Best Virgin Games Advert Collection

We have collected the Best Virgin Games Advert Collection online for you to see what we love the most.

We would like to know which Virgins Games adverts you like best?

Virgin Games Adverts 2018

Unlike most of the other betting companies whose adverts we have analysed, Virgin Games have focused primarily on their later years rather than their earlier ones. 2014 and 2015 were very quiet years for the company and in 2016 they sprung to life with a brand new advertisement campaign and many different adverts to match.

If you have any theories about Virgin Games’ upcoming adverts for 2018 or have any ideas about what they could release, please feel free to let us know down in the comments below. We love to hear your opinions and are always happy to feature our favourites in the article!

Best Virgin Games Adverts 2017

2017 has definitely been the most successful year yet for Virgin Games as they have released many different adverts including a number of sequels to their first #LiveALittle advertisement series. We would love to hear which advert starring Vlad from #LiveALittle in 2017 is!

  1. Laundrette Advert
  2. Supermarket Advert
  3. Invite Me In Advert

Invite Me In – #LiveALittle Advert


Virgin Games Live A Little Advert
Looks like Vlad is quite impatient.

In the latest edition of the #LiveALittle advertisement series, vampire Vlad is seen standing outside a shop, he needs permission to enter and shouts to the shopkeeper to let him in. The shopkeeper replies by saying ‘do whatever you want boss’. He’s tired of waiting and pulls out his phone saying ‘being a vampire can be tedious sometimes’.

By the time he is invited in, he’s hooked into playing Virgin Games on his phone and tells the shopkeeper to wait. This is a really funny advert that promotes the fun that Virgin Games on your mobile and was successful in promoting Virgin Games as it got people talking about the brand and their advert.

Supermarket – #LiveALittle Advert

The start of the advert involves Vlad telling us that you get bored being ‘undead’ for so long. Because of this, he tried being the ‘first vampire to gain legitimate employment. We see him working at the still of a supermarket scanning customers’ items through the till. However, he comes across an onion which obviously causes issues with him being a vampire and sets him on fire which is very funny for viewers. It then leads to the night and it shows his date which is thought to be a very beautiful woman, however as she walks away the camera stays panned on an elderly woman to which he explains, she’s a bit young for me’.

Virgin Games #LiveALittle Advert
Vampires shouldn’t touch onions!

We think this is definitely one of Virgin Games’ funniest adverts due to the many jokes and humorous events we witness. The #livealittle advertising campaign is very funny and is heavily based on humour which we believe is the key to a successful advert. It was overall a very successful advertisement campaign.

Laundrette – #LiveALittle Advert


In the Laundrette advert, Vlad is doing his weekly washing that he has done every  Thursday for 500 years due to him being a vampire. It is a really funny advert due to the laundry woman approaching him and realising that his whitewashing has turned red to which she says ‘left a red sock in with your whites?’. This is really funny as he smirks and nervously tells her yes.

The use of humour through aspects of a vampire is a great way for Virgin Games to promote their services because most people can understand the subtle jokes being made. For example, in this advert, everyone knows that the red washing is actually blood due to the character being a vampire.

Discover the World of Virgin Games Advert


In this advert from Virgin Games, we see a much more promotional theme. With the main focus of the advert being digitally edited with cool transitions and graphics, it is obvious that it is not meant to be funny and has a more serious tone. They promote many different things such as offers, exclusive games, player favourites, amazing promotions and a buzzing community and chat.

Virgin Games – Get Something For Nothing

Another great feature of the advert is that V points are promoted alongside their games. V points are a great points system which allows players of the games to earn the points that can be used on a range of different Virgin services including transport, holidays, events and much more.

Best Virgin Games Adverts 2016

2016 was the first year that Virgin Games began to focus on televised advertisement and released a couple of adverts including the start of their new advertisement series – ‘#LiveALittle’.

Vlad – #LiveALittle Advert


This was Virgin’s first advert of their newest advertising series #LiveALittle. It stars the vampire known as Vlad and is a great way of Virgin showing a funny side to their company. It was the first advert that they created and was a great method of achieving popularity and growth of Virgin Games. They focus on showing the vampire side of Vlad due to it being the first advert.

His girlfriend comes home and shouts at him for always leaving ketchup everywhere to which he laughs and replies to the camera ‘it’s not ketchup’ with a smirk on his face. His girlfriend then opens the curtains and he hides behind a funny cat pillow. This is a really funny scene and is topped by the final scene where he ‘discovers the thrill of Virgin Games as he ‘gets a tan’ in the pouring rain. It is really funny!

Who Plays Vladimir in The Virgin Games Advert

The person who play Vladimir in the Virgin Games Advert is Jonathan Pointing.

Jonathan Pointing is an actor and writer who also is in the Weetabix On The Go advert.

Live Casino Virgin Games Advert

Live Casino Advertisement
Virgin Games hosts getting ready

In this advert, we see another promotional video for Virgin Games. Due to it being one of the first televised adverts for the betting company, they created this advert to emphasize the human side to the company. It shows everything that a customer would want including very high-quality cameras, a range of games and attractive men and women!

By using a jazz sounding song and showing all the games hosters looking sharp getting makeup put on their faces in suits and dresses, there is an immediate sense of professionalism shown. We see the many skills that they offer on the games and how fast and professional they are at hosting them. It gives the viewers and customers a sense of reliability and might attract them into playing with Virgin Games.

Best Virgin Games Adverts 2015

2014 and 2015 were very quiet years for the betting company. With no adverts available online, it is very unlikely that they released any adverts and if they did they were likely unsuccessful as pretty much all televised adverts are shown online. However, the quiet years led to a lot of success for Virgin Games as 2016 and 2017 were amazing years for the advertisement of their services.

Compared to most of our other betting companies’ analysis, they have still released a similar number of adverts to others. They also have released very funnily, memorable adverts which have been very successful and therefore we consider Virgin Games to still be a very good betting company for their advertisement.