The Best Betfair Advert Collection

There have been a number of adverts over the year from Betfair Casino to the betting sites. Here are a few of our favourites.

Upcoming 2018 Betfair Ads

Whilst we wait on the upcoming 2018 Betfair ads to release, we’re constantly guessing what they’ll do next. Got any ideas as to what you think their next campaign will look like? Please let us know! We can’t wait to review them.

Betfair Adverts 2017

Betfair Cheltenham Exchange Ad

Something very clever that Betfair do with their campaigns is occasionally create adverts for specific events such as the world cup final. In this case, Betfair have made this advertisement specifically about the Cheltenham races.

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What makes this excellent is the ability to target specific audiences around certain events, as the advert plays out to show many close ups of horses racing and the build up to Cheltenham. This does a really great job and attracting horse racing fans into their brand and potentially betting with them.

Some of the other specific events that Betfair have created ads for in the past include:

  • The 2012 Champions League Final
  • England at the 2014 World Cup
  • Royal Ascot 2016
  • The 2012 Ryder Cup

Betfair Adverts 2016

Betfair’s “Ready? Cash Out” Advert

This brilliantly made advertisement sees an intense betting situation play out over sepia edited visuals, with plenty of close-up shots and music that builds up to increase the tension throughout the Betfair Sports ad.

The great thing about the video its aim to really make the cash out feature seem as intense and exciting as possible, and they really do a great job of it. This I believe will entice a lot of people to use this feature for cash out bets in the future.

Another of Betfair’s “Ready? Cash Out” Adverts

In this advert, Betfair does a great job of motivating the viewers. The main aim is to motivate which we know because of the motivational soundtrack of ‘TNGHT – High Ground’ and the motivational description “A champion is someone who’s ready when the bell rings. Not just before. Not just after. But when it rings.”

This is an unusual advertising technique from a betting specialist company but it seems to have worked as it has racked up a number likes and a great like to dislike ratio on YouTube.

Betfair Adverts 2015

The company provide more adverts targeting their sports betting audience rather than the Betfair Bingo audience, however there are a variety of ads out there.

Betfair Tap Tap Boom Ad

Betfair’s Tap Tap Boom advertisement is a great example of an ad that keeps things simple, whilst presenting the companies best betting offers on a giant truck that passes two friends.

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The best thing about this for me is its sheer simplicity, and the adverts ability to attract customers with their amazing offers alone. This is reinforced by the ending which says “Betting with Betfair is as easy as tap tap boom”, tying in with the entire theme of the campaign.

Betfair has created this advert to promote their offers on the US Masters. By creating this advertisement, the gambling company is able to provide you with all of the information on their offers and are able to provide humour to their media.

A colour changing chameleon is really fascinating to the audience and will keep them hooked during this advert. The chameleon is seen tapping the phone with its tongue so there is also humour involved to provide all necessary aspects required for a quality advert.

Betfair Grand National 2015 Advert

In this hilarious advert, Betfair use editing to make it seem like two horses are driving rally cars. They made this advert to promote their campaign for the Grand National. This is a great advert from Betfair and managed to obtain over 90,000 views.
use of editing is great for adverts as it usually inspires imagination from viewers and consequents in a positive response to the advert. If this editing involves something funny, the advert will almost always do well and be successful.

Betting with Betfair is as easy as tap tap boom

Betfair More to Play For Advert

This advertisement shows the variety of bets that can be placed with Betfair, from corners to unlikely goal scorers the list goes on and on. What I really like about this ad is that it really connects with football fans, as often people like to bet on quite obscure things in football matches and Betfair’s ability to do that really helps them to stand out from the crowd.

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Betfair More to Play For Actor
Winning the bet from a corner..

Overall, this advertisement helps to make Betfair appear unique to its rivals by offering their fans more ways than ever to bet on sports. The use of different scenarios and characters really adds to this, and I think this is one of their best ads to date.

Betfair Adverts 2014

The Betfair 2014 adverts include scenes from a number of sports and social locations.

Octopus Ping-Pong Advert

This Betfair advert involves a really humorous side to the gambling company as we see an Octopus beating 4 players at ping-pong. During the time this advert was created, the 2014 World Cup was being played and a range of gambling providers decided to make these adverts during the halftime segments of matches which Betfair was able to do very successfully.

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For a 30 second advert, there are a numerous amount of characters that are seen in this advert including

  1. 4 Professional Ping-Pong Players
  2. 4 Ping-Pong Judges
  3. 1 Very Big Octopus
Betfair Octopus Advert
This Octopus seems to be a very promising talent!

The use of an Octopus is great as it represents the viral superstar ‘Paul the Octopus’ who predicted the scores of World Cup games by sitting in a box labelled with the two national teams that were competing.

Octopus Bar Advert

In this hilarious advert, we see the familiar Octopus at the bar with a gambler who is unsure whether to cash out or not. The Octopus then proceeds to tap on the cash out button and make his mind up for him.

With Betfair you can Cash Out at any time during the game.

This is a really funny advert from Betfair and again uses the same Octopus as seen in all of their 2014 summer adverts.

What are your favourite ads? Maybe you like the Betfair Arcade adverts. Let us know!

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