How to Win at Online Bingo

If you’re looking for advice on how to win at online bingo, check out some of our tips below. Remember that there is no way to guarantee a win, but there are a few ways to increase your chances.

Here are six sure-fire ways to improve your chances of winning at online bingo.

Bingo is a hugely popular game with a long and interesting past. People from all sorts of backgrounds and ages love to play and at some point in their lives have all enjoyed a bingo game or two. Online casinos in the UK are still seeing thousands of player flocking to their online bingo games for an exciting time.

It’s traditionally a very social game and is played for fun as much as profit, but a solid bingo strategy can drastically improve your odds of winning, whilst having all that fun with your fellow bingo players. Continue reading to learn how.

Useful Strategies for Improving Your Chances of Winning at Online Bingo

It’s got to be said that there really is nothing you can do to influence the randomness of bingo numbers being pulled out. It’s protected by an unfathomable algorithm within a random number generator and it is genuinely random.

The numbers coming out being yours is purely down to luck. Now, before you get too upset and give up, read on. There are things you can do to improve your chances of a win.

Play at Times When There Are Fewer Players

Like with slot games, the more players there are, the bigger the jackpot is. When you play bingo, the jackpot won’t increase or decrease depending on the volume of players, So with this in mind, your aim should be to play as few opponents as possible. This will increase your chances of coming out as the winner!

The days and times advisable are odd hours of the day or night on weekdays, when people are likely to be asleep! Conversely, avoid hours when they’ll be on their work commute and likely to be playing on their phones or tablet, like from 7-9am and 4-6pm.

Purchase More Bingo Cards

This is one of the more popular bingo strategies that exists revolves around buying a large number of cards. The more cards you have, the more your chance of winning is increased. If a number comes out that isn’t on one card, it’s likely to be on another. Additionally, you’ll have a better chance of crossing off a pattern on any of your multiple cards.

Know the Rules

Before joining a bingo room for your game, make sure you know what prizes are on offer and how you win them. Bingo games vary; they either offer prizes based on competed lines or a full house.

Get Involved

One of the fantastic things about online bingo is the chat room feature. Players can talk to one another. This in itself doesn’t increase your chances of winning but there are often random prizes launched into the chat rooms which are separate from the main game.

You should chat to people anyway; they might have some knowledge they’d like to impart on you about their bingo strategy. You never know, they might say something that could help you win big!

If you’re not all that social, at least keep the chat room open, even if you don’t participate. You’ll still benefit from the moment the moderator decides to launch a competition or chat-room-only prize.

The Granville Method

This is a famous bingo strategy that players go for. So popular, it’s been taken and adapted by stock market special analysts in an attempt to predict price movements. Granville’s theory requires a few basic bingo card checking rules to increase your odds of a win at bingo, like:

An equal amount of high/low and eve/odd numbers, as well as having an equal amount of numbers that end in 1 through 9.

The Tippett Method

The road less travelled is a strategy developed by British statistician, Tippet. The goal was to increase the odds of winning specifically at bingo sites. Much detailed analysis of stats and probability revealed the realisation that the longer a game of 75 ball , the more likely the balls drawn will be close to the medium number (38). The shorter the game, the more likely the balls drawn will be closer to 1 and 75.

To follow the Tippett method you have to:

Pick a card containing numbers close to 1 and 75 if you’re playing a quick game,

Pick a card with numbers close to 38 if you’re playing a longer game.

ALWAYS use a trustworthy and reputable site when playing bingo.