Ukash Gaming Payment – Deposit with Ukash

Ukash was founded in 2005 and It is commonly used for online gaming and betting sites where players deposit online. It enables users to swap cash for a secure code which can be used to transfer money.

What are Ukash Vouchers? Ukash uses vouchers with a 19 digit code which enable you to place secure bets online. You can redeem these vouchers at Ukash friendly bookmakers. 

The payment method has now been taken over by Paysafecard, another similar service for depositing money online.

Benefits of Using Ukash

This online payment method has plenty of benefits if you’re using gaming sites or betting. There is no requirement to use a debit card or bank account so it’s often seen as more secure. Instead, you can put money on vouchers which are then used to make deposits on your favourite casino or bingo sites. The Ukash gaming payment is very popular and supported by lots of sites.

But vouchers are not the only payment method that the network uses to serve its fast-growing customer base. Instead, Ukash also has their own MasterCard which can be used everywhere as long as the location or retailer supports this method. What’s more, this MasterCard can be used at any modern ATMs around the globe to withdraw funds cost-effectively.

The main advantage that people see with Ukash bingo sites is that they usually don’t require users to register their personal information when purchasing vouchers. Unlike other payment methods, this one lets you purchase vouchers quick and efficiently.

Ukash Vouchers Online

Again, because there’s no information associated with the user when purchasing vouchers, it can be convenient for bingo users who want to keep their transactions discreet. Online fraud is very rampant these days and therefore using credit cards to make deposits is no longer considered safe.

That’s the reason many bingo site users prefer the use of Ukash UK as opposed to other bingo payment methods such as Neteller which you can find out more about here.

They also have a product called Ukash Air. This product lets users purchase airtime for prepaid phones across the world. This feature is so convenient for people who travel a lot. They don’t have to face restrictions when it comes to making calls as they can purchase Ukash air in their destination country.

Beware of Ukash Scams

In the past, there have been scams reported from Ukash users. Scammers were extorting codes in order to sell them for black market use. This was done by posting fake items for sale on Gumtre or offering services which didn’t exist.

The company then issued advice to customers in 2012 stating that Ukash codes should be treated like cash and should not be given out over email or telephone. Genuine online merchants would not require the code to be given over email or on the phone.