Jumpman Affiliate Program

Jumpman Gaming is a brand that many people will know if they have already played their way across several popular slots and casino sites.  The sites owned by the brand are perhaps best-known for their ‘mega reel’ bonuses.

However, the brand has expanded significantly since they were ‘just’ known for this deal. They have now started offering their own affiliates program.

Partners will be able to promote sites offered by Jumpman Affiliates and claim back a specific rate of commission. So, the more money the players you introduce pay into the sites, the bigger cut you will get of the profits.

If you already run a website or blog about casino games or slots, then it could be a great chance for you to make some serious passive cash. However, do be careful, as even with the Jumpman affiliate program, you could stand to make zero cash in a month if you don’t put the time and effort in!

Who Are Jumpman Affiliates?

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Jumpman Affiliates is the sister scheme of Jumpman Gaming, a leading casino brand. They are responsible for some of the most popular mid-range gaming websites online. Famous with many players who are looking around for slots brands and big-name developers.

Jumpman has very quickly become a household name amongst casino fans over the years. As such, it is hardly surprising that they have opened up a partners scheme with extra benefits.

Jumpman Affiliates offers a tiered commission system and a series of great sites and games for you to promote.

They also give you access to affiliate control through Proprietary Software. This is a leading tool which will allow you to monitor how your links are performing, and how much money you could stand to make back in any given month. It’s great to have access to all this data as you go along!

Sites They Cover

If you’re unsure which casinos and gaming sites are covered by the Jumpman label, make sure to do your homework!  Some of the sites covered by the scheme are already very popular.

Therefore, you may not have too much difficulty encouraging new people to pop along and have a look for themselves!  The main sites covered by Jumpman Affiliates include:

As you can see, there is a lot of ground covered here!  You may well have played at one or two of these sites yourself. If not, it is well worth taking a closer look at them so that you know how to promote them for the best!

Potential Commission

The potential commission from Jumpman Affiliates can extend as much as 50%, which is a very competitive cut indeed. However, you will need to introduce over 50 new people per month who are willing to pay into the casinos you promote.

Therefore, you are going to need to put in time and effort, initially, to encourage people to get involved.

The basic opening rate, for 0 to 5 players, is 25%. This is an excellent opening rate to start with, and will likely appeal to many people who are new to affiliate programs in general.  Once you are on your way and are getting used to promoting, you may well turn over much more than this!

Payment Options

Payment options here allow you to use bank transfers as well as PayPal. This means you should have no difficulty getting set up to receive regular cash.  The minimum withdrawal marker is £250 per month.

This means you will need to make at least this from clickthrough deposits in a month to be able to take any money away.  This rate is a little higher than you might see elsewhere, so do bear it in mind.

Getting started on the Jumpman Affiliates program is well worth doing. Especially if you already write regularly about games and if you have the time and effort to promote their brands on a regular basis. Take a good look at their terms and conditions, as well as their range of sites, and see for yourself if it is worth getting involved. 

As always, do play through the main sites to get a good feel for Jumpman Gaming action, and if you’re still not sure, read up on what existing partners have to say.  Ultimately, you should always go with your gut when signing up with Jumpman Affiliates!