Nine Myths about online Bingo, exposed

Bingo is hugely popular, we all know that. With fame, comes controversy and therefore, nasty rumours. There is a lot of superstitious folk out there creating myths around bingo. Maybe you have a friend utterly convinced they can cheat the system. Perhaps there’s a bingo hater telling you that you’ll never win because the system is fixed? Are you concerned by their fears? You shouldn’t be. This article is going to debunk the myths and clear up the confusion, for good.

#1 – It’s rigged

Probably the most common myth. You should swap the word ‘myth’ for ‘whine’ because that’s exactly what it is. People moaning. This myth comes from a few people who don’t like that they didn’t win. Here’s why it’s a myth… Every single bingo game uses what’s called a Random Number Generator (RNG). This ensures numbers are generated in such a way that is unpredictable and unrepeatable. No rhyme, reason or pattern. This is for fairness. Third parties, such as eCogra test the fairness of all the games. Bingo isn’t, and cannot be rigged!

#2 – It’s only for elderly people

Ironically, this myth is old. We know younger people like bingo! That doesn’t stop the connotation of a room full of old ladies with blue rinse hairstyles, dabbers poised. But, did you know the average bingo player age is actually 35? This is likely due to the prevalence of online bingo, which gets the attention of younger players. This virtual environment is a bit different from your average bingo hall.

#3 – It’s a total waste of your time

Perhaps the people who have never actually played bingo started this myth. Bingo is wildly popular! It’s been proven to relieve stress, that those in the ‘regular player’ category play at least one game every single day. It’s a safe and secure game with genuinely fair chances of winning potentially huge jackpots. Does that sound like a waste of time?

#4 – It’s Not Secure

This is a legitimate fear. Scams committed online are rife these days and becoming more intelligent; it’s getting more difficult to spot them. However, when it comes to the security of online bingo sites, it’s in their best interest to guarantee the safety of their players when using the site. They wouldn’t play there, otherwise! Operators adopt top-level encryption, security measures and technology that protects the users’ data and payment details.

#4 – It’s a lonely person’s game

Quite the opposite! Lots of people think bingo is anti-social. People sitting alone in bingo halls, or on their mobile or laptop, paying no mind to the actual world outside. This is wrong. Online bingo is a chance for people to talk to others that they wouldn’t otherwise meet! No matter where they are. Because of bingo, people immerse themselves into a close community. Bingo actually encourages you to widen your friendship horizons. It gives a space to chat about anything you like. Sometimes it’s easier to talk to someone online, than someone you know closely.

#5 – You Can Play The System

This is a big myth, and there are a few ways people think they can beat the system.

It’s been said millions of times. A player is cock-sure of themselves. They KNOW how to trick the house and consistently win. It happens across the board with casino games. Unless that person is a technology genius and has single-handedly gotten into the site’s system (which is really, REALLY illegal), and somehow found a way to hack it, then they’re probably lying. And if they did, they’re very clever and should spend their time and knowledge on something other than cybercrime. Bing is about luck. There are no proven strategies or patterns. You either win, or you don’t. Frustrating as it may be, it’s a fact.

Let’s expel some popular ‘cheat the system’ myths…

Playing the same numbers will eventually get you a win

Eventually being the operative word. It’ll take you a very long time and a lot of money to prove this. Most people have a sensitivity toward certain numbers, like a birthday, anniversary, or number of cups of tea they’ve had that day. Machines do not share that logic. Numbers are drawn randomly, by a regulated generator. It’s best if you accept that it’s just a computer pulling numbers. Don’t think about strategies and just enjoy your game.

There are better odds of winning if you follow a pattern

There’s a lot of clout for patterns. Again, this is totally false. Do not believe anyone who tells you that diagonal patterns mean you’re more likely to win that huge jackpot. As above, remember you’re playing a computer, not a person. There will be lots of players using the exact same pattern as you and you all have exactly the same chance of winning as each other. Again, forget about the patterns and enjoy yourself! That’s the whole point, certainly not to overthink.

More bingo cards mean more chances to win

There’s a whole load of content out there suggesting that buying more cards means you’ll have a better chance of a win. Unfortunately, it’s a very typical misconception and the assumption behind it is wrong. So, if you buy 5 cards, people think they have 5x more chance of winning than someone who’s bought 1. Wrong. All they’ve done is buy more cards. Of course, sites make their money from selling them to you, so they’ll happily take your money. But what if you buy too many and actually miss your chance of winning because you’re too confused? Calm down and remember it’s about luck.

#7 – Online bingo rooms plant players so you definitely cannot win

This one’s easy. No, they don’t. It’s illegal.

#8 – It forces you to spend more than you intended to

Bingo is actually one of the cheaper online and mobile casino games you can play. The chances of an overspend on your part are quite low. Unless you’re actively betting the highest amount you can, every single time. Some tickets start at a penny. If you’re smart, you should be enjoying bingo safely and responsibly.

#9 – Bingo is BORING

Again, this is simply false! You can interact with your opponents from across the globe, and have fun in their company as you play. You don’t get that with slots!

James has almost a decade of experience in the iGaming Industry. Winning several awards including "UK Casino Affiliate of the Year" he uses his experience to research the UK market to source the best bingo welcome bonuses, highest casino slots real money payouts and free spins sign up offers.