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Here at BoomtownBingo we have the intention of reviewing as many online bingo websites, casinos and slots websites.

We have applied to get GPWA Verification set up for our brand.

Our Experts

Our team here at boomtownbingo are experts here at reviewing online gaming websites and finding the best welcome bonuses, offers, and free sites to play on.

As of [monthyeat] our team has reviewed over 2000 online casinos, slot games and bingo brands. We know the advantages and disadvantages of most online gambling websites.

With the information on boomtownbingo you should be able to make an informed decision on which website to sign up to.

James Z Dooley

Founder Of BoomtownBingo

I am the founder of Boomtown Gaming and have been working in the gambling niche for several years. We have become a fast-growing marketing company working with a wide range of brands in the UK and internationally. I have a keen interest in horse racing as well as other sports like football and rugby. My team works on a variety of campaigns and websites with the latest strategies available.

Ben Proctor

Head of Video & Photography

A keen movie goer and fan of all things media! Huge fan of MLB (Chicago White Sox is the only team worthy of support) and NHL (Currently supporting Edmonton Oilers, but all depends on where Connor McDavid ends up). Never can go wrong with a match up of the Oilers V the Flames and a nice chocolate cake ?

Scott Calland

Sports Betting & Gambling Enthusiast

Scott began his journey in a business development role for a profitable surfacing company in Cheshire, England.

In this time, he was involved in many different aspects of the general running of the business. This included sales, estimating, business development project management and marketing.

Scott became particularly interested in generating enquiries for the business during this time. He developed a good knowledge of SEO and became particularly interested in the content aspect.

Becca Johnson

Head Of Content & Journalism

I’m an online journalist specialising in the bingo and gaming niche. I have worked on various sites creating reviews and informative content for players and readers. My work includes multimedia platforms and a variety of topics within the bingo world!

Amelia Honey


I’m a huge fan of online slots and love to write about all the latest games and new releases. I’ve been blogging for a number of years and have an interest in sports as well as online games. My articles have been shown on a range of different sites in the gambling niche.

Lucy Clarke


I have been writing in the gambling industry for a few years with a focus on sports and betting. I love to try out the latest sites and recommend my favourites to our readers. I have a particular interest in tennis and enjoy writing about the current events and matches that I watch.

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