Which Bingo Adverts Do You Like Best?

Over the years there have been many TV adverts for online bingo. But which bingo advert do you like the best?

There are so many clever and funny bingo ads out there that we’ve enjoyed watching. Check out the videos below to see some of our favourite TV ads from over the years.

Paddy Power Bingo

The Paddy Power Hubby Removal Advert was published in November 2013. Many bingo fans find the video hilarious to watch, this is why we’ve added it to our top list.

Sun Bingo

Sun Bingo Television Commercial launched August 2013 has been a great marketing technique by the brand. They regularly show TV adverts throughout the year and are a popular bingo brand.

Foxy Bingo

We love the Foxy Bingo TV ad in which Heather Graham is revealed as Foxy. It was part of a series of adverts lading up to the big reveal of who was in the costume. This is a fan favourite for those who love the site and playing online bingo. Check out our Foxy bingo review today!

Mecca Bingo

This Mecca Bingo TV ad features a woman winning big on the site and then celebrating by dancing in different locations. The dog in the advert is one of our favourite parts!

Gala Bingo

This Gala Bingo ad from 2019 features a man in a kitchen chaos with coconuts flying and a big pot of gold landing from the sky. It turns out his wife is playing Gala Bingo in the next room!

Sky Bingo

This next one is among the more bizarre bingo adverts on TV that we’ve seen. The Sky Bingo ad features a diver, a cactus, an ice cream, a woman running through a field, and loads more crazy stuff. It certainly catches your attention if you’re looking for a new site to play at. What do you think of this video?

New Bingo Sites Advertised on TV

There are so many brands now that advertise their sites on TV. It’s a great way to grab the attention of potential new players with bonuses and jackpots. You’ll probably have seen a few new bingo sites advertised on TV recently. You may even have seen their videos on YouTube or elsewhere online.

The marketing teams for these companies are always looking for new and inventive ways to promote their sites. We find that humorous ideas and interesting storylines are what grab our attention the most. Be sure to keep an eye out for some of the latest brands appearing on your TV screens soon.

Rules for Advertising Bingo

Bingo companies must follow certain rules when advertising their brands on TV or online. As it is a gambling activity, the regulations on what they can show are sometimes quite strict. Here are some of the rules that all bingo sites have to follow:

  • Promote responsible gambling – This can include the ‘When the Fun Stops, Stop.’ slogan.
  • Avoid characters or situations that appeal to children – For example cartoon characters, toys or fairytale scenery.
  • Anyone who is or appears under the age of 25 cannot appear in a gambling advert.
  • No misleading offers – Companies must display terms and conditions and not try to use bonuses to mislead viewers.

Your Favourite Bingo Ads

Please let us know Which Bingo Adverts You Like Best. There are so many funny and clever ones that we love to watch. We want to add more videos onto this article so get commenting and sharing the best bingo brands videos so we can create a top 20 list.

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