Anyone in Nigeria who knows a thing or two about betting and bookmaking will already be familiar with Bet9ja.  Based in Lagos, the Nigerian sports betting brand continues to offer betters the chance to dive into its extensive betting markets and sportsbook facilities, though it has traditionally led with football being its main pursuit.  Football is huge in Nigeria – the national team often performs well from tournament to tournament, and Bet9ja has positioned itself as the leading name in football odds and expansive markets online.

As of 2018, Bet9ja is a Nigerian betting brand which continues to scale the heights of national web searches.  The sportsbook is only second to Google in terms of how often it is visited – meaning that it’s inarguable that you are looking at the biggest and best betting brand in Nigeria.  However, this is a market which is always growing, even now – so what is it that Bet9ja is doing to continue appealing to so many people at home and abroad?

In this guide, we will take a closer look at some of the major facts surrounding the brand and website, and why we think you should consider signing up for the latest in odds and for the most expansive markets out there.

When Did Bet9ja Start Operating in Nigeria?

Bet9ja started operating in Nigeria as of September 2013, having been set up to appeal to betters looking to monopolise upon sports taking place within the country.  In just five years, the betting brand expanded to the extent that they now rival even Google for first place in terms of web visits!  The brand is fully licensed by the Lagos State Lotteries Board, or LSLB, meaning that you are always guaranteed to receive fair odds and a solid customer experience from play to play.

It’s not hard to see why this is such a well-regarded betting site – it more or less does everything you expect of it!  Open to international betters, the website is also well-known for having sponsored Remo Stars FC, and having been on-board as the official sponsor of the Nigeria Women’s Football League since 2015.  Bet9ja is also the official sponsor of the popular Nigeria National League, having been installed as such since 2017.

Who Owns Bet9ja in Nigeria?

Bet9ja is the property of Kunle Soname, who also acts as the brand’s chairman.  The brand is an LLC or limited liability company, and is fully regulated and overseen by the LSLB.  The site and sportsbook is also overseen by KC Gaming Networks Limited.  The company and brand is run by shareholders based all over the world, with Soname owning the primary stake.

They currently operate the following online features:

How Much is Bet9ja Worth?

Kunle Suname is thought to have 100% stake in the business, and as such, it is estimated that the chairman may be worth around $100 million.  Not a bad profit at all for a betting brand which has only been trading since 2013!  However, the overall worth of the site and brand is something which is hotly debated.  Some sources suggest that Bet9ja may be worth around $910,000,000 – which, at present, is merely an estimate.  In any case, as one of the highest-ranking websites in Nigeria, it wouldn’t be too surprising to see the sportsbook pull in a few pretty pennies!

Betnaija Codes and Odds

Are you looking for the latest and best Betnaija codes and odds?  The site offers an incredible amount of scope as far as markets are concerned, and the Nigerian betting brand also supports an extensive number of regular deals and bonus codes for you to apply to your account.  Before you get started with Bet9ja, however, we advise you look carefully at a number of factors:

  • Does the site offer you the markets you look for when betting?
  • Are there enough deals and promotions to suit your tastes?
  • Does your country allow you access to the website and its sportsbook?
  • Have you read the terms and conditions of any deals offered?

There’s no reason why Bet9ja won’t become your new favourite sportsbook – but do always make sure to read any small print you come across!  With that in mind, dive into a huge range of markets and odds.