Are New Bingo Sites Under Threat?

You may have noticed a steep decline in the number of sites that come are coming on the market each month for the first time. The main reason is that in 2017 the UK government changed the legislation so that any bonus cash that was given away had to be taxed at the same rate as cash that is actually deposited by a player. We look into the reasons why this change happened.

New Rules For Online Bingo

2017 saw record fines being handed out to online bingo operators as new rules came into force. The main reason being the fines was the way that operators where advertising online and the language they were using to attract new players. This wasn’t just a problem for the bingo market but the wider world of online gambling.

You will find that any of the latest bingo websites being launched in the UK are following these strict new guidelines.

Sites Can No Longer Feature Cartoon Characters

In addition to certain terms being banned from being used, new laws in taxation, bingo sites used to heavily feature cartoon characters in the design of the sites. This proved problematic as the sites looked very similar to games like Candy Crush which are freely available to people under the age of 18 in places like the App Store or Google Play store.

All in all the new rules that govern bingo sites are welcomed because it helps protect those that are vulnerable. Although not always seen that way because of the friendly nature of bingo sites, playing bingo on a laptop or smartphone is gambling and it is illegal for players under the age of 18 to play bingo for money.

New Taxation On Bingo Bonuses

In addition to certain terms being banned from being used when promoting new bingo sites and their welcome bonuses. Sites that offer a no deposit bonus are now being taxed more heavily.

The term new bingo sites with free money used to be one of the things the marketing teams used to use when trying to appeal to new players. Now the term free money can’t be used and the ‘free money’ that was given out upon registration, is now taxed at the same level as if a player had made a new deposit for the first time.

This leaves only the largest of operators able to afford to use this tactic to draw in new players and instead many are now offering free bingo tickets as a bonus option to get around this

Player Offers Using The Free Terms

New rules now ensure the terms and conditions of welcome offers and bonuses are displayed alongside the latest offer. Words like free money are no longer permitted as usually there is some form of deposit needed to activate the bonus. As we have known for some time now it’s not strictly free money and can be misleading, especially for new bingo players.

Bingo sites that don’t follow these strict new rules could mean they face the prospect of fine or having their license revoked. So playing fast and loose with the rules just because the site creator has the newest site to promote isn’t worth the risk of being in breach of these new rules. Many sites offer no deposit bingo bonuses but it’s important to check the terms of these before playing.

Are New Sites Under Threat?

We all love the excitement of new stuff, so whether it’s a new gadget, a new car, a new house or a new bingo site there is a buzz like nothing else. There are new bingo sites being launched all of the time, so it’s not led to the death of the industry.

The creators of bingo sites would have you believe that their days are numbered but the truth is we are still seeing a lot of new bingo sites launched on a monthly basis, although the pace has slowed somewhat. Like many new changes and new rules and ways of working, people always seem to find a way to adapt and within a few months of new changes being rolled in, people soon forget what all the fuss was about.

What this means from a players perspective is bingo bonuses won’t be as generous as they once were, not for UK players anyway. It may mean that some of the smaller operators are not able to keep pace with the legislative changes in the rules governing bingo sites and this may force them to close their doors.

For the larger operators though it likely means a cut in their profits as they need to find new innovative ways to market to new players.

What Does The Future Look Like For New Sites?

Given the number of visits we get to this particular page of the website, there is still a strong desire for people to play the game of bingo at home using their computer or on their smartphone.

In fact, we have seen the number of new visitors to this page increase in the last 6 months alone. It could be an increase in the number of new players looking to play bingo for the very first time. Or it could be that switching from one bingo brand to another is now more commonplace.

Final Thoughts

Since all the changes over the last couple of years, the latest bingo sites seem to be getting better and better. There are some slick designs appearing now on the market and these sites tend to have a mature feel about them. In my opinion, these changes in legislation have actually made the sites much better and have made the creators of the bingo games put a lot more thought and effort into what sites they create.

Bingo is very much alive and well and the scaremongering around what these legislation changes would do to the industry proved not to go the way some people predicted it would go.

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