World Records in Bingo

World records come in all sorts of whacky ways; from the stunning to the absolute strange. There’s the most amount of spoons balanced on a human body (50) or the most amount of naked people riding a rollercoaster (102). However, did you realise that there are some pretty awesome bingo world records?

From the biggest bingo game at any point played, to the greatest bingo balls, it’s listed here.

While some of won’t ever receive a place in the official Guinness World Records, others are (incredibly) too special, but you can find them RecordSetter.

The Biggest Game of Bingo

Columbia, 2006

These days, because of the emergence of online bingo, bingo lobbies are fortunate to get 50 individuals playing bingo at least once per week. So for the record, a whopping 70,080 people played one game!

To get your head around how gigantic that is, envision the whole populace within Staffordshire, playing bingo simultaneously—it was that huge. This record-breaking group ended up winning over £250,000 worth of money prizes—It would’ve been extremely hard to be heard yelling ‘HOUSE’ over that crowd!

The Biggest Money Prize Won at a Bingo Hall

Scotland, 2008

The biggest jackpot people mostly ever win during a physical real-life game is maybe three digits—which is pretty spectacular, particularly considering however most vast jackpots are given online today rather than in bingo halls.

This actually wasn’t the case for Soraya Lowell. This lucky gal won just shy of £1.2m, winning the National lotto Game Pt Jackpot! If that’s not luck, then what is? Does your local bingo hall that much? You’d be taking part in each week!

Highest Ever Game of Bingo

Mount Everest, 2009

A lot of you reading this will have played in a bingo hall and probably online. Maybe you’ve even played a game of bingo at a rocking party. However, who can say they’ve played nearly 18,000 feet above sea level? Probably none.

Twenty four Gala Coral workers, meanwhile, can tell you how it felt. These dedicated individuals trekked all the way to Mount Everest’s base camp to play a couple of games of bingo. By doing this, they raised £100,000 for Sue Ryder Care.

Now, that definitely livens up a standard game of bingo! Suffice to say,  this record won’t be beaten for a long while.

Fastest Ever Bingo Jackpot

Online, William Hill, 2010

Many people regard the luck of the beginner as a legend. And that’s fair; how many people bag the jackpot on their first try? Lady Luck really did fancy Darryl Howe, though. In only 40 minutes after creating an account via William Hill, he landed £18k.

He got a fifteen-number full house in only 23 number calls. Statistically, the odds of that happening are 93 BILLION to one! Beginners luck, eh? If every bingo player had this, we’d all be rich!

The Biggest Ever Online Game of Bingo

Japan, 2010

If you’re a regular player, you’ll be well accustomed to playing games with lots of people. Online bingo is increasingly popular. Chatrooms are bustling, and the rooms themselves can hold hundreds at a time.

The players of Tokyo, however, made this amount seem feeble. Some 493,824 people turned up to their world record-breaking game! This event was organised via Coca-Cola’s social media society.

Balancing a Basket of Bingo Balls the Longest

Canada, 2010

Most people simply talk about bingo to demonstrate their love for it. Or actually playing it a lot. This wasn’t enough for Doug McManaman. He did something utterly different.

What he did was get a pole and balanced a full basket of bingo balls on that pole, then rested, and balanced that, on his chin. He was there for 79.4 seconds in total. A record time. Possibly because no one had tried it before?

Biggest Game of Bingo Played in an Office

The Philippines, 2012

It’s not unusual to see a group of colleagues taking part in some sort of competition; baking cakes or simply going for a pint to unwind. Some people think that’s boring though.

In the Phillippines, Task Us decided to hold the biggest ever recorded game of bingo in an office. 97 of their employees took part! In one office! The atmosphere must’ve been electric. Work hard, play hard at it’s best! They now hold this bingo world record.

Tallest Bingo Marker Tower Ever Built

Canada, 2013

We’re meeting back up with Doug McManaman and his intense love for bingo. Apparently he doesn’t do things by halves. This already-world-record-setting chap tried for another, and more unique record. He built the tallest tower recorded from bingo markers!

Not to be mistaken with dabbers, this record was set using the small discs. The tower itself was constructed of 82 bingo markers, all stacked carefully atop of one another. To pass, it has to remain steady for a minimum of ten seconds. That took skill and patience!

The World’s Largest Bingo Balls

Manchester, 2014

We know Gala Bingo is one of the biggest names in the bingo world. They give away massive jackpots, and it’s no wonder they’re as popular as they are. It’s not as well known that they’re also holders of a world record! They played a game of bingo with the world’s largest bingo balls.

The game itself was played on the set of Coronation Street. Balls just over 60cm big were tossed from windows. This wasn’t only a record-breaking game, but they raised £10k! Not sure if any other sites can say they have a world record!

Biggest Bingo Card

London, 2014

This final record sees the return of Gala Bingo. Clearly not happy to settle with just the one record, they had to break another. During an annual VIP ball, Gala bingo, along with some reality TV pals, smashed the record for having the biggest bingo card.

It measured nearly 5m in length and 2m in width. It raised just over £6k for the Royal Voluntary Service. A word record and some funds raised for charity.

We hope you enjoyed reading about these Bingo World Records. Do you think any more will be broken in 2024?

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