Online Bingo – Is it Fixed?

Here is a checklist to be mindful of when trying to get the most benefit and thrill you can from playing online bingo. Do this whilst being safe, on legitimate bingo sites.

  • Always check the reviews of a site you’re going to use
  • Consider what’s really behind any complaints
  • Check if it’s licensed
  • Check the wagering requirements before depositing any real money
  • Consider if you want to opt-in or out of promotions
  • Consider if you feel the terms and conditions are unreasonable
  • Don’t be seduced into playing with big spenders
  • See if you’re limited to a number of tickets per player, per game
  • Accept that it’s all down to luck, winning or losing

Is Online Bingo Fixed?

In short, no, online bingo is not fixed.

It’s the key question every bingo player should ask, and is entitled to the answer. If a player is spending their hard-earned money on a top bingo site, they are trusting that site with personal data and their financial/payment information.

Players are correct for expecting a reward in return for their loyalty to a site. The question is, how do you know if you can truly trust them?

Players, generally, are quick off the mark to highlight a site that doesn’t seem fair. The typical complaints you’ll hear are; the same people are winning every time, the site doesn’t pay out, they’re only after your cash. You’ll find these thoughts posted in forums, or in the comments section underneath a review.

Anything that could imply the site is fixed. But, really, is that truly the case? If it’s not, how do some sites come across as unfair when you play bingo? Do all players really have the same chances of winning?

Let’s walk through the ideas and answers.

How to Know If a Bingo Site Is Fair

This is the UK, and we’re under some of the strictest regulations and rules there are. Globally. The requirements are in place to ensure players that the site they’re playing on is trustworthy and fair. It helps fraudulent sites stick out like a sore thumb.

What’s the Legality Surrounding Licenses and Regulation?

The Gambling Act (2005) clearly says that every single bingo site offering a service to the UK must have a license. If based in the UK, the logo from the Gambling Commission must be sported somewhere. Non-UK sites are usually licensed by another gambling authority.

Obtaining a license to offer online bingo to UK-based players is no easy thing to be granted. The site is meticulously inspected, including going into the software for assurances that the games are indeed fair. There are checks that need to be undergone to ensure the age of players is appropriate (18+), and personal data is kept secure.

Legally speaking, bingo sites have to show their license information. On a legitimate site, you’ll easily be able to find this, ideally on the homepage, typically in the footer.

The Gambling Commission regulates bingo in the UK; ensuring regular checks are done on sites to make sure rules are being followed.

How Do They Select Bingo Balls?

As you know, in bingo hall bingo games, real balls are used and pulled from a cage. The number is yelled out by the caller. Online, however, things don’t work quite the same.

Online bingo sites use what’s called a Random Number Generator (RNG) to choose the numbers. RNGs use algorithms to ensure they’re giving players fair odds.

For additional security, software checks are done time and time again, for credibility. The results must show inconclusively that they are indeed random, else the site would be revoked of its license.

Fairness Testing

In addition to the licensing that is required, all online bingo games have to go through rigorous testing. This will be done by an independent organisation such as eCOGRA to prove that the game is functioning fairly and correctly. These tests are done for all casino games and other online gambling features to ensure  fair play.

These tests will assess the random number generators being used to make sure they work as they should. So you can be confident that your chance of winning is the same as anyone else’s when playing bingo.

If It’s Not Fixed, Can It Still Be Unfair?

Now you know that a legitimate online bingo site will not and cannot be rigged. Some people still feel they can be unfair. Why?

A lot of complaints of this nature originate from players who have had problems when withdrawing their funds. Rather than being a sign that a site is actually rigged, it’s more likely to be due to:

  • Not meeting the wagering requirements
  • Not providing sufficient ID
  • Genuinely having bad luck
  • Not knowing the wagering requirements
  • General T&C’s

Online bingo sites like to offer their players promos and bonuses, but if you earn winnings from them, you can’t withdraw the funds until you’ve met some criteria. For example, there’s usually a certain amount you have to spend in a given time period before you can withdraw.

If you fail to meet these requirements, it can be annoying, but really you’ve only yourself to blame. Bingo sites will always have an accessible list of their full term and conditions on their site.

It’s the individual’s responsibility to read them first. If the conditions of the promotion aren’t realistic for you, then you’re advised to opt-out. It’s not widely known that you can do this.

Small print can be complicated. Read through them to make sure you understand wagering requirements. Don’t be someone who says a site is unfair when really you might not have understood the policy of withdrawing money.

Because understanding the small print can be confusing, we’ve put together this super simple guide to wagering requirements to help you.

So, when people say that a site is unfair, what they may really mean is that that the site has tough withdrawal policies.

Identity/ID Verification

Another common complaint heard is experiencing delays on withdrawals because a site has asked for proof of age. It can be irritating, but they are legally required. The goal is to keep you safe from potentially fraudulent operations, as much as it is to protect themselves.

It’s a bit like being stuck at a red light. You’re in a rush and it feels like the most infuriating thing that could happen. But if you think about what might happen if that light wasn’t there at all, there’d be accidents. The road would be in disarray.

Really, asking you to prove your age with ID is only a small inconvenience, in the grand scheme. It means the site is doing its job and has measures it is following to ensure you’re safeguarded against identity theft or underage players. Most new bingo sites these days will require some form of identification to make sure you are who you say you are.

Sometimes You Just Don’t Win

The single biggest complaint of them all. Players who complain when they’ve deposited a certain amount and only gone on to win a handful of games.

Do you buy a lottery ticket and assume you’re going to win? You’ll dream about it, for sure. Thinking about what cars you’d buy or how it’d feel to pay off your mortgage. No one of sound mind and reason, though, is ever shocked when their numbers don’t come up.

Online bingo is similar. The game is played on a much smaller scale, so your odds of a win are much better than the lottery. Bingo might be a more light-hearted version of gambling, but gambling it still is.

Once you come to terms with this idea, your enjoyment of bingo will multiply exponentially. For every winner, there is a loser. But isn’t that part of the fun? It’s unpredictable and exciting; that’s the whole point!

A nice cash injection is one of the appeals of playing online bingo, but there are other perks to consider.

So, what about those players who seem to always be on a lucky streak? They might be playing with more budget and have more tickets to more games. They might’ve deposited a lot more than you in an attempt to increase their odds of winning.

The truth is, there’s no requirement for you to extend past your means to compete with those high spenders. Rooms that limit the number of tickets any one player can have might be up your street if that is a concern.

Can You Actually Win Money on Online Bingo?

Every online bingo game will have different jackpot payouts you can win.

The jackpot winnings vary in size depending on the stake you wager and the number of players in the game.

There are a lot of different bingo games and the jackpot winnings can range from hundreds of pounds won to thousands for the bigger progressive jackpots.

Form Your Own Opinion

All the reasons someone may complain about a bingo site can often be debunked. You’re much better off forming your own opinion and deciding for yourself if you think a site is worth playing on.

Check out reviews where you can. Know that most sites accepting UK-based players are likely to be licensed. Any that aren’t will be fairly obvious. Those marked by a governing authority have had to jump through multiple legal hoops to prove they are trustworthy, secure and fair.

Each does offer varying wagering requirements and policies about withdrawing money, so find one that works best for your needs.

So if you’ve been wondering ‘Are Bingo Sites Fixed?’ hopefully now you can put your mind at rest.

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