Ladbrokes – Top Online Gaming and Betting Site

Ladbrokes is a betting and gambling company that is based in Britain; however, it is starting to join competitors bringing bingo and casino into the brand. Ladbrokes was founded in 1886.

In 2016 Ladbrokes bought rival company Gala Coral Group and became Ladbrokes Coral.

Due to recent mergers and the number of Ladbrokes shops and online games provided it has become one of the top online gaming and betting sites in the UK. This brand only uses the very best software to ensure online players get the most out of their experience.

What does Ladbrokes Offer?

Ladbrokes offer the full sweep from betting shops to online betting, bingo and casino. Members can enjoy a range of different games and features depending on their individual preferences.

You may want to start placing your bets online, using the Ladbrokes sports betting site, rather than making a special trip out to the Ladbrokes betting offices. This could save time and the same odds can be found!

Maybe you prefer gaming? The Ladbrokes casino is becoming more and more popular with games like Blackjack and also many people’s favourite: online Roulette.

There is also plenty of other Ladbrokes games and slots available online. If this still doesn’t interest you, maybe you would like to try out Ladbrokes bingo online? Whatever it is you enjoy, you are sure to find it on one of the Ladbrokes sites.

History of Ladbrokes

The chances of not having a Ladbrokes betting shop located on your nearest high street is very slim, even if you have never stepped past the front door you will have most definitely walked on by or had a nose through the inviting windows (much like those teenage kids full of curiosity).

The name ‘Ladbrokes’ originated way back in 1880 when two businessmen (Mr Schwind and Mr Pennington) created a partnership to commission the growth of horse racing, with these horses trained at Ladbroke Hall, North West of Birmingham in Worcestershire. The inspiration to use this as a business title didn’t occur until 1902, when a third partner, Mr Bendir, suggested doing so, along with turning a horse race into the opportunity of a gambling venture.

Bendir cleverly targeted punters that were interested in horse racing to place money on their predicted winner, if successful they would double their money in return. As gambling grew more and more popular, Ladbrokes targeted to new customers in Gentlemen’s clubs in London city, knowing their high status and wealth would earn Ladbrokes an excellent reputation and admirable profit.

History of Ladbrokes

The business was booming for 30+ years until World War 2 came crashing down and destroying the economic stability that was once here, customers put their money elsewhere to ensure safety for their unknown future. Dark skies cleared up in 1956 when Ladbrokes was introduced to new owners, Cyril Stein and his family, and a wave of genuine punters followed.

Half a decade later, physical betting shops were legalised, making Ladbrokes one of the very first companies to open up a shop on the high streets, giving their existing customers a place of comfort as well as broadening the horizons to plenty more success.

In the 1960s, football fans were ecstatic to learn that Ladbrokes was the first betting shop to offer fixed odds priced on all football matches, and in terms of politics, Ladbrokes was again, the first to give punters the opportunity to place bets on the Conservative Leadership. It’s safe to say the Stein family really had a strong head for business.

Outside of the betting shops, the success continued to climb as they invested into Texas Homecare, a UK based DIY company, that eventually was sold onto Sainsbury’s. They also branched out to accommodation, purchasing the chains of Staki’s Hotels, as well as Vernon’s Pools.

Ladbrokes Online Gambling

As the world evolved and the digital age came around, Ladbrokes was straight on board with adapting, creating their very own website that engages a whole new online audience that could potentially reach global customers. There are no signs of Ladbrokes slowing down, with a recent merging with Coral meaning they now have thousands of shops, a highly profitable and popular website and an easy to use, quickly accessible and on the go mobile app.

In 2015, the new Chief Executive, Jim Mullen, stated his intentions to put his energy and skills into strengthening all Ladbrokes online presence as he believes it’s the future of gambling for new generations.

What Does Ladbrokes Offer?

Ladbrokes offer something for all types of a gambler, from beginners to seasoned pros. They also offer a wide range of betting opportunities, both in-store and online. For example, far from just offering odds on the usual suspects such as horse racing and football, you can now bet on everything from politics to your favourite reality TV shows, such as Love Island and the Apprentice.

However, it’s no secret that online gaming is taking over as the main attraction for gamblers, and this is something that is definitely not in short supply at Ladbrokes.