Playtech Software (Previously Known as Virtue Fusion)

A Black background with a white circle with 50% opacity covering half of the background. A blue oval can be seen in the top left with "" inside of it. Two lines of text in white writing are displayed in the middle, with an orange box with one line of white text within it. A roulette table can be seen in the bottom left, with casino chips coming out of it. In the opposite corner, 5 cards can be seen spread out, going from 10, J, Q, K, Ace, all in the heart suit (top right). In the middle right, 3 casino dice can be seen being rolled onto the orange box, being red and white in colour. Also, in the bottom right, the Playtech logo can be seen.
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Playtech software has been around since 1999 founded by members with a background in engineering, casino and software. Although up until 2010 the software was referred to as Virtue Fusion.

It is the world’s largest online gaming software provider.

They opened their first online casino in 2001 when they first got a casino licensee.

They are the creators of several products including the ipoker network, mobile casino, videobet, land-based offerings, bingo network and live casino.

In 2006 the company went public and was listed on the London AIM. They also expanded to several countries in Europe including Spain, Italy, Serbia and Estonia.

During 2010 they made several acquisitions;

  • GTS – A Games aggregtor
  • Intelligence Gaming
  • Mobenga – A specialist mobile gaming enabler
  • PTTS – A top affiliate marketing specialist
  • Virtue Fusion – The largest bingo software provider in the UK
  • Ash Gaming – A gambling games creator
  • In 2012 they also purchased Geneity who are one of the UKs leading sports betting providers.

The software is fully licensed meaning that players can enjoy sites safely. Suspicious activity will be detected right away helping to prevent fraudulent behaviour. It is important to choose a site that are full licensed and have fraud prevention to ensure you are safe online.

Playtech Games

Playtech offers a range of different gaming solutions including:

The software has a complete cross-platform which offers players access through a range of different platforms.

What Makes the Software Unique?

The software has become well known by players with the help of features like deal or no deal bingo and lucky numbers. Backed by some top gaming content creators in the biz they offer more than 65 mini-games for players.

There are new Playtech bingo sites and new casino sites by Play Tech regularly, which is why it’s such a great software. You can also see the latest slots here.

Playtech Mobile Games

There are plenty of Playtech mobile games which can be used on phones and tablets. They offer a full app solution for IOS and Android. With the Playtech software combined with their specially designed app you are able to play on your smartphone, tablet or laptop when you’re on the go.

Most people are using their smartphones more than ever in recent years. Phones are constantly getting much better with sophisticated technology and improvements in the speed of apps and other features.

The best providers will always be enhancing their service to keep up with mobile gaming. This is why there is such a good choice of mobile games which you don’t have to sit down at a computer to use.

Find the best Playtech sites for the various features here:

Several brands make an effort to provide you with the total profile for cell phone gameplay and if that works, you can simply be delighted. Despite the fact that apps can be made which are fast to launch, they can often make smartphones slow down or use up a lot of memory space.

At other times, the brands offer online apps which can be attentive to your phone dimensions. Then, you may choose to play just your favourite features, and never acquire the whole bundle.

Playtech No Deposit Bonus

It’s a good idea to look for a Playtech no deposit bonus which enables you to use the site features for free. This may be limited to certain games or a specific time frame after signing up, so be sure to check the terms of any promo codes or offers.

Some sites will let you have a chance to win real money with a few of the applications that you participate in. The best cash prizes will still be available to those that have paid their funds.

Find out more about the no deposit bonuses available:

Nevertheless, we suggest that you still try participating in the free online game titles using bonus codes to take a look at each of the various options. You will have no risks and might win some cash when enjoying playing the free features. This Playtech software bonus is a popular one which can be found on many well-known websites.