Megaways Slots

If you like playing on the slots, Megaways™ slots offer you a chance to win big! You don’t have to be an expert because playing Megaways is easy and straightforward.

If you would like to play Megaslots or understand the winning tricks, keep it here.

What are Megaways™ slots?

Megaways ™ was invented by Big Time Gaming and it offers players a wide range of winning opportunities. Each of the reels has between 2 and 8 symbols thus creating a large number of winning combinations that can go up to hundreds of thousands of different winning ways.

One of the common types of online slots available are the ‘all ways pay’ games, with 243 paylines, or 5 reels with 3 symbols per reel.

How do Megaslots work?

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If you would like to know how Megaslots work, you should concentrate much on the reels. Megaways are the changeable reels where the height of a symbol on each real varies from one spin to another. Ergo, the number of ways you can win changes from time to time. 117,649 is the maximum number of ways to win and when Megaslots are expanded to this number, you can end up with massive winning combinations. As of now, most Megaway slots offer 6 reels with at least 2 and up to 7 or 8 maximum symbols per reel. If you add the multipliers and other reel modifiers, you can clearly see the massive winning combinations and thus the reason why Megaway slots are very popular.

How do Megaway Slots Work?

Megaways slots are different and they cannot be compared to other types of slots. Besides offering massive winning combinations to players, they only pay left to right i.e. they pay from the leftmost wheel. Therefore, symbols from the center to right and right to left will not pay.

Key highlights to note

  • Megaways slots offer numerous ways to win in every spin
  • All the payouts are multiplied by your stake
  • Since many emerging Megaways slots are using Cascading reels, you can create winning combinations now and then
  • Your wins are based on the matching symbols across the adjacent reels. NB, this is regardless of the number of symbols in each reel.
  • Most slots offer multipliers, free spins, bonus rounds, etc.
  • Certain selected Megaway slots offer you an option to buy your rounds rather than waiting for the Scatter symbols to line up. This not only helps you save time but also increase your winning chances.

How do I win on Megaways?

As we have mentioned earlier, Megaways win pay our left to right. The matching symbols across the adjacent reel determine your payout regardless of the reel placement, size or the number of similar symbols on each reel.

How can I calculate my ways to win in Megaways ™?

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Although the slots do all the maths for you, it is important to know how you can calculate your winning ways in Megaways ™ slots. Calculating your winning ways manually can be daunting and time-consuming but possessing the knowledge on how to do it can help you maximize your winning chances. To see how many ways each spin offers, check the box in the left corner (the slot does all the work for you).

Let’s break down how the slots calculate your winning ways:

You multiply the number of symbols on each reel with each other. For instance, if we use the max symbol (7) for each of the six (6) reels, you will have to start multiplying each of the reels separately and then against the number of reels. i.e.

7×7×7×7×7×7 = 117,649 number of ways to win.

Since 7 is the maximum symbol number and we have 6 as the number of reels, 11,649 is the maximum number of ways you can win.

Megaways promotions

With more game creators joining the Megaways, there is a high chance that more winning ways and casino promotions will be added to improve user experience and increase the total payout and winning ways.

Are Megaways Slots the New Jackpot Slot?

With a maximum of 117,649 winning ways, Megaways slot offers a wide range of winning combinations.

The payout even becomes huge when you add special features, multipliers, and other features. Megaways have a max coin win even though they can potentially offer jackpot winnings. The theoretical RTP of these slots does not change regardless of the number of winning ways offered.

Therefore, Megaways slots can offer massive payouts although they are limited in one way or another. But, their good quality, top-notch features, and high volatility attracts numerous players.

Win with Megaway slots.

Why should I play Megaway slots?

There are various different reasons to play, including the Bonanza Megaways and other popular Megaways games.

Megaways slots offer numerous ways to have fun while still giving you a chance to win big. Also, Megaways slots are the only slots that offer the massive winning ways in every spin.

Finally, as more game developers are interested in Megaways slots, there is a high possibility that in the future we will enjoy a wide range of styles, themes, features, and elements. Be a part of Megaways slots to not only have fun but also win big.

All Megaways Slot Games

We have compiled a full list of megaways slots games online:

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