbols. In this game, a winning payline can be formed by three or more matching symbols or two matching symbols along with a bonus symbol like the Wild or Scatter. Players can even trigger the free spins feature using the scatter symbols and these bonus rounds, in turn, can form another winning combination.

Every game has a distinct payout, but no matter how many bonuses and winning lines there are in the bonus or base game, they all deliver a terrific gaming experience. The amount of real money won and other casino wins might be affected by the number of active lines. All you have to do is look over the game’s settings, wagering restrictions, and main pay table to see whether you’re interested in giving it a shot. These slots are sure to give you a great experience but remember to play responsibly as some of these games are tricky.

Where to Play 12 Payline Slot?

When you try out any 12 payline casino slot game, you can be sure that you will be getting great slot winnings and jackpot wins, fun ways of gaining winning combinations, and overall an enjoyable gaming experience. You can enjoy playing on several websites such as these:

Many of the top slot providers have already started to include slot machines with 12 paylines in their respective casino game sites so you now have more options to choose from. You can play for fun or for real money! To get even more out of the bonus game or bonus features in the slots, you can sign up on the site by entering your personal data and making an account. However, these sites help with preventing underage gambling by following the rules and regulations of the UK Gambling Commission. As such, by signing in your personal details, you agree to support and follow responsible gambling, as well as adhere to the age verification limit whenever you check the site.

12 Payline Online Slots Bonus Feature

When you play a game with a 12 payline setup, you can expect infinite possibilities to win some real money or additional slot machine bonuses. You can also land a winning combination or two using the high paying symbols, bonus symbols, or other casino bonuses such as those listed below:


This type of slot function may be found in practically every slot machine. This can be used to spin the reels for a long period of time automatically. This feature is great for folks who enjoy multitasking and are happy having the same line bet per spin. This tool can be quite useful because it can help you generate winning combinations, allowing you to win more. This is true for both the main game and the bonus games.

Free Spins Round

Free spins are great bonus features to trigger. Online casino games now often have this feature, allowing players to wager the free spins instead of relying on the total bet wagered. The best part about the free spins is that you can still gain real money wins when using it and can even be retriggered!

When playing online slot machines, it’s clear that the free spins feature is one of the most useful bonuses in the game. The free spins bonus rounds can yield high win payouts, especially since this bonus can use winning symbols to form more combinations.

Scatter Symbols

Scatters are special symbols in online slot machines that perform different roles depending on your playing game. Bonus games are often triggered when these Scatters form a certain combination. Random number generators can boost your chances of winning the progressive jackpot when other symbols match up on a slot with variable paylines.

Wild Symbol

Wild symbols are special symbols that can help you win more money or activate bonus games. These wild symbols can appear on many pay lines and payout even if they are not on a pay line. These one-of-a-kind slot symbols can also be substituted for any other symbol in the game.

There are also wild variations such as stacked wilds that offer a greater chance of landing wins.

Progressive Jackpot

Not all slots have progressive jackpots, but those who usually use this to make up for the lack of bonus features are available. A progressive jackpot grows in size each time the game is played yet is never won. When a progressive jackpot is won, the jackpot for the next game is reset to a fixed amount and then continues to grow according to the same rules.


Manufacturers were able to integrate more paylines as online slots developed. Although 12 payline slot games are in the minority among online slot pay layouts, they are popular with players who enjoy games with interesting themes and additional features. When betting per line, 12 payline slot machines make it much easier to keep track of the payout patterns on the screen and calculate your total wager or win. Slot game portfolios from trustworthy providers abound in the online casino world. Large payline structures are common in the most popular games to offer the best chances of winning cash prizes.

All Winning Combination Slot Machine Lines

Here are all various multi-line slot machines winning combination slots features.

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