How Can You Choose The Best New Bingo Sites?

How To Decide New Bingo SitesHere at Boomtown, we love online bingo it’s one of the reasons why we started the site and since we opened our doors way back in 2015, we’ve played thousands of hours of online bingo, reviewed hundreds of sites and strived to become one of the best resources for online bingo lovers.

One of the reasons we decided to write this particular blogs posts was the sheer number of times we’ve been asked this particular question. We actually have a new bingo sites page that is dedicated to making you aware of what new sites are launched and when they are launched.

We also have a section on the site that covers off some of what we believe to be the best bingo sites if you fancy taking a look. Some of these sites have been around for a number of years but they are tried and trusted and come highly recommended.

Make Sure The Site Is Legal

If we are perfectly honest, we don’t include every new site that is launched, for the simple reason there is a site that comes along that doesn’t meet our strict guidelines. For a start of given the number of UK players that play online bingo, we don’t include sites that don’t have a UK gambling license. We exclude these for the simple reason a site with a UK gambling license is held accountable for how it conducts itself online by UK governing bodies.

These include the UK Gambling Commission (UGC) and also the Advertising Standard Agency (ASA) who are respected UK governing bodies, that make sure anyone who operates in the UK is complying to all the regulations.

There are some exceptions to this rule, some sites are licensed outside of the UK and they accept UK players, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are fraudulent sites, it just means that if you believe you have been treated unfairly, the process you go through to file your complaint will be very difficult and not likely lead to the outcome you are  looking for.

Software To Consider

One of the things we view as being key to your decision to the software that is powering the games. Why do we consider this as being so important? Well, it very much ties in with the point about playing on a site that has a UK gambling license. The software that is running the game has to be licensed and in order to get a license depending on the country you are resident in, the guidelines will be different. So if you are playing a new site or one of our best sites then you can be very confident that you won’t be duped in any way.

If you have played bingo on a website for a number of years you may be familiar with some of the software brands and learn to recognise them. The larger brands tend to use Virtue Fusion with the smaller ones using the likes of Dragon Fish and Cozy Games.

What Welcome Bonus To Pick?

New sites typically come with two things. An exciting theme and a great welcome offer to attract you. A welcome bonus for a new bingo site will either include a number of free days that you can play, a cash bonus whereby if you deposit a certain amount the bonus will be boosted, free spins or free money sometimes known as a no deposit bonus.

Some brands have been known to offer free spins either as a no deposit bonus or in addition to the welcome bonus that they offer. Bingo players have been known to play slots in between bingo games or whilst the bingo number are being called.

The bonus you pick is typically tied into the type of software you prefer to play, as you’ll find brands on the same software offer similar bonuses.

Our Recommendations

Usually, you find that the better brands operate on Virtue Fusion or Dragonish which is also known as Cassava, which is owned by the giant 888. The cheaper games are on Cozy Games who tend to offer a promotion of 7 days / £3000 worth of free bingo. Cozy does have its fan base but the gaming experience tends to be a bit clunky and the games that run there are more on the low budget end of things.

Every site on Virtue Fusion and Dragonfish / Cassava holds a UK license, offers a great welcome offer and regular promotions and loyalty programmes for existing players.

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