Mecca Bingo Near Me

We have compiled a list of mecca bingo hall locations throughout the UK. Please see below all of the halls throughout the UK and check out the information we have provided for the hall closest to you.


Here at Boomtown Bingo we have created a list of the many Mecca Bingo locations in the United Kingdom.

In fact, Mecca has more than 80 clubs across numerous big cities throughout the UK where the company is based. They are part of The Rank Group, a business which owns a number of bingo halls, gambling houses along with other betting firms in Europe along with the UK.

If you are interested in finding out more about the locations of the brand, you have come to the right place, as we know a number of different locations across the UK.

A number of people search the internet for ‘Mecca Bingo Near Me’ and have to look for the closest one. Our team make it easy by showing you a list of all Mecca Bingo halls so you can find one nearby you quickly.

List of Mecca Bingo Halls

We have a huge list of Mecca Bingo Halls presented on this page and you might just find one local to you. With such a long list of Mecca Bingo halls you will be sure to find a place where you can enjoy your bingo on a regular basis.

Bingo has recently become one of the most popular gambling games available, with numerous clubs located throughout the UK and around the world.

Many people love going to a club in their town with their friends to socialise, have fun and win big. With many significant prizes available, it is no wonder that the interest has grown since the game was initially created.


The Mecca brand is known across the world as so many individuals like playing in their clubs. The original bingo calls will not be included in many of the bigger clubs these days, however, seaside halls still make use of them.

There are also a good number of Mecca Bingo club offers available in the various halls across the United Kingdom.

You may find a number of club offers which meet your needs and requirements, which is why we would recommend having a look at the different halls available. Some may have different offers than others.

Times and Prices

Morning sessions are generally quite cheap at around £2, afternoon sessions range from £1 to £8 per session and evening sessions range from £4 to £20.

The Mecca Bingo club prices vary depending on the location; obviously different areas of the United Kingdom will provide different prices. Additionally, the time of day may also alter the cost of the club. We would highly recommend checking out the club prices on the location you are looking for.

There are different Mecca-Bingo times and prices to think about too. Different clubs will have different opening times and closing times. The prices will also vary depending on the club you choose to go to.

If you wish to find out more about the times and prices surrounding certain clubs, then make certain to check out the club near you from our list above and you can then find more accurate times and prices.

Halls Near Me

There is sure to be some Mecca bingo halls nearby you. Have a look down our list and see if you can find a hall local to you.

Since there are a number of Mecca bingo halls all across the United Kingdom and we can let you know about the best deals and prices and when is the best time to go..

Our team have years of experience in the bingo industry and we only offer details on halls that people will be sure to enjoy. We want you to make the most of your time at Mecca, which is why we aim to offer you as much information as possible.

Club Membership

If you are thinking about getting a Mecca Bingo club membership, our team can offer the very best assistance. We know about all of the clubs across the country, including details about a membership.

We are able to recommend the best places to get your membership and offer details on how to receive the membership.

When you get a new membership card and welcome pack you will be able to choose your local club. You will then need to provide some personal details like your name, date of birth and address.

Before joining the club you will also need to agree to the terms and conditions and send over contact details.

New Members Offers

You may find a number of Mecca-Bingo new members offer when you first sign up to the club.

If you are interested in signing up, please check out the club in your area by the list of Mecca Bingo Halls on this page. You will then be able to find out the different offers when in various halls.

Some halls may offer the same offers for new members, but due to the different locations, you may find some have better offers than others. Why not have a look around the different Mecca Bingo locations and decide which would be best for you?


When you are ready to join the Mecca Bingo Club, make certain you have your personal and contact details available. You then need to visit your local club which you would like to become a member of.

Before you join, make certain to find out more about your local Mecca Bingo club by checking out our page on Mecca Bingo in your location.

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