Daub Alderney White Label Platform

There are several white-label platforms available in January 2021 fighting to be the best. However, it is crucial to see which is best for you. Could Daub Alderney be the right choice?

The company is happy with its ability to create, market and produce sites for both social gaming and real money. To do this, they have their websites, but also have a white-label service that enables companies to pay for their services to be used on their sites.

Daub Alderney white-label platform is a leading online games provider with a significant office in Guernsey, based on the UK mainland. 

Many marketers and advertising experts used Daub’s games and services on a white-label basis, and this is mostly thanks to the platform’s flexibility, as well as the number of big developers and games available through the service.

The brand is responsible for several popular casinos and bingo sites, having been taken under the wing of 888 Holdings in recent years.

But what can you expect from the Daub Alderney white label platform? Let’s take a closer look and why it may be one of the better choices you make online.

Even if you’ve not heard of the brand – it is always worth taking another look to see what they can carry to the table.

White Label Review

Daub’s white-label service allows people to build their sites and marketing schemes through their lists of games and their popular software platform.

Daub Alderney is an appealing partner as they are fully licensed, and they have helped to bring many significant sites and casino games to the masses.

As stated, they are overseen by 888 Holdings, which in itself is a massive name in the online gaming scene.

One of the important points of interest for people looking to use Daub Alderney as a white-label platform is the fact that their service is so mobile-friendly.

This is a brand which re-emerged, thanks to 888 Holdings, as a significant player in the middle of mobile revolution.

Therefore, advertisers and marketers in 2021 can use their software to create flexible, one-page sites with an array of great games and casino experiences.

Daub Alderney White Label Platform

Why Choose Daub Alderney?

Since the early 10s, Daub has established itself as a reliable games provider.

It works with several big developers, and while it may not be one of the biggest names on the market right now, they can at least be relied on to offer up some spectacular opportunities to casual and seasoned players alike.

Here are just a few more reasons why you may wish to use the Daub Alderney white label platform:

  1. Daub’s bingo and casino layouts are big, colourful, yet sleek and professional. The look of a Daub site really stands out.
  2. You’ll have access to customer care and support while you manage your own white label site your way.
  3. Daub Alderney are well-known for creating a series of unique bingo experiences. They also have several popular bingo bonus structures, many of which you simply won’t find elsewhere.
  4. Some popular sites, such as Give Back Bingo, Magical Vegas, Kitty Bingo, Spin and Win, operate through Daub. Setting up on the Daub Alderney white-label platform means that you will be in very good company indeed.

Licensed Games

It makes sense to set up a casino which is fully-regulated.  Otherwise, depending on where in the world you are aiming your casino to, you may end up falling foul of the law.  That, naturally, is never a good thing!

However, Daub Alderney works to a UK Gambling Commission status, thanks to its Guernsey location.  Therefore, British players can rest assured that they will be playing games legally when they log in for the first time.

Do make sure to check details with regard to Daub’s license before you get started just in case, however – as there sadly isn’t too much information about the Daub Alderney white-label platform available online otherwise.

It will be worth contacting the brand directly.

Daub Alderney White Label Platform

Customer Care

Daub has plenty of customer care channels.  Again, sadly, there isn’t too much information available online with regard to the service’s white-label approach.

However, it is plain to see that there are several points of contact for the brand, all of which are worth pursuing if you’d like to get set up with their games platform.

You’ll be able to call or email the team directly about any gaming queries, and with UK staff working in the house, you won’t need to worry about any language barriers.  Why not enquire about their white label offering?

Registered Address

Suite 1, Turing House
St Peter Port
Channel Islands, GY1 1XN

Telephone: 0207 284 6083
Email: info@daubalderney.com


List for Daub Alderney Sites

Daub Alderney plays host to many big brands online, particularly bingo sites. While more prominent industry names may outweigh some of their offerings, it is always well worth taking a look at some of their platforms.

Please take a look at our list of all available Daub Alderney sites in January 2021 below.

We regularly update our lists, so do check back occasionally! Take a sneak peak at the sites listed below and see if you can find any inspiration to get started with the white label service!

Check out here all Daubs licenses for the brands.

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