Entropay Bingo

Entropay was the first virtual prepaid card available online. They have been operating since 2000 by the founders of Ixaris Systems.

They are certified by the UK financial services Authority.

Do you know how many bingo websites accept Entropay in 2024?

Best Entropay Bingo Sites

From our research this is a list of thebest Entropay bingo sites:

What is Entropay?

Entropay is an online banking account which provides you with a prepaid virtual Visa card. You can use this for online purchases at any site that accepts Visa.

It works just like a Visa or Mastercard debit card, and the beauty of it is that it’s a prepaid card. This means that there are no credit checks, no monthly bills, you can top it up and use it as and when you want to. This also makes it incredibly secure because none of your personal info is attached to it.

The main draw with one of these pre-paid cards though is the speed at which it operates. The rate at which money is transferred is fast. Like, ridiculously fast. As in 2,880 % faster. That means that if you need to transfer money to your Entro pay card, it can be done in the blink of an eye. It also means that if you want to withdraw any winnings, then the process will be just as fast.

Entropay Bingo Technology

Entropay bingo sites offer the latest form of payment technology in an increasingly crowded market. Since the availability of the internet has become more widespread over the past ten years, online bingo has become super popular.

The online experience is as rich and intense as playing in a real hall and so much more convenient. You can play at home on your computer, on the bus on your phone or on your tablet on your holidays, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Entropay is a payment method that you fully control and is widely accepted on many top bingo sites.

  • You decide how much you top up the virtual card with
  • You decide when and where you top it up
  • No personal details are attached to the card, so transactions are 100% secure

On top of all these great benefits, it doesn’t cost anything to get a card, and you can use it to fund your bingo playing without any worries of losing it or it being hacked or going overdrawn.

Entropay means you can pay for your bingo time your way, and more sites than ever are accepting it as a valid method of payment. In essence, this is a Visa card without the obligatory credit check or the monthly bill.

It allows you to use multiple bingo and casino sites without having to register personal details on them all, which makes it one of the safest bingo payment methods around.

You tend to find that the brands that invest in new payment technology also invest in their games more frequently, so they will have the best and widest variety of games for you to play with the highest jackpots too.

Playing Bingo with Entropay

Playing bingo with Entropay makes the whole experience simpler and far safer. The prepaid Visa card has revolutionised how thousands of people play on their favourite sites and games, and it is becoming more widely accepted as a payment method every day.

Many people use things like Paysafecard for bingo or even Bitcoin bingo deposits which have now become very popular.

It’s so easy to use; the card itself is virtual, there is no physical card involved. All you have to do is sign up for an Entropay account which involves giving a few details and creating a password. The personal information stays right there, none of your details are attached to it, making it incredibly resilient to hacks and data theft.

Once you have your account, you top it up as you would a pay as you go mobile phone. You can top up in a variety of ways, and the transaction is processed ridiculously fast.

It can be used on any site that accepts Visa cards, which is virtually all of them, and you can use USD, GBP or EUR as a currency method. This allows you to play games from around the world as easily as if you were sitting in your local bingo hall.

Are Entropay Bingo Payments Safe?

Yes, paying for online bingo with Entropay is completely safe.

Lots of new players like to use it as it means they don’t have to share their bank details with any online gambling sites. You simply top up your Entropay wallet and pay through that. It works as a sort of middle-man between you and the bingo site.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Entropay for Bingo

There are loads of positives to this payment method, but there are some hidden fees involved as well. Please see our points below, which run through the benefits and drawbacks of this payment method:


  • It’s free to sign up to
  • You control your budget. Because it’s prepaid, you can only spend the balance that is on there.
  • Accepted anywhere you see the Visa logo
  • No credit checks
  • Because the account is prepaid, none of your personal details are attached to it making it much safer to use online
  • Widely accepted on bingo sites


  • When you make a deposit, you will be charged a 4.95% fee
  • If you withdraw funds, there is an additional fee to pay. Entropay will take a 1.95 % cut
  • If you need to send money to your bank account, there is a fee involved with this too, usually in the region of £3.00

These fees may update so its worth checking the official site for any changes.

If you would like to try some sites which accept this payment method in 2024, be sure to check out our list of brands above and sign up to find out more about their games and offers.

Entropay Bingo Deposits

Entropay bingo deposits can be made as easily as any other payment method. The big difference here is how fast it can be done. Deposits can be made in cash, bank transfer or debit and credit card transfer.

You top up the card with however much you’d like to use and then use the card as your payment method for your bingo adventures. The whole process takes a matter of seconds, and you could be playing for big jackpot wins sooner than you might think.

Other Bingo Payment Methods

Here is the full list of payment methods you can use to deposit and play online bingo:

Thanks for reading our Entropay Bingo Sites 2024 article. Hopefully, it has provided you with some more insight as to which bingo brand will suit you.

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