Mecca Bingo Paisley

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8 Saucel Crescent, Paisley, Glasgow, PA1 1UB,


Phone Number

01418 495820


Payments Accepted

Mecca Bingo Paisley, GBP, Cash, Credit Card, £

Mecca Bingo Paisley Opening Times

Open Monday-Sunday

  • Monday 10:45am–12am
  • Tuesday 10:30am–12am
  • Wednesday 10:45am–12am
  • Thursday 10:30am–12am
  • Friday 10:30am–12am
  • Saturday 10:45am–12am
  • Sunday 12pm–12am

Mecca Bingo Paisley is open 7 days a week from 11 am. Games of bingo can be played most mornings along with every afternoon and evening.

Mecca Bingo Paisley Prices & Deals

The morning sessions currently cost just £2 each. Sessions in the afternoon vary from £1 – £10 whilst prices in the evening range from £3 – £12. Tickets to afternoon and the evening main events also include the early session in the price which means even better value and extra opportunities to win!

Prices are of course subject to change so we advise you phone or check online using the details above before you arrive.

About Mecca Bingo Paisley

Mecca Bingo Paisley is located in the North Shore area of the seaside resort which makes it easily accessible by car, bus, or the nearby train station.

There are 2000 comfortable seats in the huge venue, as well as plenty electronic terminals that can be used to play Mecca Max. Promotions, bonuses, competitions, and giveaways will keep everyone happy here, plus there are numerous events and trips that you can participate in throughout the year.

There is a great range of food to choose from at the cafe including some rather delicious desserts too. There are two bars where you pick up a drink, sit back and take a short break, or for a brief change of scenery why not go and have a few spins on the fun arcade machines. Disabled guests will find parking, easy access, seating, and toilets, plus hearing loops are available if required.

Where to Play Mecca Bingo

Mecca Bingo owns more than 80 bingo clubs in several main cities within the UK where the business is based. Mecca Bingo is part of The Rank Group, which manages bingos, gambling houses and internet gaming companies around Belgium, Spain and the UK.

The gaming brand is based in Maidenhead and it was first created in 1961. Another part of the Mecca Bingo brand includes their online site and a number of mobile applications. Mecca Bingo certainly is the biggest National Bingo Game operator in the United Kingdom.

The current game of bingo we see today came from USA, and it was applied there as a means of boosting cash for charities. It’s recently developed into one of the more popular gambling activities around, with numerous clubs positioned around the UK and around the world.

Plenty of people like to enjoy these types of activities with friends and family in a local bingo hall. The game of bingo is now even more common because of the massive jackpots and cash prizes that may be won.

The Well-Known Brand

The name Mecca Bingo is recognised around the world because there are many supporters of the game. The traditional bingo calls will not be utilised in most of the larger clubs nowadays, however seaside branches still employ them.

Since the 1980s, more up to date bingo centres were created in several places helping the activity to become much more popular and widely enjoyed. In 2006 more people in the United Kingdom went to bingo halls instead of football matches.

Playing online bingo has now become very popular and many people prefer to use the web when playing their favourite activities. Mecca has become a provider in both the online and the community bingo worlds, with various things available to win for each type.

UK Clubs and Halls

Through the UK there are plenty of bingo clubs in the distinct cities and towns if you are planning to enjoy a game. You can also get lots of chances to take part in a game on the internet if you would prefer to enjoy the games from your own house.

Several unique offers may be found in the distinct Mecca Bingo halls within the UK so make sure you look at these. You might even get a discounted dinner and other prizes when you visit your local club.

More Information on Paisley

PA1 1UB is a primarily residential postcode in Paisley, Renfrewshire.

The most common council tax band is D.

Commercial rateable values range from £103,000 to £183,000 with an average of £143,000. The most common recorded business types are Bingo Hall and Health Centre.

Council Tax values are typical for those in Renfrewshire, excluding any discounts. The actual rate charged may be slightly different to that shown here, due to additional charges such as parish precepts.

Original source – CheckMyPostcode

Renfrewshire is one of 32 council areas of Scotland. Located in the west central Lowlands, it is one of three council areas contained within the boundaries of the historic county of Renfrewshire, the others being East Renfrewshire to the east and Inverclyde to the west.

It also shares borders with Glasgow, North Ayrshire and West Dunbartonshire, and lies on The southern bank of The River Clyde. The term Renfrewshire may also be used to refer to this historic county, also known as the County of Renfrew or Greater Renfrewshire, which remains in use as a registration county and lieutenancy area.

Renfrewshire contains many of Glasgow’s commuter towns and villages, including the town of Paisley, which is the area’s main settlement and centre of local government, and the traditional county town of Renfrew, from which its name derives. The village of Elderslie is also notable as the traditional birthplace of Scottish knight William Wallace.

Original source – Wikipedia